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Brisbane Apple Store construction back on track after delays and rumors of cancellation

08/30/2013, 11:08 pm

Blueprints and architectural drawings filed with city officials in Brisbane, Australia, reveal that Apple is planning to move forward with construction of a retail outlet located in the historic MacArthur Chambers building.


Apple plans opening of first new Tokyo retail store since 2005

08/28/2013, 12:08 pm

The coming months will see the construction of Apple's first new retail outlet in Japan's capital city of Tokyo in 8 years, according to a new report.


Apple's flagship San Francisco store to save landmark fountain

08/27/2013, 01:08 am

Putting an end to a small controversy over a 1970s "folk art" fountain near Union Square, revised build plans for Apple's new San Francisco retail outlet specifically show that the water feature will remain, to be nestled in a flight of steps leading up to the store's rear entrance.


Ex-Apple CEO Scully's startup gets Shine wearable activity tracker into Apple Stores

08/06/2013, 02:08 pm

A startup company co-founded by former Apple CEO John Sculley has formed a partnership with his former company, as Apple's stores will now carry Misfit's Shine wearable activity measuring device.


Apple Stores gain new Philips Hue Bloom & LightStrips lighting options

08/06/2013, 11:08 am

Apple's online and retail stores will become the exclusive home of Philips' latest iPhone-connected Hue lights this week: the Bloom portable LED bulb and stick-able LightStrips, both of which do not require a standard light socket.


Apple Store app for iOS now giving away paid apps for free

08/02/2013, 11:08 am

Apple began pushing free content to its Apple Store iOS app on Friday, with users now able to download a typically paid app for free.


Report: Apple won't hire internally to replace retail chief

08/01/2013, 05:08 pm

Apple will not be hiring from within its own organization in order to choose a head of its retail division, according to a new report.


Briefly: Apple set to open 13th Apple Store in Italy on Aug. 3

07/30/2013, 06:07 pm

Apple is preparing to open the doors to its latest retail outlet in Italy, the 13th Apple Store in the country and the first in the city of Remini, which is scheduled welcome in customers this Saturday.


Remains of 15th-century hospital uncovered during construction of Madrid Apple Store

07/10/2013, 09:07 pm

The ruins of a hospital built in the 1400s was unearthed during construction of the flagship Madrid Apple Store on Tuesday, adding to other artifacts recently discovered as modern renovations and construction dig deeper into the heart of the Spanish capital.


Apple launches annual 'Back to School' promotion, iPhone now a qualifying purchase

07/02/2013, 05:07 am

Apple on Monday opened up its "Back to School" campaign, with this year's promotion offering $100 and $50 gift cards with a qualifying Mac, iPad or iPhone purchase.


New, slightly tweaked shelving design showing up in some Apple retail stores

07/01/2013, 05:07 pm

Apple may be on the verge of refreshing some elements of the shelving in its retail locations, as one northern California store shows a full-on redesign in the shelving for accessories and other products.


Apple must modify Union Square store plans to save fountain, says City of San Francisco

06/28/2013, 04:06 pm

Apple may be required to rework its design for a new Union Square flagship store, as San Francisco's Planning Department has reviewed the Cupertino company's plans and found the preliminary proposal wanting.


First images of 'Stanford 2' Apple Store renovation surface, hint at new design language [u]

06/07/2013, 06:06 pm

As construction continues at Apple's Stanford 2 retail location, new pictures reveal the store will boast a "glass box and floating roof" design, the first of three Apple Stores to receive the refreshed design aesthetic.


Apple raises iPad and iPod prices in Japan, blames weak yen

05/31/2013, 01:05 am

Apple quietly raised the prices of all iPad and iPod models in Japan on Thursday as the yen continues to weaken against the US dollar, making business increasingly difficult for companies selling imported products.


iOS compatible 'Chip and PIN' card reader goes on sale at European Apple stores

05/29/2013, 01:05 pm

Merchants looking to collect credit card payments on the go have a new option from Payleven, which has launched its "Chip and PIN" card reader at Apple's retail and online stores in Europe.


Controversy brews around Apple's plans for new San Francisco store

05/28/2013, 04:05 pm

It's rare for Apple Stores to encounter much in the way of design criticism, but that's exactly what's happening in San Francisco, where Apple's proposed new flagship store is catching flak for both design and its impact on the area.


South Australia's first Apple Store draws line hours ahead of opening [update: photos and video]

05/24/2013, 05:05 pm

While Apple's latest retail outlet in Australia isn't scheduled to open for another three hours, customers eager to get into the region's first Apple Store are already queuing up, some having been there for nearly 12 hours.


Rumor: Apple outlines new in-house repair policy in note to Brazilian AASPs

05/23/2013, 06:05 pm

A purportedly official email sent out to Brazilian Apple Authorized Service Providers (AASPs) earlier this month appears to confirm a previous rumor that Apple is planning on performing iOS device repairs in-house, a change from the current policy of replacing the damaged model with a refurbished unit.


Briefly: South Australia's first Apple Store to open Saturday in Adelaide

05/20/2013, 09:05 pm

In an update to its website on Monday, Apple revealed its newest retail location in Australia, at Rundle Place Centre in Adelaide, will open its doors on Saturday at 10 a.m. local time.


Video shows Berlin Apple Store opening to throngs of customers

05/03/2013, 07:05 pm

The first Apple Store in Germany's capital of Berlin opened on Friday local time, as thousands of fans queued up to be one of the first get inside the company's latest flagship retail location.