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Roundup: The best Apple ecosystem electronics spotted at day two of CES

01/08/2015, 09:01 am

The Consumer Electronics Show is in full swing in Las Vegas, Nev., and AppleInsider offers a roundup of some of the best Apple-compatible devices we've spied at the event, including a unique car heads-up display, reversible USB plug Lightning cables, an iOS-connected asthma monitor, and more.


Griffin shows off $30 Lightning cable with reversible USB plug, coming in March

01/07/2015, 04:01 pm

At CES this week, Griffin Technology took the wraps off a new USB-to-Lightning cable with a twist -- the USB Type A plug can be inserted in either orientation, just like Apple's own Lightning connector.


Hands-on: Inside Henge Docks' motorized horizontal MacBook Pro docking station

01/07/2015, 02:01 pm

At its stand at CES, Apple-centric accessory maker Henge Docks offered AppleInsider an inside look at its upcoming Horizontal MacBook Pro Dock, revealing a motorized interface and circuit boards feeding a plethora of ports.


iOS-connected robotic printers and Thunderbolt storage highlight second day of CES

01/07/2015, 11:01 am

The second day of the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas brought a fresh round of announcements sure to intrigue Apple fans, including an update on the world's first iOS-connected robotic printer and a selection of new data storage devices.


Apple unwraps second retail store in China with cylindrical glass entrance

01/07/2015, 10:01 am

In the midst of a major retail expansion across China, Apple continues to make progress on its latest flagship outlet in the southwestern metropolis of Chongqing, recently breaking down the scaffolding surrounding the new store's dramatic cylindrical entrance.


Roundup: The best Apple-compatible accessories seen at CES day one

01/07/2015, 08:01 am

With the first official day of CES in the books, AppleInsider offers a roundup of the best new products we spotted at the annual consumer electronics event that tap into the Apple ecosystem.


ShowStoppers @ CES highlights industry focus on home automation

01/07/2015, 06:01 am

This year's ShowStoppers @ CES event was chock-full of new and novel products marketed across a range of tech segments, but the main theme centered around smart home products, with startups showing off everything from LED light bulbs to ambitious "Internet of Things" solutions.


Hands-on: IK Multimedia's iRig 2 guitar interface, iRig MIC Field, more

01/07/2015, 03:01 am

IK Multimedia, a leader in iOS-enabled audio production hardware and software, hit the CES show floor with an all-new lineup of products for 2015, including the new iRig 2 mobile guitar interface, iRig microphones and more.


First look: Next-gen FLIR ONE thermal imaging camera for iPhone

01/07/2015, 01:01 am

At CES on Tuesday, Thermal imaging pioneers FLIR debuted a next-generation FLIR ONE consumer-level thermal camera that one-ups its predecessor by trading in the large semi-permanent iPhone case form factor for a small plug-and-play dongle with higher resolution sensors.


Narrative's next-gen Clip 2 'life cam' boasts 8MP resolution, better battery life

01/06/2015, 10:01 pm

Improving on its eponymous first-generation life-logging wearable camera, Narrative on Tuesday introduced the 8-megapixel Narrative Clip 2, which boasts Wi-Fi connectivity for uploading footage and remote smartphone control via Bluetooth.


First look: Magellan Echo Fit sports watch boasts 8-month battery life, iOS connectivity

01/06/2015, 07:01 pm

Consumer GPS solutions pioneer Magellan on Tuesday introduced the Echo Fit Sports Watch, an expansion to the company's Echo Series product line that bakes in activity and sleep tracking to existing remote smartphone display and control features.


First look: Misfit's solar-powered Swarovski Shine makes fitness tracking fashionable

01/06/2015, 06:01 pm

Adding to a quickly expanding product lineup, wearable fitness monitor maker Misfit on Tuesday announced two new models created in collaboration with jewelry maker Swarovski, further blurring the line between fitness device and fashion accessory.


First look: Misfit Bolt, an iOS-connected smart lightbulb

01/06/2015, 03:01 pm

Misfit --backed by former Apple CEO John Sculley --announced its first foray into the connected home this week, unveiling the $49 Misfit Bolt iOS-connected smart lightbulb.


Apple HomeKit accessories and new audio device announcements lead first day of CES

01/06/2015, 02:01 pm

Opening day of the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas brought a number of interesting announcements from home automation companies support Apple's HomeKit, as well as a few head-turning new audio products.


Pioneer, Kenwood unveil new third-party head units for Apple's CarPlay

01/06/2015, 01:01 pm

iPhone owners looking to make the most of Apple's nascent in-car initiative without buying a vehicle now have a number of new choices, as industry heavies Pioneer and Kenwood have announced several new CarPlay-compatible replacement head units at CES 2015.


Universal's Steve Jobs biopic adds Perla Haney-Jardine as Lisa Jobs

01/06/2015, 09:01 am

After Hollywood superstar Natalie Portman allegedly passed on the role, director Danny Boyle has reportedly settled on relatively unknown actress Perla Haney-Jardine to play Steve Jobs's once-estranged daughter Lisa in the upcoming film biopic about the mercurial former Apple CEO.


Apple wins extensive patent for foldable, flexible iPhone with force gesture controls

01/06/2015, 03:01 am

Apple on Tuesday was granted a U.S. patent for a portable device made almost exclusively from flexible components, allowing for force-based gesture input and perhaps larger displays that fold up like a trifold wallet.


Samsung touts open 'Internet of things' push, says all products to be connected in 5 years

01/05/2015, 11:01 pm

During Samsung's keynote presentation at the Consumer Electronics Show on Monday, co-CEO B.K. Yoon advocated for an open, industry-wide "Internet of things" push, revealing plans to build in connected device capabilities across its entire product line within five years.


Elgato announces 'Eve' range of HomeKit-enabled smart home sensors

01/05/2015, 07:01 pm

Elgato, known for its EyeTV line of digital TV video capture hardware, on Monday announced Eve, an expansive range of app-connected smart home sensors that monitor energy and water usage, weather, smoke and more.


iDevices shows off 'Switch' connected plug for Apple's HomeKit

01/05/2015, 03:01 pm

Apple fans will soon be able to control some lights and appliances with Siri, as Apple accessories partner iDevices has announced its new "Switch" HomeKit-compatible connected plug at the annual Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas.