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Topic: iPhone 5

More than half of US smartphone shoppers plan to buy Apple's iPhone 5

12/13/2012, 12:12 pm

A new survey of more than 800 U.S .consumers found that more than half of those planning to buy a smartphone in the next three months say they will buy Apple's new iPhone 5.


iPhone 5 to come with free Lightning to micro USB adapter in China

12/12/2012, 06:12 pm

When the iPhone 5 launches in China on Friday, Apple will reportedly be including a gratis Lightning to USB adapter as part of the handset's included accessories, a $19 value-added bonus that was formerly restricted to countries in the European Union.


Apple suppliers say iPhone 5 demand still strong, iPad mini cannibalizing 9.7" iPad

12/12/2012, 08:12 am

Demand for the iPhone 5 remains strong as supply and yields continue to improve, but total iPad sales for the holiday quarter may prove lower than market watchers expect, as the iPad mini cannibalizes sales of the new fourth-generation iPad.


Time Magazine names Apple's iPhone 5 its 'Gadget of the Year'

12/11/2012, 03:12 pm

In its annual list of the best gadgets available, Time has named Apple's new iPhone 5 the top device of 2012, while the 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display also made the cut.


Chinese iPhone 5 preorders soar past 300,000 ahead of Friday launch

12/10/2012, 06:12 pm

Just days before the iPhone 5 is set to go on sale in China, the nation's second largest carrier announced on Monday that preorders for the device have reached over 300,000 units less than a week after initiating reservations.


iPhone 5 showing 'In Stock' status in international Online Apple Stores

12/07/2012, 05:12 pm

In time for the lucrative holiday shopping season, a number of international Online Apple Stores, including the U.S. and Canada, are showing immediate availability of the company's newest iPhone 5.


Briefly: Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo blames iPhone for biggest ever loss in subscribers as Korea starts iPhone 5 sales

12/07/2012, 12:12 am

Japan's largest wireless carrier NTT DoCoMo said Thursday that customers are jumping off its network to sign on with rival providers that carry the iPhone, while Samsung's home country of South Korea started sales of the latest iPhone 5.


Purported prototype 'iPhone 5S' back panel shows minor tweaks to internal design

12/05/2012, 12:12 pm

Whether it's a prototype of a future "iPhone 5S" or an unused iPhone 5 design, a new part claims to show the back panel of an unreleased handset from Apple.


Improving production yields on iPhone 5 expected to boost profitability for Apple

12/04/2012, 09:12 am

Supply of the iPhone 5 continues to improve as yield rates on the difficult-to-build handset have reportedly grown, reducing costs and boosting profitability for Apple and its suppliers.


China Unicom nets over 100K iPhone 5 preorders on first day of availability

12/04/2012, 12:12 am

Second-largest Chinese wireless carrier China Unicom opened up pre-sale reservations for Apple's iPhone 5 on Monday and saw over 100,000 preorders for the device ahead of its official launch in that country on Dec. 14.


Top-selling iPhone 5 flanked by strong sales of legacy iPhone 4S & 4

12/03/2012, 11:12 am

While the iPhone 5 has been the top selling handset at the three largest carriers in the U.S., Apple's legacy iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 handsets have also been strong performers this holiday shopping season.


iPhone 5 to launch in South Korea, Brazil & dozens more countries in December

12/03/2012, 08:12 am

Apple on Monday announced that the iPhone 5 will debut in more than 50 countries this month, including South Korea on Friday, Dec. 7, with Russia, Brazil and Taiwan to follow a week later.


Apple takes number two spot behind Samsung for all US mobile marketshare

12/02/2012, 05:12 pm

For the first time since market analysis firm comScore began tracking mobile phone use in the U.S., Apple has taken the second place spot overall, exhibiting positive growth to edge out LG while nipping at the heels of leader Samsung.


Apple requires its own tests to ensure carrier LTE networks are up to snuff

11/30/2012, 03:11 pm

Apple will only allow a carrier to offer the iPhone 5 on their LTE network after the company conducts its own tests of the wireless service, one carrier has revealed.


Apple announces December launches of iPhone 5, iPad mini in China

11/30/2012, 08:11 am

Apple on Friday announced that the Wi-Fi versions of the iPad mini and fourth-generation iPad will launch in China on Dec. 7, while the iPhone 5 will debut a week later, on Dec. 14.


Unlocked iPhone 5 now on sale through U.S. Online Apple Store

11/29/2012, 10:11 pm

Apple on Thursday began taking orders for factory unlocked versions of its latest iPhone 5 through the company's U.S. online store, suggesting that supply of the handset has finally caught up with demand.


iPhone 5 to see mid-December China debut after Apple's regulatory approval

11/29/2012, 07:11 am

The iPhone 5 was awarded a network access license in China, setting Apple's handset up for an anticipated mid-December launch.


iPhone 5 supply stabilizes in the U.S. for first time since launch

11/29/2012, 05:11 am

With the lucrative holiday shopping season in full swing, the popular iPhone 5 handset is now readily available in the U.S. at Apple's brick-and-mortar retail stores as the company has apparently overcome supply issues experienced since the device was launched in September.


iPhone 5 doubles Apple's share of US smartphone sales to surpass Android

11/27/2012, 10:11 am

The launch of the iPhone 5 has propelled Apple to a 48.1 percent share of U.S. smartphone sales, edging the iOS platform past Google's Android.


iPhone 5 to launch in Taiwan Dec. 14 as shipping times improve to 1 week

11/26/2012, 03:11 pm

With estimated shipping times for the iPhone 5 now improved to one week, Apple is reportedly set to expand its latest handset to Taiwan on Dec. 14.