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Topic: O2

O2 UK sets pay-as-you-go iPhone 3G prices, launch info

09/01/2008, 01:09 pm

O2 has removed one of the barriers to wider iPhone 3G adoption in Britain with news on Monday of when and how it will offer its Pay & Go prepaid service for Apple's cellphone.


Apple already padding iPhone 3G supply for second-wave carriers

08/15/2008, 07:08 pm

Although Apple is just coming to grips with iPhone 3G demand among the device's first batch of carriers, the next phase of new carriers should already have the stock it needs to handle its own introductions, AppleInsider has been told.


India, Czech, Estonia, Poland also set for Aug 22 iPhone launch

08/06/2008, 10:08 am

Wireless carriers in India, the Czech Republic, Estonia, and Poland have joined those in Romania, the Philippines, and Hungary by announcing local availability of Apple's iPhone starting on August 22nd.


iPhone 3G now all but sold out in 38 states

07/20/2008, 10:07 pm

With the iPhone 3G not even ten days old, virtually all of the Apple retail store stores open within the United States are without any examples of the device to sell on July 21st.


UK Apple stores to sell iPhone 3G on launch after all

07/09/2008, 08:07 pm

Casting aside worries that iPhone 3G buyers in Britain would have to shop at O2 and Carphone Warehouse, a new report claims Apple UK will sell the devices itself -- albeit with an important catch.


O2 UK warns of weeks-long iPhone 3G shortage ahead

07/08/2008, 07:07 pm

In a cautionary message to potential iPhone buyers, Britain's O2 says a rush of customers that brought down its online orders for iPhone 3G is a sign of a looming supply crunch that could last for weeks.


'Huge demand' forces O2 to pull plug on iPhone 3G pre-orders

07/07/2008, 10:07 am

O2 began taking pre-orders for Apple's new iPhone 3G through its website early Monday but was forced halt the service just hours later as UK consumers flooded the carrier's servers and quickly consumed initial supplies.


O2 to open early, may unlock iPhone 3G after one year

06/27/2008, 06:06 pm

British carrier O2 plans a prompt morning launch for the iPhone 3G, AppleInsider has learned, and hints that it may unlock the iPhone for use on any carrier for Pay As You Go customers.


O2 Pay & Go iPhones start at 299 euro, make data optional

06/25/2008, 05:06 pm

Apple's exclusive iPhone carrier in the UK announced Wednesday that its Pay & Go customers can purchase a new iPhone 3G without a monthly contract for just 299 euro, but that data use isn't guaranteed with the plans.


O2 rumored to allow pre-launch iPhone activations, 7AM opening

06/24/2008, 06:06 pm

The iPhone's sole UK carrier is claimed to be taking some of the pressure off of stores for the iPhone 3G launch by letting users sign up for their contracts ahead of time as well as by introducing the handset early in the morning.


Apple mulls GPGPU and iChat; UK stores without contract iPhone?

06/20/2008, 06:06 pm

Apple has potentially tipped its hand through a job posting and revealed iChat as the first known app to use OpenCL with new video cards. Also, British Apple stores may be forced to sell iPhone 3G as prepay-only due to their current sales methods.


iPhone interest in UK increases fourfold with advent of 3G model

06/17/2008, 09:06 am

Though it will come as little surprise to those following the iPhone story, Apple's exclusive wireless provider in the UK said this week that regional interest in the new iPhone 3G is nearly four times that of the original model.


O2 offering existing iPhone customers free iPhone 3G upgrades

06/10/2008, 08:06 am

Existing iPhone owners on the UK's O2 wireless network are being offered a free upgrade to Apple's just-announced iPhone 3G if they agree to a new 18-month contract and sign up for one of the carrier's pricier tariffs.


Rumor has UK's O2 offering 'free upgrade' to 3G iPhone, more...

06/05/2008, 10:06 am

Macworld UK is running with a rumor that British wireless carrier and exclusive iPhone service provider O2 is planning to lure customers to its network through hefty incentives such as a free 3G iPhone.


Orange reportedly offering upgrade deals for next iPhone

05/27/2008, 12:05 am

French iPhone owners are said to be receiving offers from Orange that would discount the new iPhone for owners of today's model.


O2 fuels 3G iPhone frenzy as Bharti says deal signed for India

05/14/2008, 01:05 pm

Telefonica's O2 subsidiary, the exclusive provider of Apple's iPhone to the UK and Ireland, has stoked anticipation of a 3G model with fresh comments Wednesday. Meanwhile, Bharti Airtel has signed a deal that will make it the second iPhone provider in India.


Online Apple Stores run dry of iPhones

05/10/2008, 12:05 pm

Often seen as the last reliable sources for iPhones, Apple's online stores in the US and UK have stopped taking orders for any model of the device.


O2 says Apple's iPhone "no longer available" [updated x2]

05/08/2008, 09:05 am

O2, Apple's exclusive iPhone wireless provider in the UK, in a message on its website early Thursday announced that both models of the first-generation handset are no longer available for purchase in the country.


UK's Carphone Warehouse now completely out of iPhones

05/02/2008, 10:05 am

Carphone Warehouse, the high street retailer of UK-based wireless operator and exclusive iPhone provider O2, has completely run dry of both iPhone models as Apple is reported to have permanently ceased production of the 8GB model.


Reports: iPhone share slips as 8GB model discontinued in UK

04/25/2008, 11:04 am

Apple is among the handset makers who saw their share of the market slip early this year as the company slowed iPhone shipments, and is now reported to have discontinued the 8GB model in the UK ahead of a 3G version.