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Topic: iTunes Store

Apple improves iOS push security, iTunes promo codes now work overseas

12/08/2010, 04:12 pm

Apple on Wednesday made a few key changes for iOS developers, upgrading the security of push notifications and allowing international distribution of promotional codes. Also, some HD movies have appeared for the first time in the U.K. iTunes Store.


Apple obtained exclusive rights to Beatles over Google, Amazon

11/17/2010, 08:11 am

Apple reportedly beat out rivals Google and Amazon in securing the exclusive digital rights to the back catalog of The Beatles on iTunes through 2011.


The Beatles catalog finally available from Apple's iTunes Store

11/16/2010, 09:11 am

Legendary music group The Beatles finally arrived on iTunes Tuesday, with tracks from all of the band's albums available for purchase individually or as complete iTunes LPs [updated].


WSJ: Apple to announce arrival of Beatles catalog on iTunes

11/15/2010, 06:11 pm

Apple on Tuesday will announce that the iTunes Store will begin carrying music by the legendary rock group The Beatles, The Wall Street Journal has reported.


Apple doesn't have licensing deals in place to stream music - report

11/15/2010, 04:11 pm

Apple does not have the explicit rights to offer an iTunes music subscription service, or to allow customers the ability to stream their libraries to connected devices, music industry sources have indicated.


Approval of Comcast-NBC deal could require content deals with Apple

11/15/2010, 09:11 am

As the U.S. government looks to approve Comcast's acquisition of NBC Universal, the purchase could come with "significant conditions" to prevent Comcast from withholding TV and movie content from companies like Apple.


Apple increasing US iTunes music previews to 90 seconds

11/02/2010, 09:11 pm

Apple sent emails to music label representatives Tuesday notifying them that iTunes music previews in the United States will be extended from 30 seconds to 90 seconds.


Warner Bros. execs find Apple's 99 cent TV show rentals too cheap

09/17/2010, 03:09 pm

Executives with Warner Bros., producer of numerous primetime network TV shows, believe that Apple's 99 cent prices TV show rentals need to be more expensive.


Extended iTunes song samples stalled due to licensing issues

09/07/2010, 08:09 pm

Apple's plan to announce extended iTunes song samples on Sept. 1 met with late opposition from publishers, according to a new report.


Rupert Murdoch may be swing vote in Apple's 99 cent TV rental pitch

08/31/2010, 08:08 am

While most in the TV industry are opposed to Apple's proposed plan for 99 cent episode rentals, its efforts could be saved by News Corp CEO Rupert Murdoch's drive to save the newspaper industry, according to a new report.


Apple expected to boost iTunes song samples to 60 seconds

08/30/2010, 06:08 pm

Apple this week is expected to double the length of free song samples within the iTunes Store, from 30 seconds to 60 seconds, according to a new report.


Antitrust review of Comcast-NBC deal considers effect on Apple's iTunes

08/30/2010, 11:08 am

As Comcast's bid to purchase NBC Universal goes through a federal review, the U.S. government is investigating the effect the deal might have on Internet-based video services like Apple's iTunes Store.


Apple negotiating 99 cent TV show rentals ahead of new iTV - report

08/24/2010, 03:08 pm

A new report alleges that Apple is in negotiations with content providers, and is in "advanced talks" with News Corp., to offer 99 cent TV show rentals ahead of an anticipated Apple TV update.


Pink Floyd albums removed from iTunes after record contract expires

08/17/2010, 12:08 pm

Numerous albums from legendary rock band Pink Floyd have disappeared from Apple's iTunes store, along with other digital storefronts, following the expiration of a contract between the band and its record label.


Rumored iTunes cloud service could be delayed further

08/03/2010, 05:08 am

Mired in licensing issues, Apple's rumored full-scale cloud music service might be further down the line than previously thought. A limited feature service could be released by the end of the year.


Apple to shutter acquired streaming music service Lala on May 31

04/30/2010, 08:04 am

Lala announced this week its website will no longer be operative as of May 31, and users who bought songs through the site will be credited with songs from Apple's iTunes.


Apple's iTunes streaming music service could arrive in July

03/31/2010, 03:03 pm

With its recent acquisition of streaming music service Lala, Apple is working toward launching its own streaming iTunes solution to debut as soon as the third quarter of 2010.


Pink Floyd songs could be removed from iTunes after court ruling

03/11/2010, 03:03 pm

Music legends Pink Floyd won a lawsuit with their label EMI Thursday, with the band successfully defending its right to block the sale of individual songs on digital download services like iTunes.


Apple's iTunes LP concept hatched by labels, sales disappoint

03/09/2010, 03:03 pm

The iTunes LP format introduced by Apple last year was the brainchild of record labels looking to increase sales of whole albums, but sales thus far have been soft, a new report alleges.


Apple pressures music labels to abandon Amazon MP3 Daily Deal

03/03/2010, 09:03 am

A new report claims Apple has attempted to push music publishers away from participating in Amazon's MP3 Daily Deal promotion, which features timed exclusives for popular tracks.