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Topic: iRadio

Inside iOS 7: Apple puts Pandora on notice with iTunes Radio

06/11/2013, 03:06 pm

Apple's long-awaited "iRadio" is now an official service under the name iTunes Radio, available to test by developers who have access to the iOS 7 beta.


Sony inks 'iRadio' deal, giving Apple all 3 major labels

06/07/2013, 09:06 am

Sony Music has reportedly signed a deal with Apple for its anticipated "iRadio" streaming music service, marking the last of the three major music labels to reach an agreement.


Apple's free ad-supported 'iRadio' on track for WWDC announcement - report

06/06/2013, 10:06 am

Reports continue to suggest that Apple is prepared to unveil its so-called "iRadio" music streaming service next week, with the company apparently contacting major advertisers about the initiative.


Audio iAds will be sold for Apple's 'iRadio' - report

06/05/2013, 02:06 pm

Apple's iAd network will serve both visual and audio advertisements as part of the company's forthcoming "iRadio" initiative, according to a new report.


Apple's 500M user accounts second only to Facebook, viewed as key driver of future growth

06/04/2013, 09:06 am

Apple's current account base of 500 million users is growing and spending at a tremendous rate, suggesting to one analyst that new services such as mobile payments or streaming radio could be key to the company's future growth.


Apple reportedly shifting iAd focus away from apps to rumored 'iRadio'

06/03/2013, 06:06 pm

Ahead of a possible "iRadio" debut at WWDC, Apple is now reported to be shifting its advertising strategy to take advantage of businesses looking to reach consumers through the company's Internet radio service.


Apple reportedly inks 'iRadio' licensing deal with Warner ahead of WWDC

06/03/2013, 04:06 am

After months of rumors and allegedly stalled talks, Apple is now said to be making headway in licensing content for a supposed Internet radio service dubbed "iRadio," which some insiders say could debut in time for this year's Worldwide Developers Conference.


Music service's structure, plus Apple's culture, holding up 'iRadio' service

05/17/2013, 01:05 pm

Industry sources are saying that Google's willingness to acquiesce to music label demands and the structure of the hybrid service Apple is trying to build are the main reasons why the search giant's music service is live now while the iPhone maker's offering might miss WWDC.


iRadio stalled again as Apple, Sony can't agree to royalty terms

05/09/2013, 04:05 pm

Apple's ongoing efforts to bring a radio service to iPhone and iPad owners has apparently hit another snag, as negotiations with Sony have dragged on.


Apple rumored to ink iRadio deal with record label by next week

04/11/2013, 08:04 pm

The latest iRadio rumor has Apple and major record label Universal Music Group close to reaching an agreement over royalties for the purported streaming music service, with sources claiming news of a deal could come as early as next week.


Apple reportedly closing in on deal with record labels for 'iRadio' service, could sign within a week

04/04/2013, 08:04 pm

A report on Thursday claims Apple is close to making a deal with two major record companies to stream their respective tracks on a purported "iRadio" music streamer, with the arrangement said to be more lucrative for the labels than existing rates paid out by Pandora.


Lowball royalty offer from Apple holding up music streaming service - report

03/07/2013, 12:03 pm

Record labels are reportedly dissatisfied with a "cheap" offer made by Apple to obtain the necessary rights for a planned music streaming service.


'Radio Buy' buttons hidden in iOS 6.1 reveal Apple's anticipated Pandora killer

02/05/2013, 01:02 pm

Files found within Apple's newly released iOS 6.1 refer to an Internet radio service the company is believed to be working on.