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Topic: Amazon

MP3tunes ruling seen as victory for cloud-based music services

08/23/2011, 01:08 am

A partial victory by defendant MP3tunes in a copyright infringement lawsuit brought by major record companies may set a precedent for the legal validity of cloud-based digital music "lockers" from other companies, including Apple, Google and Amazon.


Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader uses Safari to bypass Apple's App Store rules

08/10/2011, 08:08 am

After changes to Apple's App Store policies prompted Amazon to remove a link from its Kindle application to buy new books, the online retailer has launched a new browser-based "Cloud Reader."


Amazon said to be lining up Taiwanese component suppliers for Q3 tablet launch

07/27/2011, 02:07 am

Reports from the Asian supply chain regarding upcoming tablets from online retailer Amazon have continued to emerge, with industry sources claiming the company is tapping Taiwanese vendors for a launch in the third quarter of this year.


WSJ, Amazon, Google, B&N iOS apps affected by Apple's direct sales rules

07/25/2011, 12:07 pm

Apple's newly enforced policy banning links to out-of-app purchases has forced The Wall Street Journal, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo to remove purchasing options from their iOS applications, while the Google Books application has been completely removed.


Amazon to take on Apple with own 9-inch Android tablet by holidays

07/13/2011, 06:07 pm plans to introduce its own brand of tablet computer ahead of the holiday shopping season, a move which is sure to intensify competition with new-found rival Apple.


Judge denies Apple motion for preliminary injunction against Amazon Appstore

07/06/2011, 10:07 pm

A federal judge has rejected Apple's request for a preliminary injunction that would have blocked Amazon from using the "App Store" name.


Amazon Cloud Drive challenging Apple's iCloud with unlimited music storage

07/06/2011, 09:07 pm

Amazon announced Wednesday a promotion offering unlimited music storage to users who purchase a Cloud Drive storage plan, heating up competition before Apple's fall launch of its iCloud and iTunes Match services.


Amazon tablet could face production constraints driven by Apple's iPad 2

06/30/2011, 01:06 am

Amazon could have a difficult time securing manufacturing commitments for its rumored LCD tablet, as Apple's iPad 2 is predicted to occupy most of the available tablet production capacity in the later half of the year, according to a new report.


Judge says Apple faces 'stumbling block' in trademark case against Amazon

06/22/2011, 08:06 pm

A U.S. District Judge said on Wednesday that she will "probably" deny Apple's trademark infringement request to block Amazon's Appstore for Android because the iPhone maker has yet to produce "real evidence" that customers have confused it with the App Store.


Amazon tablets coming in September, suppliers say

06/22/2011, 12:06 am

Taiwanese component makers said Wednesday that Amazon is set to release tablets in August or September on its way to a sales target of 4 million units in 2011.


Apple describes Amazon Appstore as 'inferior' and a security threat

06/10/2011, 04:06 pm

In a new filing in its ongoing legal battle to protect the "App Store" trademark, Apple said it is worried that users will confuse the iOS App Store with Amazon's "inferior" product, which it described as a potential security concern for mobile devices.


Apple backs down on in-app purchasing rules, allows lower prices for out-of-app purchases

06/09/2011, 07:06 am

Apple this week revised its rules for in-app subscriptions, and no longer requires that subscriptions purchased outside of an iOS application have the same price or less.


Amazon begins pre-orders for authorized Steve Jobs biography

06/05/2011, 11:06 pm

Online retailer Amazon has begun taking pre-orders for "iSteve: The Book of Jobs," the authorized biography of Apple CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs, with a tentative March 2012 release date.


Launch of Apple's iCloud predicted to cause 'collateral damage' on RIM

06/03/2011, 10:06 am

The anticipated ability of Apple's iCloud network to take some processing and traffic burdens from wireless carriers' networks has been predicted by one analyst to cause "collateral damage" for rival handset maker Research in Motion.


Amazon takes on Apple's Mac App Store with its own 'Mac Download Store'

05/26/2011, 03:05 pm

Amazon on Thursday launched the "Mac Download Store," a new software destination for Mac OS X system that takes on Apple's own App Store by offering unique products, including Office for Mac.


New Barnes & Noble Nook; Kindle 3G with ads; Windows Phone 'Mango' preview

05/24/2011, 10:05 pm

Both Barnes & Noble and Amazon announced new versions of their e-readers on Tuesday: a touchscreen e-ink Nook and a Kindle 3G with "special offers," in an ongoing price war, while Microsoft previewed the "Mango" update to its Windows Phone 7 operating system.


Apple fires back at Amazon in continuing 'App Store' name dispute

05/20/2011, 02:05 pm

Apple has responded to Amazon in court, as the company continues to defend its trademark of the words "App Store," and hopes to have a court prevent Amazon from using the name "appstore" for its Android application storefront.


Apple signs licensing deal with EMI for iTunes cloud service

05/18/2011, 11:05 pm

Music industry sources claim that Apple has signed a cloud-music licensing agreement with music label EMI and is "very near" to completing deals with Universal and Sony, according to a new report.


Amazon boss says "stay tuned" for rumored tablet release

05/12/2011, 09:05 pm

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said in an interview this week to "stay tuned" on the company's plans for a possible tablet device that would likely supplement, rather than replace, the company's Kindle e-reader.


Music labels expect Apple's 'iCloud' to be gold standard ahead of Google, Amazon

05/11/2011, 01:05 pm

Though Amazon and Google beat Apple to the punch by launching their own cloud-based music streaming services, record labels are reportedly hopeful that Apple's rumored "iCloud," backed by licensing deals, will be the better product.