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Topic: Fujitsu

First Windows Phone 7 'Mango' handsets rumored to challenge iPhone 5 in Sept.

07/28/2011, 11:07 pm

On the heels of news that Microsoft's "Mango" update for Windows Phone 7 has been released to manufacturing, industry sources claim HTC, Samsung and LG will launch the first Mango-based smartphones in September, presumably coordinated to directly compete with Apple's next-generation iPhone.


Fujitsu could battle Apple over ownership of iPad name

01/28/2010, 01:01 pm

When Apple formally introduced its touchscreen tablet as the iPad Wednesday, it was not the first tech product to carry that moniker -- Fujitsu released its own mobile, touchscreen 'iPAD' in 2002.


More evidence of 'iPad' name, AT&T bracing for 'unannounced devices'

01/20/2010, 07:01 pm

Apple has extended the time available for it to make a legal argument against Fujitsu over the "iPad" name according to Trademark Office documents, and AT&T may be prepping its network for "unannounced devices."


Tablet Tuesday: Lenovo, Fujitsu, Archos unveil touchscreens

09/15/2009, 10:09 pm

As rumors of Apple's still-unannounced tablet device continue to swirl, the impending launch of Windows 7 has led to a plethora of touchscreen devices that look to beat Apple's anticipated device to market.


Apple tops magazine tech support survey rankings

08/06/2009, 01:08 pm

A study of major laptop manufacturers' technical support service found Apple to be at the top of its class, while competitors like Dell and HP lagged well behind the Mac-maker.


Garmin's iPhone rival; MacBook Air's CPU non-exclusive; more

01/31/2008, 07:01 pm

Garmin is looking to become the first credible rival to Apple with a touchscreen phone that adds real GPS navigation and 3G. Meanwhile, reports have the MacBook Air's special Core 2 Duo surfacing in Windows PCs, and Apple may use the tale of one iPhone's encounter with a semi-trailer truck for a future ad.


Apple presenting "secret" at Final Cut meet; Radiohead on iTunes

01/02/2008, 07:01 pm

Apple will present a product it has yet to announce at a Final Cut Pro user group event just a day after the Macworld keynote. Also, longtime digital music holdout Radiohead has officially released its first album through iTunes.