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Hands-on: Kyte&Key braided leather & aluminum Apple-certified Lightning cables

01/09/2014, 02:01 pm

Kyte&Key is the manufacturer of premium, Apple-approved Lightning cables featuring unique construction crafted out of braided leather and aluminum. AppleInsider offers a closer look at their products from the floor of this year's Consumer Electronics Show.


Samsung planning to one-up Apple's Touch ID with iris scanner in Galaxy S5

01/09/2014, 09:01 am

South Korean tech giant Samsung is considering the inclusion of iris recognition technology in its upcoming Galaxy S5 handset as the company attempts to counter Apple's popular Touch ID fingerprint scanner.


First look: Parrot's new MiniDrone & Jumping Sumo, plus Zik headphones tuned by Lou Reed

01/09/2014, 08:01 am

Device maker Parrot this week showcased two new drones that can be wirelessly controlled from Apple's devices: A new wheel-equipped MiniDrone that can defy gravity, and a unique Jumping Sumo bot. Also on display: New headphones tuned by the late, great Lou Reed.


Apple, Samsung CEOs to attend mediation ahead of upcoming patent case

01/08/2014, 09:01 pm

Apple CEO Tim Cook and Samsung CEO Oh-Hyun Kwon have agreed to attend a mediation session by Feb. 19, about one month before the two tech titans are scheduled to return to the courtroom for yet another round of patent litigation.


First look: iOS-connected smart watches, health trackers, home automation from Archos

01/08/2014, 07:01 pm

Archos is hitting the wearable devices market hard in 2014, with a new range of products showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show capable of connecting to Apple's iOS mobile platform via Bluetooth Low Energy.


Hands-on: Okidokeys' iOS-connected door lock and "smart keys"

01/08/2014, 06:01 pm

Throwing its hat into the growing ring of "smart home" products, Okidokeys is bringing a line of wireless door lock devices to market that promise remote access, unique "keys" and highly customizable configurations.


Dell, Lenovo, Asus debut more affordable 4K monitors

01/08/2014, 05:01 pm

This year's Consumer Electronics Show has been a boon for buyers awaiting an affordably-priced entry into the world of ultra-high definition monitors, with several manufacturers unveiling sub-$1,000 4K displays.


Hands-on: Narrative, the iPhone-compatible, wearable lifeblogging camera

01/08/2014, 03:01 pm

There may not be a better place to show off a product such as the Narrative -- a life documenting wearable camera that can automatically capture every moment -- than on the floor of a chaotic major event like the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show.


Hands-on: JamStik miniature wireless electric guitar for iPad, iPhone & Mac

01/08/2014, 03:01 pm

The JamStik is an upcoming wireless accessory for both iOS and Mac that will allow users to learn and practice guitar on the go, without the need to carry around a bulky full-size instrument. AppleInsider got an opportunity to take a first look at the unique new accessory at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show on Wednesday.


Hands-on: Orbotix Sphero 2B, Pixeom personal cloud device, iZZi cases

01/08/2014, 05:01 am

At the ShowStoppers @ CES event on Tuesday, AppleInsider was able to go hands-on with a variety of new tech products, like the latest iOS-controlled Sphero robot, the Pixeom personal exchange device and new lens-toting iPhone cases from iZZi.


Apple opens official store on major Chinese e-commerce site Tmall

01/08/2014, 02:01 am

Apple now has two official online sales outlets in China after opening the virtual doors to a new storefront on, a large online marketplace run by China's largest e-commerce website Alibaba Group.


Apple requests removal of external antitrust compliance monitor

01/07/2014, 10:01 pm

In a letter submitted to U.S. District Court Judge Denise Cote on Tuesday, Apple asks for the removal of court-appointed antitrust compliance monitor Michael Bromwich from his post, citing the monitor's recent declaration chastising Apple's supposed lack of cooperation.


Audi shows off 'Smart Display' Android-powered in-car tablet

01/07/2014, 04:01 pm

German automaker Audi on Tuesday unveiled the Mobile Audi Smart Display, a bespoke Android-powered tablet that marks the next stage of the company's plan to integrate Google's mobile operating system more deeply into its future vehicles.


Samsung races against rumors of an Apple 'iPad Pro' with two new 12-inch tablets

01/07/2014, 10:01 am

South Korean electronics giant Samsung on Monday fired a preemptive shot across the bow of Apple's widely-rumored, yet still unannounced, large-screened iPad with the new Galaxy Note Pro and Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2-inch slates.


Director Michael Bay's onstage meltdown steals the show at Samsung CES press event

01/07/2014, 09:01 am

While Samsung was hoping to drum up hype for its latest curved television sets, plans to have blockbuster director Michael Bay promote its products backfired when the "Transformers" filmmaker -- known for making movies with large explosions -- caused a scene of his own, abruptly walking offstage mid-presentation.


Pre-CES roundup: Connected TVs, wearables and robots to rule 2014

01/06/2014, 09:01 pm

With "pre-show" festivities of the annual Consumer Electronics Show's 2014 edition in the books, AppleInsider takes a look at some of Monday's less-popular --but still interesting --stories from the show floor.


Apple announces one-day 'Red Friday' sale for select Asian markets

01/06/2014, 09:01 pm

Apple on Monday announced an Asia-only one-day sales event scheduled to take place on Jan. 10 in China, Hong Kong, Korea and other major markets in the region, celebrating the upcoming Lunar New Year.


Corning battles touchscreen germs with new bacteria-stopping Gorilla Glass

01/06/2014, 03:01 pm

Mobile devices could be the next front in the war on germs thanks to a Corning innovation that infuses the company's popular Gorilla Glass with an antimicrobial agent without altering the glass's electrical or optical properties.


LaCie unveils new Apple-focused storage lineup with Wi-Fi, Thunderbolt 2 options

01/06/2014, 12:01 pm

French hardware maker LaCie on Monday took the covers off of two new external storage solutions, a Wi-Fi-enabled model designed to work with iOS devices and a Thunderbolt 2-equipped drive that the company says allows professionals to stream and edit 4K and 3D video.


GM, Audi, Hyundai, Honda, nVidia officially join Google's Android automotive push

01/06/2014, 09:01 am

Google's bid to counter Apple's iOS in the Car strategy with an Android-based solution gained a new head of steam Monday with the announcement of the Google-led Open Automotive Alliance.