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Topic: App Store

Google Reader client app Reeder updated as standalone RSS reader with Feedbin support

04/29/2013, 06:04 pm

Popular RSS aggregation and reading app Reeder received an update on Monday, offering users the ability use it as a standalone reader, while building in support for third-party syncing service Feedbin.


Google Now assistant launches on Apple's iPhone & iPad

04/29/2013, 10:04 am

Google Now, an intelligent assistant service that has been a staple feature of Android for the last year, has come to Apple's iOS platform, with iPhone and iPad support now available as part of the Google Search app.


Mailbox email client working on iPad and Mac apps, possible non-Gmail account support

04/26/2013, 08:04 pm

In a blast of tweets on Thursday, the developers behind Mailbox revealed that they are currently working on an iPad version of the iOS app, as well as a number of other features like support for non-Gmail and POP accounts, landscape mode and an OS X client.


Apple schools iOS users on in-app purchases with new App Store feature

04/26/2013, 03:04 pm

As part of an ongoing response to the challenges enabled by in-app purchases, Apple has added a new section to the App Store explaining the ins and outs of app purchases.


Chinese court fines Apple $118K over e-book copyright violations

04/25/2013, 10:04 am

A Chinese court has ordered that Apple compensate three Chinese writers in the amount of $118,000 due to the tech giant's violation of their copyright over their works.


Tweetbot's new 'media timeline' only displays tweets with photos and video

04/24/2013, 01:04 am

Developer Tapbots on Tuesday released a version update for its popular Twitter client Tweetbot, introducing an all-new feature called "media timeline" that limits a user's feed to those tweets with embedded photos and video.


Apple brings push notifications and iPhone upgrade pricing alerts to Apple Store iOS app

04/23/2013, 04:04 pm

Apple brings push notifications and iPhone upgrade pricing alerts to Apple Store iOS app


Apple reportedly restricting use of special characters in app descriptions [u]

04/22/2013, 11:04 pm

In a reported change to its iTunes Connect developer portal, Apple recently deprecated the use of special emoji-type characters for app descriptions, limiting app makers to standard text for submitted updates.


Twitterrific updated with notification badges, Favstar integration

04/22/2013, 07:04 pm

Popular Twitter app Twitterrific received a healthy update on Monday, adding push notification alerts with app badges, Favstar tracker support and performance enhancements.


New Yahoo iOS app launches, integrates Summly's technology

04/22/2013, 11:04 am

Yahoo has launched a new version of its flagship iOS app, one that brings a redesigned interface as well as integration of popular news summarization service Summly's technology.


Tweetdeck for iPhone to reach end of life on May 7

04/19/2013, 06:04 pm

Twitter on Friday finally put a date on the upcoming TweetDeck closure, announcing that all iPhone, Android and AIR apps will be pulled on May 7, while Facebook integration is scheduled to end on the same day.


Chinese site uses Apple's own enterprise tools to distribute free pirated apps

04/19/2013, 12:04 am

A report on Thursday exposed a Chinese website that appears to be distributing pirated versions of iOS apps for free, with the system powered by Apple's own enterprise licensing technology.


Former Apple graphic designer Susan Kare creates 'sticker pack' for Path app

04/18/2013, 09:04 pm

Susan Kare, former Apple designer and creator of the famous icons used in the original Macintosh operating system, is the latest artist to have a "sticker pack" featured in popular social networking app Path.


Twitter's #music app for iOS leverages massive user base to recommend new tunes

04/18/2013, 05:04 pm

Twitter on Thursday opened up public access the new "Twitter #music" service and corresponding iOS app to its 200 million users, effectively creating an instant social network for music lovers to listen to trending hits, discover new artists and get crowd-sourced recommendations.


LinkedIn revamps mobile app with updates stream, focus on content

04/18/2013, 04:04 am

Business networking site LinkedIn continues its push toward an encompassing connected product tailored to professionals with its newest mobile offerings, which brings a news stream and redesigned look that directs users to content-driven features.


Pocket updated with expanded sharing functionality one year after rebranding

04/17/2013, 05:04 pm

Digital content storage, reader and syncing service Pocket, formerly known as "Read It Later," released a substantial iOS app update on Wednesday, expanding its social networking functionality to in-app sharing with friends who also use the app.


Revenue from Apple's iOS App Store more than twice that of Google Play

04/17/2013, 01:04 pm

Google's Play Store may be approaching Apple's App Store in terms of app volume, but the App Store remains by far the highest generator of revenue, pulling in more than twice the revenue of the Play store according to a new analysis.


Time Warner Cable to offer on-the-go live TV with 'TWC TV' iOS app update

04/16/2013, 07:04 pm

America's second-largest cable TV provider, Time Warner Cable, is slated to augment its iOS TWC TV app with live "out-of-home" programming, lifting existing limitations that require a user to view content from a Wi-Fi network associated with a cable subscription.


Cross-platform messaging app WhatsApp now bigger than Twitter, still touts 'no ads' mantra

04/16/2013, 05:04 pm

In an interview at the D: Dive Into Mobile on Tuesday, WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum said his company's platform is now bigger that ubiquitous microblogging service Twitter and now handles some 20 billion messages per day.


Facebook app for iOS gets Chat Heads, stickers, new News Feed

04/16/2013, 12:04 pm

Facebook on Tuesday rolled out an update for its flagship iOS app that doesn't quite bring it in line with the capabilities of Facebook Home on Android, but does port over some new elements.