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Topic: Windows

History suggests Windows 7 launch could boost Mac sales

10/13/2009, 09:10 am

Rather than negatively impacting Mac sales, a new report provides evidence that the impending launch of Windows 7 could actually be a boon for Apple.


Apple takes double-digit home PC market share - study

10/05/2009, 10:10 am

An estimated 12 percent of all U.S. homes have an Apple computer, though nearly all Mac owners also have a Windows PC in their home, a new study shows.


Microsoft's fight against Apple ads seen as waste of money

09/02/2009, 07:09 am

With Apple's Mac home market share tripling in the past five years, Microsoft has fought back with its own advertising campaigns attacking Apple for the first time, a move one analyst sees as a mistake.


Microsoft plans to use Windows 7 to raise netbook prices

07/31/2009, 02:07 pm

The prospects of a premium priced Apple tablet computer may brighten at the hands of an unlikely ally, if Microsoft can carry out its stated goal of raising netbook prices using Windows 7.


Steve Ballmer calls Apple's Mac growth a "rounding error"

07/31/2009, 09:07 am

Speaking to a group of market analysts this week, Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer repeatedly mentioned Apple, including a suggestion that a growing rate of Mac adoption is statistically insignificant.


AVG antivirus update attacks Apple's iTunes

07/27/2009, 11:07 am

A database update from AVG over the weekend made the Windows antivirus software attack users' iTunes installations, mistakenly viewing the application's library files as a Trojan virus and placing them in quarantine.


Microsoft's latest ad attacks Mac aesthetics, computing power

04/04/2009, 11:04 pm

Continuing its advertising campaign which seeks to promote generic PCs running Windows as more attractive than Macs, Microsoft's latest spot plays up specifications over aesthetics as opposed to just suggesting that PCs are simply cheaper as the previous spot did. However, it ends up making the opposite point instead.


Mac web share hits record 9.9 percent in January

02/01/2009, 11:02 pm

Even as the economy has continued to falter, Apple's share of web users has climbed up to a landmark 9.93 percent in the first month of 2009 while Windows' own share continues to slide downwards.


Microsoft intros Windows 7 beta, Songsmith app at CES

01/08/2009, 07:01 pm

In Las Vegas to lead his first CES keynote yesterday, Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer announced a free Windows 7 public beta, available for download tomorrow, and a new piece of song composition software akin to Apple's GarageBand.


Microsoft's Windows 7 to bring Apple-tinged design changes

10/28/2008, 06:10 pm

At its Professional Developers Conference, Microsoft has shown Windows 7 to the public for the first time and has revealed a user interface with some of the largest changes to the operating system's interface since Windows XP -- if not earlier -- and which bear slight resemblances to Apple software.


iPhone, iPod updates pad Apple margins; Belgian iPhone; more

02/05/2008, 06:02 pm

Apple's new 16GB iPhone is as much a move to restore comfortably high profit margins as to spark sales, according to one report. Also, Belgium's main carrier may support the iPhone this year, and the chief creator of Linux has chastised Apple's approach to Mac OS X.


Mac web share at 7.6 percent for January; iPhone in "almost every country"

02/01/2008, 06:02 pm

Apple's presence on the Internet continues to grow as use of Mac OS X climbed to a record 7.6 percent for January, say reports from Net Applications -- studies which also confirm that the iPhone is already in use around most of the world.