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Topic: tablet

Apple tablet speculation: high-end graphics, several models

11/16/2009, 09:11 am

Amplifying the buzz for Apple's long-rumored tablet device, a new report suggests the hardware will include a high-end graphics card to produce a picture with "stunning resolution."


Apple looks to improve pen-based input on tablet touchscreens

11/12/2009, 08:11 am

Though Apple has shunned the stylus in favor of multi-touch on the iPhone and iPod touch, a new patent application suggests the company is investigating superior handwriting and input recognition via pen.


Latest Snow Leopard build resurrects Atom compatibility

11/04/2009, 06:11 pm

Development build 10C535 of Snow Leopard update 10.6.2 retains Intel Atom support after the previous build had killed compatibility with the processor.


Apple execs not enthusiastic about 'unattractive' online print market

10/30/2009, 08:10 am

While rumors have suggested Apple is courting print publications to deliver content on its anticipated tablet device, company executives recently said they see problems with the current business model.


Apple engineers ramp up overseas trips for tablet - report

10/29/2009, 08:10 am

Apple employees are reportedly taking numerous trips to manufacturing plants in China, including some scheduled during the upcoming holiday season, as the company's long-rumored tablet comes closer to reality.


Apple says no more product introductions until next year

10/27/2009, 11:10 am

Any lingering hopes of new last-minute holiday hardware from Apple have been cast in doubt, as the Mac maker has reportedly confirmed that its holiday 2009 lineup is "set."


Apple pitches tablet as e-reader to Australian media - report

10/27/2009, 08:10 am

Apple has allegedly gone global in its efforts to attract publications to provide content for its long-rumored tablet device, as a new report suggests the hardware maker has been in discussions with the Australian media.


Study suggests $600 mass-market sweet spot for Apple tablet

10/26/2009, 12:10 pm

While most Mac users would have no problem paying more than $600 for Apple's long-rumored tablet, most PC users would not consider hardware above that price, a new study suggests.


Latest Apple tablet speculation covers digital comic books

10/21/2009, 12:10 pm

In yet another sign that print content will play an important role in Apple's long-rumored tablet device, a new report suggests that a digital comic book distributor could be in on the action.


Foxconn rumored to manufacture Apple tablet for Q1 2010

10/07/2009, 07:10 am

Foxconn, the Taiwan-based electronics manufacturer who has partnered with Apple on numerous products, is now rumored to have secured the production of Apple's anticipated tablet device.


Apple looks to take tablet beyond bathroom Web browsing

10/05/2009, 07:10 am

With its development reset by co-founder Steve Jobs numerous times, Apple's forthcoming tablet is a device that has been through many internal revisions that look to offer more than "surfing the Web in the bathroom."


Publishers eye Apple's tablet; Schmidt on board resignation

10/02/2009, 08:10 pm

Google CEO Eric Schmidt denied that a federal investigation prompted his resignation from the Apple Board of directors; and a consortium of magazine publishers hope to create their own store to sell content on devices like Apple's rumored tablet.


Evidence of Apple's tablet-like input interface reappears

10/01/2009, 04:10 pm

In a new patent application revealed this week, Apple has again disclosed plans for a multi-touch surface that could accommodate two full hands and distinguish between palms and individual fingers for typing, gestures and more.


Apple contacted print publications about tablet - report

09/30/2009, 07:09 am

The focus of Apple's long-rumored tablet device could be the transformation of newspapers, magazines and other print media, a new rumor suggests.


Former Newton developer rehired by Apple for marketing role

09/28/2009, 09:09 pm

Fifteen years after he left Apple, one of the original developers of the Newton touchscreen handheld device has returned to the company, as it is believed to be developing that product's spiritual successor.


Like Apple, Microsoft rumored to be creating tablet

09/21/2009, 11:09 am

Just as they compete in numerous other markets, Microsoft and Apple could be going head to head with new touchscreen tablet devices in the near future, if a new rumor proves true.


Tablet Tuesday: Lenovo, Fujitsu, Archos unveil touchscreens

09/15/2009, 10:09 pm

As rumors of Apple's still-unannounced tablet device continue to swirl, the impending launch of Windows 7 has led to a plethora of touchscreen devices that look to beat Apple's anticipated device to market.


Latest Apple tablet rumor: Feb. 2010 launch for $800-$1,000

09/15/2009, 07:09 am

A new report on Apple's long-rumored tablet device cites Taiwanese suppliers with a number of alleged specifics, including price, launch window and parts.


Snow Leopard touchscreen "evidence," trademarked Apple chat bubbles

09/02/2009, 12:09 pm

A new report alleges that a large on-screen digital keyboard could be a sign that Snow Leopard sets the stage for Apple's upcoming tablet device; and Apple rejected an App Store submission for its chat bubbles.


New Apple tablet rumor: Larger form factor running Mac OS X

08/28/2009, 12:08 pm

Citing a "100 percent reliable" source, a new report alleges that Apple has fully working prototypes of 13-inch and 15-inch touchscreen tablets, with one model running Mac OS X.