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Topic: iPad 2

Suppliers delivered 2.4M-2.6M iPad 2 units to Apple in March - report

04/06/2011, 08:04 am

Perhaps offering an indication of how many iPad 2 units were sold at launch, a new report claims Apple received between 2.4 million and 2.6 million of the hot-selling device from suppliers in the month of March.


Consumer Reports ranks Apple's iPad 2 best tablet on the market

04/05/2011, 12:04 pm

In a comparison of 10 tablet devices, Consumer Reports ranked Apple's iPad 2 the best product available, in contrast to its controversial refusal to endorse the iPhone 4.


PC sales start slow in 2011 while market is 'usurped' by Apple's iPad

04/05/2011, 08:04 am

Following a blockbuster start to sales for Apple's iPad 2, sources in the Far East PC supply chain have reportedly indicated that PC sales have seen "weak demand" to start 2011.


Online US iPad 2 orders ship in 2-3 weeks as Apple's availability improves

04/04/2011, 02:04 pm

Apple has once again improved estimated shipping times to two to three weeks for new iPad 2 orders through its online U.S. store, providing yet another sign that availability of the device continues to improve.


iOS 4.3.1 jailbreak released as Toyota advertises on hacked iPhones

04/04/2011, 09:04 am

Hackers have released an untethered jailbreak for the latest version of Apple's mobile operating system, iOS 4.3.1, for all devices but the iPad 2. And jailbreaking has caught the attention of Toyota, which has created a custom iPhone theme to promote its Scion brand.


Apple suppliers reap iPad 2 benefits, positive news expected to continue

04/01/2011, 12:04 pm

Overseas suppliers for Apple products saw a surge in sales in the month of March, as demand for the iPad 2 created the need for a steady supply of components.


Apple running out of remaining stock of discounted original iPads

03/31/2011, 11:03 pm

Apple has run out of original 16GB Wi-Fi iPads as online stock of refurbished and clearance first-generation iPads runs low, even as its successor, the iPad 2, continues to sell out.


Limited supply of Apple's iPad 2 keeps 65% of eBay resales in US

03/31/2011, 11:03 am

With demand outstripping supply, most iPad 2 units sold on eBay have shipped to buyers in the U.S., compared with just a third of the site's iPad sales remaining in America a year ago.


Apple reportedly absorbing increased costs from supply disruption in Japan

03/31/2011, 01:03 am

A new report out of the Far East alleges that Apple has agreed to absorb increased costs for upstream Japanese components in order to prevent shipping delays of the iPad 2.


Apple supplier Samsung ramps up as iPad 2 demand surges [u]

03/30/2011, 10:03 pm

Samsung will hire 300 engineers and technicians for a semiconductor plant in Austin, Tex., in the company's latest round of expansion largely driven by increased demand for the iPad and iPhone, while AU Optronics has denied rumors that it received orders for flat panel screens bound for the iPad 2.


Microsoft exec says tablets like Apple's iPad may be just a fad

03/30/2011, 03:03 pm

Microsoft's chief research and strategy officer recently said he's not sure that devices like Apple's iPad will last, because he sees the smartphone as the true successor to the traditional PC.


Comparison of Wi-Fi, GSM & CDMA iPad 2s finds antennas similar to iPhone 4

03/30/2011, 08:03 am

A new collection of teardowns reveals the differences between Apple's different versions of the iPad 2, comparing the components of the Wi-Fi-only, GSM and CDMA models and discovering similarities with the iPhone 4.


Continued lines for Apple's iPad 2 create 'shock and awe,' sales forecasts surge

03/29/2011, 11:03 am

More than two weeks after the iPad 2 went on sale in the U.S., lines continue to form at Apple stores around the country as new shipments arrive, prompting one Wall Street analyst to significantly increase his forecast for 2011 shipments.


Apple's iPad 2 coming to 500 RadioShack locations starting Tuesday

03/28/2011, 01:03 pm

Starting Tuesday, some of the most heavily trafficked RadioShack stores in the U.S. will begin selling the iPad 2, as Apple continues to expand the retail availability of its hot-selling touchscreen tablet.


iPad 2 sneaks closer to console gaming with 1080p Real Racing 2 HDTV output

03/26/2011, 05:03 pm

Apple's iPad has expanded upon the casual gaming beachhead the company first discovered to be a popular role for its iPod touch. Now, developers are working to deliver titles that combine motion-based play with 1080p HDTV output.


US buyers get lowest price for Apple's iPad 2, Denmark most expensive

03/25/2011, 01:03 pm

Apple's pricing and international exchange rates make the least expensive place to buy the iPad 2 the U.S., while Denmark -- where the tablet went on sale Friday -- is most expensive.


Japan disaster hasn't 'meaningfully impacted' Apple's iPad 2 supply

03/25/2011, 08:03 am

Despite initial concerns that the earthquake in Japan might result in a shortage of components for devices like Apple's iPad 2, a new report says the impact so far has only been "modest" at worst.


US iPad 2 orders from Apple's online store now ship in 3-4 weeks

03/24/2011, 01:03 pm

Availability of the iPad 2 has begun to improve, as Apple has eased the estimated ship time to between three and four weeks for new orders through its online store in the U.S.


International iPad 2 lines form as Apple begins taking online preorders

03/24/2011, 12:03 pm

With the iPad 2 set to go on sale in just a matter of hours in some countries, lines have begun to form around the world, and some of Apple's online stores have begun taking preorders.


Users report freezing issues with FaceTime on Apple's iPad 2

03/23/2011, 12:03 pm

A few kinks apparently still need to be ironed out with the newly released iPad 2, as some users have reported freezing issues with the FaceTime video chat feature, requiring a restart of the device.