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Topic: T-Mobile

iPhone on T-Mobile US seen as a 'big deal' that will help Apple's June quarter

03/27/2013, 08:03 am

Though T-Mobile is the fourth-largest carrier in the U.S., Apple's new iPhone agreement with the wireless provider has been viewed as a "big deal" that will serve as an additional sales catalyst.


T-Mobile tiptoes around data throttling, iPhone Wi-Fi calling

03/26/2013, 02:03 pm

T-Mobile executives at the company's "Uncarrier" event on Tuesday appeared to come down on both sides of the throttling issue, noting that users exceeding their allotments will see slower speeds, but that heavy data users will not see their bandwidth throttled.


T-Mobile will be only US carrier to offer 'HD Voice' on Apple's iPhone 5

03/26/2013, 12:03 pm

At a media event announcing its new payment plans and 4G network on Tuesday, T-Mobile was certain to point out that it will be the only U.S. carrier offering high-fidelity voice transmissions with the iPhone 5.


Apple's iPhone 5 debuts on T-Mobile April 12 with $99 upfront payment plan

03/26/2013, 11:03 am

Customers of T-Mobile, the fourth-largest carrier in the U.S., will get long awaited access to Apple's iPhone when the iPhone 5 launches on the carrier's network April 12.


T-Mobile to reportedly unveil iPhone plans at 'Uncarrier' event, iPads to be absent [u]

03/25/2013, 05:03 pm

T-Mobile, the fourth-largest wireless carrier in the U.S., will reportedly discuss its plans for an upcoming rollout of Apple's iPhone at a scheduled special event on Tuesday, which would finally bring the telecom's smartphone product offering in line with the "big-three."


Upcoming T-Mobile event to focus on new wireless plans, Apple products 'unlikely'

03/18/2013, 04:03 pm

Fourth-largest U.S. wireless carrier T-Mobile is expected to outline its latest technology and pricing enhancements at an event scheduled for March 26 in New York, but customers awaiting the much-anticipated introduction of Apple's iOS devices to the telecom's network may have to wait a bit longer.


Unofficial U.S. carrier T-Mobile has 2M iPhones on network, over 100K new activations a month

01/08/2013, 04:01 pm

Despite not being an official Apple partner carrier, T-Mobile on Tuesday announced that it has nearly 2 million iPhones operating on its network, and interest in Apple's handset is fueling over 100,000 activations every month.


Apple forecast to sell as many as 5M T-Mobile iPhones in first year

12/06/2012, 04:12 pm

With the iPhone officially coming in 2013 to T-Mobile USA, the fourth-largest carrier in the U.S., one analyst has projected that the deal will add nearly 5 million sales for Apple.


T-Mobile USA announces deal to begin selling Apple products in 2013

12/06/2012, 11:12 am

T-Mobile has announced it has inked a deal with Apple to begin selling products in America next year, presumably including both the iPhone and iPad.


T-Mobile deems Apple partnership too costly despite 1.5M unlocked iPhones on network

11/21/2012, 12:11 am

A T-Mobile executive said on Tuesday that becoming an Apple partner carrier would be too costly, but admitted not having the iPhone available for sale has driven away potential customers and some of the 1.5 million existing subscribers using unlocked version of the handset on the telecom's network.


T-Mobile reportedly stocking iPhone 5 compatible nano-SIM cards

10/06/2012, 09:10 pm

Less than one month after Apple's iPhone 5 went on sale through official U.S. partner carriers AT&T, Verizon and Sprint, the nation's fourth-largest wireless company T-Mobile has reportedly taken shipment of nano-SIM cards capable of bringing the hot-selling handset to the telecom's network.


iPhone-less US carriers T-Mobile, MetroPCS on path to merge

10/03/2012, 09:10 am

T-Mobile, the fourth-largest wireless carrier in the U.S., is on track to merge with MetroPCS after the board of America's fifth-largest carrier approved an agreement.


T-Mobile racing to convert its 4G network to support Apple's iPhone

09/10/2012, 06:09 pm

America's fourth largest carrier is also the only major U.S. provider unable to sell the iPhone, but T-Mobile is working diligently to change that situation.


Galaxy S III passes Apple's iPhone 4S, becomes top selling US smartphone

09/04/2012, 11:09 am

For the first time since it launched last October, Apple's iPhone 4S was not the top selling smartphone in the U.S., as the newly released Samsung Galaxy S III took the top spot in the month of August.


47% of US consumers feel they don't need 4G LTE

08/22/2012, 07:08 am

Though Apple's next iPhone is widely expected to have high-speed 4G long-term evolution connectivity, a new survey has found that nearly half of American consumers feel they don't need 4G LTE.


T-Mobile may finally get iPhone in 2013, analyst says

07/10/2012, 08:07 pm

Fourth-largest U.S. wireless carrier T-Mobile could use a sales agreement from its parent company Deutsche Telekom AG to carry Apple's iPhone on its network sometime in 2013 which may help the network turn around slumping profits.


AT&T & Verizon retain most iPhone users, Sprint gains more switchers

06/27/2012, 09:06 am

While most who purchase an iPhone for use with AT&T or Verizon were already subscribers to that carrier, a larger number of Sprint iPhone buyers are switchers from another carrier, a new survey shows.


Samsung takes cue from Apple, unifies US branding of Galaxy S III

06/04/2012, 08:06 am

Previous Galaxy smartphones had different brand names at different U.S. carriers that potentially confused consumers, prompting Samsung to brand its latest flagship smartphone as just the Galaxy S III at all four major U.S. wireless providers.


T-Mobile planning network compatibility with Apple's iPhone by end of year

05/08/2012, 01:05 am

T-Mobile has revealed plans for the wireless carrier's network to offer iPhone-compatible HSPA+ 4G service by the end of this year.


New FCC, carrier database of stolen cellphones aims to reduce iPhone theft

04/10/2012, 01:04 am

Wireless carriers in the U.S. are cooperating with the Federal Communications Commission to assemble a joint database of stolen mobile phones in hopes of curbing theft of smartphones such as Apple's iPhone.