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Topic: IBM

Apple licensed scrolling patent to IBM & Nokia, offered to Samsung

12/05/2011, 09:12 am

Contradicting a belief that Apple refuses to license its patented technology to competing companies, a new report reveals that both Nokia and IBM licensed a patent covering iOS touch-based scrolling, and a licensing agreement was also offered to Samsung.


Apple, Graphics Properties Holdings battle with multiple patent suits

11/29/2011, 11:11 am

In a handful of newly filed patent infringement lawsuits, Apple is suing and also being sued by Graphics Properties Holdings, formerly known as Silicon Graphics Inc.


Google bolsters Android with purchase of 1K more IBM patents

09/14/2011, 08:09 pm

Google has continued its run of intellectual property purchases by acquiring 1,023 patents from IBM in an effort to shore up the defenses of its Android mobile operating system.


US government approves patent bill in effort to reform system

09/09/2011, 03:09 am

The U.S. Senate has approved the most substantial changes to the nation's patent system in over 50 years in the form of the America Invents Act, a measure supported by tech titans such as Microsoft, Google and Apple.


Google purchases IBM inventions as patent arms race looms

07/29/2011, 02:07 am

Google announced on Thursday that it had acquired a group of patents from IBM, even as growing interest in intellectual property suggests a coming legal face-off between Apple and Google.


Apple ranked world's most valuable brand at $153 billion

05/09/2011, 08:05 am

A new survey ranks Apple as the world's most valuable brand, worth an estimated $153 billion, beating mainstays like Coca-Cola, BMW and Disney, as well as tech rival and the previous No. 1 company, Google.


Apple doubles awarded patents, reaching 563 in 2010

01/11/2011, 08:01 am

Apple was awarded 563 patents in 2010, making it the No. 46 global company in terms of inventions recognized by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office last year.


Apple owes Steve Jobs some money: $37.91

12/09/2010, 03:12 am

Steve Jobs has some unclaimed property, ranging from unclaimed wages at Apple to shares of IBM and Time Warner as well as unclaimed annuity and insurance checks.


iPhone head Mark Papermaster leaves Apple

08/07/2010, 06:08 pm

Apple has announced the departure of Mark Papermaster, the head of its iPod and iPhone division. The company's Mac hardware engineering lead Bob Mansfield will assume his responsibilities.


IBM plans Lotus for Apple iPad, e-reader eye strain explored

02/12/2010, 01:02 pm

IBM just released its Lotus software for the iPhone and has now turned its attention to the iPad, while a new article explores the facts and myths of LCD eye strain from reading books on devices like the iPad.


Oracle to acquire Sun for $5.6 billion

04/20/2009, 11:04 am

Oracle Corporation said Monday it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Sun Microsystems in a cash deal valued at $5.6 billion, paving the way for the enterprise software maker to deliver the industry's first fully integrated suite of hardware and software systems for some of the world's largest data centers.


Apple partners IBM and Sun consider merger

03/19/2009, 02:03 pm

IBM and Sun Microsystems, two companies that at one point in the 90s each danced around the idea of buying up Apple, are now discussing the option to merge together according to reports in the Wall Street Journal and New York Times.


IBM to keep tabs on Papermaster's new position at Apple

01/28/2009, 11:01 am

As part of his settlement with IBM last week, Mark Papermaster will be required to sign and submit court-governed declarations every few months saying he hasn't divulged any of the company's trade secrets while performing his new duties at Apple.


Job cuts enroute for Microsoft, other tech industry giants

01/22/2009, 06:01 pm

Some of tech's biggest and and normally safest players, including Microsoft, IBM, Intel, Sony, and Google, are trimming their workforces in a bid to lower costs and stave off a harsh economy.


New Apple hire fights back in countersuit against IBM

11/14/2008, 02:11 pm

The tug of war over the future of Mark Papermaster, an executive hired away from his post at IBM to head up Apple's handheld efforts, got a bit nastier on Thursday when the microprocessor expert countered a lawsuit from his former employer with one of his own.


Docs show Apple failed to find ideal successor for iPod chief

11/12/2008, 08:11 pm

A series of statements made in court filings by tentative iPod & iPhone chief Mark Papermaster and those who recruited him at Apple show that the company at first considered him a secondary pick. They also reveal that IBM's own management has partly contradicted its stance on whether the executive could leave.


Apple shreds bio of recent IBM hire amid proceedings

11/11/2008, 07:11 am

Apple has taken down its bio for Mark Papermaster, the senior vice president of "Devices Hardware Engineering" that the company hired from IBM, signaling new uncertainty surrounding the position.


Update: judge orders Apple's new mobile head to stop work

11/08/2008, 03:11 pm

Apple's plans for its new recruit from IBM, Mark Papermaster, have been dealt an at least temporary setback as a federal judge has ordered him to halt any work at his new employer.


Court response defends new Apple mobile hire's jump from IBM

11/07/2008, 06:11 pm

Apple's contentious decision to hire a former IBM executive has been explained by the iPhone and iPod maker -- and the new recruit himself -- as a carefully thought-out decision that doesn't run afoul of earlier agreements.


Apple recruits top chip designer, IBM responds with suit

10/30/2008, 09:10 pm

Apple recently recruited a top chip designer from IBM, resulting in a lawsuit that seeks to prevent the executive from taking his knowledge as "IBM's top expert in Power architecture and technology" to the Mac maker.