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Topic: iPad 3

Apple seen in 'no rush' to release iPad 3 as competitors struggle

09/16/2011, 08:09 am

Apple reportedly has prototypes for its third-generation iPad already circling in its supply chain, but no new model is expected to arrive this year as a true second-place tablet has yet to emerge.


Apple rumored to use thinner, lighter, safer battery for iPad 3

09/06/2011, 03:09 pm

Apple is said to have chosen two suppliers to provide batteries that will be thinner and lighter, but also up to 30 percent more expensive, for its third-generation iPad.


Apple's second-half iPhone production to rise nearly 100% to 58 million units

08/23/2011, 11:08 am

Orders to Apple's manufacturing partners for the second half of the year indicate iPhone shipments will grow roughly two-fold through a combination of existing iPhone 4 models and next-generation iPhone 5s, setting the company up for what's likely to be two consecutive record-breaking quarters in a row.


Apple to use three major suppliers for iPad 3's Retina display

08/23/2011, 08:08 am

Apple this week continues to align component suppliers for its third-generation iPad, now expected to launch sometime in early 2012, including three primary LCD makers and two backlight-unit suppliers, according to a new report.


Apple nears trial production of high-res iPad 3 coming in early 2012

08/19/2011, 07:08 am

Apple is aligning with its far eastern component suppliers and manufacturers for a trial production of a high-resolution, third-generation iPad ahead of a planned launch in 2012, as the electronic maker looks to continue to outpace would-be rivals in the high-stakes tablet space, according to the Wall Street Journal.


Apple again rumored to invest $1B in Sharp plant for iPhone, iPad LCDs

08/17/2011, 02:08 am

A rumor that Apple is planning to invest $1 billion in a new Sharp factory for building screens for its iPhone and iPad products has resurfaced, just days after a separate report claimed that the next-generation iPad has been delayed in part because of production constraints from the supplier.


Apple suppliers say iPad 3 in 2011 canceled due to Retina Display constraints

08/15/2011, 10:08 pm

According to sources within Apple's supply chain partners, Apple has canceled its supply schedule for the iPad 3 in the second half of 2011 because of production constraints for higher-resolution display panels.


Rumor: Apple to begin 'iPhone 4S,' iPad 3 production in Sept for Oct launch

08/12/2011, 11:08 am

A new rumor claims Apple will begin production of a so-called "iPhone 4S," along with a new iPad model in the first week of September, on track for release in October.


Apple begins trial production of A6 processor set to launch in 2012

08/12/2011, 09:08 am

Apple's next-generation A6 processor, expected to arrive in future versions of the iPad and iPhone, is said to have gone into trial production ahead of a launch expected in the first half of 2012.


Apple seen merging iOS, Mac OS X with custom A6 chip in 2012

08/03/2011, 10:08 am

Apple is looking to merge its iOS and Mac OS X operating systems into one unified platform for applications and cloud services as soon as next year starting with the MacBook Air, one Wall Street analyst believes.


Rumor: Apple's iPhone 5 to launch during 2nd week of Sept., iPad 3 pushed back

07/27/2011, 10:07 pm

A new unverified report suggests that Apple intends to release its next-generation iPhone between Sept. 6 and Sept. 15 with an initial shipment of 4 million units, while suggesting that component shortages may have delayed the release of the next iPad until after this year's Thanksgiving holiday.


Apple adds 4 integrated circuit makers to iPad 3 supply chain - report

07/26/2011, 07:07 am

Apple is said to be vastly expanding its number of integrated circuit suppliers for an anticipated third-generation iPad, adding four companies from Taiwan to keep costs low.


LG, Samsung said to be working with Apple on high-def p-Si iPad 3 displays

07/18/2011, 09:07 am

LCD display makers LG and Samsung are said to be close to landing significant orders from Apple to produce high-resolution low temperature polysilicon 2048-by-1536-pixel displays for a third-generation iPad.


First photos of purported iPad 3 part could hint at material design changes

07/14/2011, 10:07 am

Photos showing what is claimed to be an internal component for a new, third-generation iPad have surfaced online, fueling speculation that an updated and redesigned model could launch this year.


Foxconn in talks to remain Apple's sole 'iPad 3' manufacturer in 2011 - rumor

07/13/2011, 07:07 am

Apple's manufacturing partner Foxconn is said to be working to persuade the company into signing a new deal that would make it the sole builder of a new iPad model, rumored to launch later this year.


Apple rumored to add second manufacturer for 'iPad 3' production this fall

07/11/2011, 08:07 am

Apple is said to be planning to add a second manufacturer this fall, in addition to Foxconn, in order to be able to produce a rumored third-generation iPad for launch this year.


Rumor: Apple may release 'iPad 2 Plus' with high-res display this year

07/06/2011, 10:07 am

If Apple does release a new iPad this year, it will be a high-end model with a greater pixel density display rather than an entirely new third-generation model, according to a new report.


Rumor: Suppliers preparing for October launch of Apple's iPhone 5, iPad 3

07/01/2011, 10:07 am

Apple's component suppliers in Taiwan are gearing up and preparing materials for the production of the iPhone 5 and iPad 3, set to hit the market in October, according to a new report.


Apple supply chain points to "iPhone 4S" in Sept., iPad 3 prototype in early 2012

06/27/2011, 05:06 pm

A second investment research firm on Monday cited sources in Taiwan as indicating that Apple's fifth-generation iPhone will hit the market early in the third quarter and also did its part to pour cold water on rumors of an iPad 3 launch prior to next year and a low-cost iPhone in 2011.


Third-gen iPad, 4G LTE iPhone 'more likely' to come from Apple in 2012

06/27/2011, 01:06 pm

A new report attempts to pour some cold water on persistent rumors of a third-generation iPad or long-term evolution 4G iPhone launching this year, and instead cites sources who believe both devices will arrive in 2012.