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Topic: European Commission

New standards to limit Apple iPod volume in Europe

09/28/2009, 02:09 pm

Media players like Apple's iPod will be set by default to a new, lower, "safe" volume level in Europe, thanks to a new rule passed by the European Commission Monday.


"Exploding" iPhones in Europe prompt Apple-led investigation

08/18/2009, 01:08 pm

Following various reports of exploding iPhones and iPod touches, Apple has reportedly informed the European Commission that it has begun a probe into the matter.


Europe revives claims of Microsoft web browser monopoly

01/17/2009, 06:01 pm

Having escaped more severe consequences in the US, Microsoft has been put on notice by the European Union that it may have to detach Internet Explorer from Windows under claims that the web browser has an unfair monopoly.


Apple to standardize iTunes music prices across Europe

01/09/2008, 09:01 am

Apple said Wednesday that within six months it will lower the prices it charges for music on its UK iTunes Store to match the already standardized pricing on its other European iTunes Stores.


Apple set to resolve EU iTunes case

01/08/2008, 01:01 pm

Apple will soon announce steps to resolve European Commission charges that its iTunes stores broke European Union rules by setting prices country by country in Europe, Reuters is reporting.