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Topic: iPhone 5

Specs for Samsung's 4" Galaxy S3 Mini fall well short of Apple's iPhone 5

10/10/2012, 09:10 am

While Samsung will compete with Apple's iPhone 5 by offering its own 4-inch handset, leaked specifications suggest it will be a budget device with a low-resolution display and camera.


Quality issues with iPhone 5's aluminum chassis slows production, report says

10/10/2012, 06:10 am

Apple's decision to use lightweight anodized 6000 series aluminum for the iPhone 5's uni-body chassis has caused some units to show signs of wear out-of-the-box, prompting stricter quality control measures that have negatively impacted production yields, one insider says.


iPhone 5 to launch in India on Oct. 26 - report

10/09/2012, 04:10 pm

One of the next major markets for Apple to launch the iPhone 5 is India, and a new report claims the latest iPhone will debut there on Oct. 26.


Apple's Lightning authentication chip may have been reverse engineered

10/09/2012, 03:10 pm

An unauthorized accessory maker has promised that products cloning Apple's new Lightning cable are on their way, thanks to reverse engineering.


'iPhone 5 fever' sweeps Hong Kong as mainland China awaits Apple's launch

10/08/2012, 12:10 pm

Stores in Hong Kong remain sold out of Apple's iPhone 5 as overwhelming demand continues. That's expected to spread soon to mainland China, as carrier China Unicom is said to be gearing up for the iPhone 5 launch.


Apple support document addresses iPhone 5 'purple haze'

10/07/2012, 01:10 pm

Apple has publicly explained an issue that can result in a purple "haze" or flare that users have discovered can show up in pictures taken with the new iPhone 5.


Foxconn denies strike at iPhone 5 factory, says handset production on schedule

10/06/2012, 09:10 am

Foxconn officials on Saturday issued a statement denying a strike hit the company's Zhengzhou iPhone plant on Friday, claiming instead that the factory was the site of two small altercations days earlier which had no impact on production.


iOS Apple Store app updated for iPhone 5's screen

10/05/2012, 07:10 pm

Apple on Friday rolled out version 2.3.2 of its iOS Apple Store app, bringing support for the iPhone 5's 4-inch screen.


Foxconn workers reportedly strike over iPhone 5 quality control rules, say handset design is flawed

10/05/2012, 04:10 pm

It was reported on Friday that three to four thousand Foxconn workers at the company's Zhengzhou factory went on strike over a rise in quality control demands for the iPhone 5, with the employees saying the new demands are difficult to meet given the handset's design flaws.


Samsung expected to launch 'Galaxy S3 Mini' at Oct. 11 event

10/04/2012, 03:10 pm

As the iPhone 5 has adopted a bigger 4-inch screen, Samsung is expected to go in the other direction and develop a smaller smartphone based on its popular Galaxy S series.


Still in beta: Siri falls short when searching for Apple retail stores

10/03/2012, 04:10 pm

A year after Siri first launched, Apple's personal assistant still falls short when accomplishing basic tasks that one might assume would be a priority for the company, such as finding a local Apple Store.


Third-party accessory makers held up by Apple's new Lightning connector rules

10/03/2012, 03:10 pm

Apple is said to have made "significant changes" to its "Made for iPhone" rules, which has prevented third-party accessory makers from promptly getting their new Lightning-compatible accessories to market.


Apple iPhone 5, 4S among most environmentally friendly phones, study finds

10/03/2012, 01:10 am

iFixit and HealthyStuff teamed up to analyze the level of toxic chemicals found in 36 mobile phones, and found modern handsets to contain fewer harmful chemicals than their predecessors with Apple's iPhone 4S and new iPhone 5 among the least toxic.


Nokia commercial slams iPhone 5's lack of color

10/02/2012, 06:10 pm

A new commercial from Nokia is the latest to attack Apple new handset, this time focusing on the iPhone 5's lack of colorway options.


Mark Zuckerberg received free iPhone 5 from Tim Cook

10/02/2012, 05:10 pm

In an interview with Matt Lauer on NBC's The Today Show, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg reveals that Apple CEO Tim Cook sent him a free iPhone 5, a gesture usually afforded only to important business partners and public figures.


October is best month of the year to own Apple stock - report

10/02/2012, 01:10 pm

Historically, October has been the strongest month for Apple stock, and one analyst believes that trend will continue in 2012.


Yield rates for Apple's iPhone 5 in-cell touch panels improving

10/02/2012, 08:10 am

After some initial issues with creating in-cell touchscreen displays for Apple's new iPhone 5, yield rates are said to be improving, helping to ease constraints.


Apple says purple fringing is normal for iPhone 5 camera

10/01/2012, 07:10 pm

In a reply to a customer inquiry regarding the "purple flare" some iPhone 5 users have seen when taking pictures with bright light sources in frame, an AppleCare representative says the phenomenon is considered "normal behavior" for the new handset's camera.


iPhone 5 carrier update fixes bug causing cellular data use while on Wi-Fi [u]

09/30/2012, 09:09 pm

Apple on Sunday rolled out a carrier update for Verizon iPhone 5s which fixes a bug that in some cases caused the handset to use cellular data even while connected to a Wi-Fi network, eating away at precious data allowances [update: Verizon responds]


Study finds iPhone 5 costs only 41 cents per year to charge, 3 cents more than iPhone 4

09/28/2012, 06:09 pm

One of the standout features of Apple's new iPhone 5 is its long battery life which, despite cramming in a faster processor, LTE wireless capabilities and a larger screen, performs on par with its predecessors and has been found to cost only three cents more to charge per year.