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Topic: Android

Apple's iPhone climbs to 31% share of US smartphone market

05/02/2012, 02:05 am

A new analysis claims the iPhone made up 30.7 percent of the U.S. smartphone market and 14 percent of the mobile market in the first quarter of 2012.


Apple wants Samsung logo on court televisions obscured from jurors in trial

05/01/2012, 08:05 am

In its forthcoming patent infringement suit with Samsung, Apple will ask the court to conceal Samsung's logo from video displays in the courtroom, so that jurors will not see it.


Citibank creates Android tablet app exclusively for Kindle Fire

04/27/2012, 03:04 pm

Citibank has released a new banking app for tablets, but chose to support only Apple's iPad and the Amazon Kindle Fire with an "exclusive launch for Amazon Appstore for Android," a blow to Google's own efforts to deliver a modern Android tablet experience.


Chomp loses Android compatibility following Apple acquisition

04/27/2012, 12:04 pm

Following its purchase of the app search engine Chomp, Apple has disabled its functionality with Google's Android mobile operating system.


80% of Good Technology enterprise activations are Apple's iPhone, iPad

04/26/2012, 03:04 pm

The top six most-activated devices in the workplace tracked by Good Technology were all Apple devices, with the iPhone and iPad accounting for 79.9 percent of customer activations.


Exhibits in Oracle case show Google expected Android to take 33% of iPad market in 2011

04/25/2012, 08:04 pm

In July 2010, Google executives expected their upcoming Android 3.0 Honeycomb release to immediately result in a takeover of a third of the iPad market, according to an internal presentation outed during Oracle's infringement case against the search giant.


Real time mobile usage data sees iOS dominating Android

04/23/2012, 06:04 pm

Despite owning only a fraction of the mobile market share enjoyed by Android, iOS is taking a commanding lead in actual usage, with the number of unique impressions accounting at times for more than three quarters of all traffic in the past week.


Google engineers defend source code, email in Oracle lawsuit over Java

04/19/2012, 11:04 pm

Two Google engineers, both of whom formerly worked for Sun, testified on Thursday about their role in developing the Android mobile operating system, defending their current employer from Oracle's accusations that it copied code and admitted internally that it needed to negotiate a license for Java.


Google 'quite focused' on low-end Android tablets as iPad controls high end

04/13/2012, 02:04 am

Google CEO Larry Page said on Thursday that his company is "quite focused" on reaching the lower end of the tablet market, even as Apple's iPad continues to dominate the high-end price range.


Verizon Wireless to charge customers $30 for upgrading to a new phone

04/11/2012, 04:04 pm

Verizon Wireless has decided to tack on a $30 surcharge when users opt to upgrade their mobile device. AT&T has indicated it will likely follow suit.


Apple's iPad projected to control 61% of tablet market in 2012

04/10/2012, 03:04 pm

New tablet sales projections from Gartner call for Apple to sell nearly 73 million iPads in 2012, and to remain the market leader through 2016.


Google rumored to launch sub-$250 7-inch tablet in July

04/06/2012, 03:04 pm

Google has reportedly delayed the launch of its forthcoming 7-inch tablet in an effort to lower its price to better compete with Amazon's $199 Kindle Fire.


HTC profits collapse 70% in face of competition from Apple, Samsung

04/06/2012, 10:04 am

Facing more intense competition from rivals Apple and Samsung, HTC announced on Friday that its pre-tax profits fell by almost 70 percent.


Biographer says Steve Jobs was legitimately infuriated by Android

04/05/2012, 11:04 am

Biographer Walter Isaacson has disputed Google CEO Larry Page's assertion that Steve Jobs only said disparaging remarks about its Android mobile operating system to rally his own employees.


Google's Larry Page thinks Steve Jobs's hatred of Android was 'for show'

04/04/2012, 04:04 pm

Google co-founder and Chief Executive Larry Page doesn't think Steve Jobs was really that upset by the Android platform. Instead, he feels Jobs demonstrated ire "for show" to rally his employees at Apple.


Samsung launching mobile ad platform to challenge Apple's iAd, Google

04/04/2012, 02:04 am

Samsung revealed on Tuesday plans for the AdHub Market, a new service that will challenge mobile advertising platforms from Apple and Google by allowing advertisers to place ads on its mobile devices.


Apple's iOS, Google's Android grow to 80% of US smartphone market

04/03/2012, 02:04 pm

Apple's iOS and Google's Android mobile platforms continued to grow over the last three months, accounting for 80.3 percent of the U.S. smartphone market.


RIM's enterprise server now manages Apple's iOS devices

04/03/2012, 09:04 am

Research in Motion on Tuesday launched its new BlackBerry Mobile Fusion mobile device management software for enterprise customers, adding the ability to manage Apple's iOS devices, in addition to those running BlackBerry OS and Google Android.


iPhone owners use Wi-Fi more than Android owners in U.S. and U.K.

04/02/2012, 08:04 pm

A study released on Monday found that iPhone users in the U.S. and the U.K. are significantly more likely to utilize Wi-Fi for their data needs than Android users who operate heavily on wireless networks.


Samsung rivaling HTC, Motorola to take second place among US carriers' after iPhone 4S

04/02/2012, 02:04 pm

While Apple's iPhone 4S remains the top selling smartphone across every US carrier that offers it, Samsung is working hard to expand sales and oust its Android rivals from second place.