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Topic: Amazon

Barnes & Noble planning May 24 launch of new e-reader iPad competitor

05/04/2011, 11:05 pm

Bookseller Barnes & Noble revealed in an SEC filing Wednesday that the company plans to announce a new e-reader device on May 24th, creating yet another competitor to Apple's iPad.


Amazon to debut LCD tablet to compete with Apple's iPad later this year

05/03/2011, 03:05 pm

Rumors continue to swirl about a new touchscreen tablet from Amazon with a full color LCD screen, with the latest report stating the device is set to launch and take on Apple's iPad in 2011.


Amazon responds to Apple's trademark suit, argues 'app store' is generic

04/26/2011, 03:04 pm

Amazon has responded in court to Apple's trademark infringement lawsuit over the use of the term "App Store," which Amazon has contended is generic and should be free to use.


Barnes & Noble Nook, Lenovo ThinkPad prepare second volley of iPad alternatives

04/25/2011, 04:04 pm

After the much anticipated Motorola Xoom and RIM PlayBook failed to live up to expectations, two new Android-based tablets have promised to keep alive alternatives to Apple's iPad: The Barnes & Noble Nook Color and a prototype ThinkPad tablet from Lenovo.


Priceline founder takes aim at Apple, more than 100 others in patent suit

04/12/2011, 10:04 am

Apple joins other major technology companies including Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Facebook as defendants in a new lawsuit from Walker Digital, which founded the travel site


Amazon announces ad-supported $114 Kindle in latest bid to combat Apple's iPad

04/11/2011, 08:04 pm

As consumers increasingly turn to the iPad for reading, Amazon has bottomed out on price in order to compete, announcing a cheaper ad-supported version of its Kindle e-reader.


Apple exploring hybrid e-ink-LCD displays with independent regions

04/07/2011, 08:04 am

Apple has shown interest in creating a new iPad with a hybrid display that could dynamically switch all or just part of the full-color screen to low-power black-and-white e-ink for text and other static content.


Patent holder takes aim at Apple for iPhone's ability to search & receive ads

04/01/2011, 09:04 am

Apple this week was hit with a new patent infringement lawsuit, as the iPhone maker joins 31 other defendants accused of violating a patent related to Internet-connected phones with search functionality and mobile advertising.


Amazon's Cloud Drive faces music industry backlash

03/29/2011, 04:03 pm

While ostensibly beating Apple and Google to market with its music locker service, Amazon's new Cloud Drive online music streaming service was launched before licenses from music owners were in place, threatening a new legal battle.


Amazon preempts Apple with cloud-based music service for Web and Android

03/29/2011, 01:03 am

Amazon upped the ante in its fierce rivalry with Apple over control of the digital music market, with the introduction of a Cloud Drive digital locker and a Cloud Player service that offers streaming music via the Web and Android devices.


Amazon courting Apple's iOS developers to port apps to Kindle

03/28/2011, 03:03 pm

Amazon is actively enticing Apple's iOS App Store developers to bring their efforts to the Kindle platform, particularly educational apps, in a strategy that attempts to push ebook readers up into competition with more sophisticated, general purpose tablets.


Despite Apple suit, Amazon Appstore for Android debuts with free Angry Birds

03/22/2011, 12:03 pm

Amazon on Tuesday officially launched its "Appstore for Android," complete with a free copy of the game "Angry Birds Rio," just days after Amazon was hit with a trademark infringement suit from Apple over the "App Store" name.


Apple sues Amazon over use of 'App Store' trademark

03/21/2011, 07:03 pm

Apple has sued rival Amazon, accusing the online retailer of violating its "App Store" trademark with the competing Amazon Appstore for Android.


Inside subscription content: Apple iPad vs Google One Pass vs Amazon Kindle

02/17/2011, 10:02 pm

Apple's iOS App Store isn't the only game in town for subscribed digital content. Here's a look at how the plans to court publishers' subscription content by Apple, Amazon's Kindle and Google's One Pass compare.


Legacy apps must comply with Apple's App Store subscription rules by June 30

02/15/2011, 11:02 am

Software currently available in the iOS App Store that does not comply with Apple's newly enforced in-app subscription rules, such as the Amazon Kindle or Hulu+ applications, have until June 30 to comply or they could be removed.


Apple denies claim that Sony Reader, Kindle in danger on iOS App Store

02/01/2011, 01:02 pm

Apple issued a surprisingly timely response to a claim made by the New York Times that suggested the company might bar iOS apps that sell content outside of Apple's software market within iTunes.


Apple's new App Store restrictions block Sony eBookstore, may lock out Amazon [u]

02/01/2011, 02:02 am

Apple has tightened restrictions on its iOS App Store by requiring all in-app purchases to go through it, resulting in the rejection of an eBookstore application from Sony, a new report claims.


Apple's iPad owned 87.4% of Q3 2010 "media tablet" market

01/18/2011, 06:01 pm

IDC reports that the booming "media tablet" market was "driven almost exclusively by global demand for Apple's groundbreaking iPad," while separately counting eReaders such as the Amazon Kindle and Tablet PCs running Windows. Were it to include all tablet devices globally, Apple would own 79.5 percent of the worldwide tablet market.


Amazon, Apple, LG launch new app stores, Google Chrome Web Store dries up

01/05/2011, 03:01 pm

As Apple prepares to bring its wildly successful App Store phenomenon from iOS to the Mac, Amazon is launching its own Android app store while LG and others open TV apps stores, even as existing ones, including the Chrome Web Store, flounder.


Report: Apple slows iPad production, Kindle matches shipments

12/29/2010, 03:12 pm

Shipments of Amazon's Kindle from suppliers in Taiwan reached 1.6 million units in December, matching the month's estimated iPad production, although Apple is ramping down to accommodate the coming new version, a new report says.