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Topic: iTunes Store

With sights set on $1B Apple server farm, NC approves changes

06/02/2009, 09:06 am

North Carolina lawmakers debated for less than a minute on Monday before approving changes to the state's corporate tax laws designed to lure Apple and a $1 billion server farm project to one of their rural communities.


Apple briefs staff on wireless iPhone movie and TV downloads

05/29/2009, 02:05 pm

The iPhone 3.0 operating system release will include new support for direct downloads of movie and TV content from the iTunes Store, according to people familiar with Apple's internal training materials.


Briefly: Canada gets HD TV shows; illuminated iPhone logo; more

05/28/2009, 02:05 pm

Canadian iTunes users are seeing the first wave of HD TV shows crop up on the localized version of the digital download service. Meanwhile, a new report claims that the Apple logo on the third-gen iPhone will illuminate just as the iPhone maker is said to be taking receipt of logic boards for the new handsets ahead of production.


Pan-European iTunes Store more likely following recent moves

05/26/2009, 03:05 pm

European regulators this week are pushing the music industry to reform licensing terms that have prevented services like Apple's iTunes Store from selling their catalog of music tracks uniformly across the continent.


Apple proposes iTunes kiosks for movie downloads on the go

05/07/2009, 08:05 am

Apple has put some effort into conceptualizing a family of next-generation wireless iTunes kiosks that can be placed just about anywhere, allowing users of its portable products to load their devices with a new full-length movie or audio album during travel, in areas where wireless networks may be unavailable.


Best Buy rumored to take on iTunes with movie download store

04/17/2009, 01:04 pm

Apple authorized reseller Best Buy will soon add its name to a growing list of firms bidding for a slice of the online movie download business, according to a new report.


iTunes price changes deliver mixed results

04/16/2009, 02:04 pm

Price increases that took effect on Apple's iTunes Store last week reportedly hurt unit sales of some of the most popular songs but ultimately managed to drive marginal increases in overall revenues for the digital download service.


Apple launches iTunes movie store in Germany

04/16/2009, 09:04 am

Apple announced Thursday that movies from five major film studios and a handful of independent movie production houses are now available for rent or purchase on the iTunes Store in Germany.


Apple near saturation point for iPod, iTunes use by teens

04/08/2009, 09:04 am

The results of Piper Jaffray's 17th bi-annual teen survey are in, showing Apple to have broadened its lead in the areas of iPod consumption and iTunes usage -- both of which are nearing their saturation point -- as the company moves to translate these successes to its iPhone business.


Price hike hits Apple's iTunes Store

04/07/2009, 10:04 am

Tuesday marks the end of Apple's one-price-fits-all model at the iTunes Store, where songs will now fall into one of three pricing tiers, with many of the most popular tracks commanding a 30% increase from 99 cents to $1.29.


iTunes 8.1.1 adds support for renting HD movies on computers

04/06/2009, 03:04 pm

Apple on Monday afternoon released a small update to iTunes that enables HD movie rentals on a Mac or PC while also delivering improvements for syncing media to its multi-touch devices.


Apple now offering HD movie purchases, rentals through iTunes

03/19/2009, 04:03 pm

Once only available through the Apple TV, HD movies can now be purchased or rented directly through iTunes on Macs and PCs.


Hackers crack Apple's iTunes gift card algorithm

03/10/2009, 01:03 pm

$200 iTunes Gift Certificates are selling for less than $3 in China now that a group of local hackers has circumvented Apple's algorithm for creating the digital vouchers and built their own gift certificate generators.


Eminem firm loses iTunes royalty lawsuit against Universal

03/09/2009, 10:03 am

Universal Music has prevailed in a case that would have otherwise given millions more to artists for the sale of their songs on digital download services such as Apple's industry-leading iTunes Store.


Eminem takes record label to court over iTunes royalties

02/26/2009, 10:02 am

Hip hop mogul Eminem this week became the first artist to take a legal stand against record labels over royalties for tracks sold through digital download services like Apple's iTunes, an increasing source of tension between the two sides now that a significant percent of music sales are being made online.


Apple introduces iTunes Pass for following favorite bands

02/24/2009, 12:02 pm

Apple this week is testing a new feature of its digital download service called iTunes Pass, which will buy shoppers access to all of their favorite bands' iTunes-related releases and exclusive material over a set time period.


Apple prepping iTunes Replay on-demand video service

02/11/2009, 01:02 pm

Apple is believed to be wrapping up a new feature in iTunes 8 that will allow users to stream their iTunes video purchases directly from the company's servers for playback anywhere, anytime without eating up local storage.


Apple now offering individual song upgrades on iTunes Store

01/29/2009, 12:01 pm

Apple on Thursday began offering iTunes shoppers the ability to upgrade their songs to higher-quality DRM-free tracks on an individual basis, doing away with an earlier mandate that required customers to upgrade their entire libraries all at once.


Labels making specific demands in latest iTunes talks

12/15/2008, 10:12 am

Record labels negotiating the removal of copy protecting measures from tracks sold on the iTunes Store are each looking for Apple to agree to certain concessions, according to a new report.


TV deals causing movies to disappear from iTunes Store

12/10/2008, 01:12 pm

Exclusive deals between Hollywood studios and the networks that secure the rights to broadcast their feature films on TV are the reason iTunes shoppers are seeing movies disappear from the service in bunches, according to a new report.