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Topic: Intel

NVIDIA platform claimed likely for new MacBook line

10/10/2008, 08:10 pm

Stoking the fires just days before Apple revamps its portable line, the origin of a previous claim now believes NVIDIA's mainboard and discrete chipsets will form the backbone of the MacBook range update.


NVIDIA allegedly showing new MacBooks to staff

10/04/2008, 02:10 pm

A new rumor claims that Apple's long-rumored new MacBooks are making the rounds among NVIDIA's workers as evidence of its hardware prowess, and adds that the public itself might not have to wait much longer for its own turn.


Consensus builds for rumored Sept. 9 iPod event

08/25/2008, 08:08 pm

Spurred on by his own leak from the past weekend, Digg founder Kevin Rose has pegged a more specific date for Apple to unveil its new iPods and is garnering support from additional sources.


Next-gen MacBook Air CPU; Apple's SoHo neighbors complain

08/22/2008, 06:08 pm

Intel's Developer Forum has revealed the processors likely to underpin the first refresh of the MacBook Air ultraportable. At the same time, residents near Apple's SoHo retail store in New York City allege that its frequent concerts are ruining the neighbourhood.


Intel's processor future through 2012 spotted online

08/14/2008, 06:08 pm

With Intel's Developer Forum just days away, an apparently leaked presentation for the event indicates where the chipmaker's processors are headed over the course of the next four years.


Intel details Larrabee multi-core graphics processor

08/04/2008, 05:08 pm

As a prelude to the SIGGRAPH expo, Intel has revealed some key details of its first dedicated 3D chipset and its potential for expanding what developers can do with 3D graphics.


Could NVIDIA chipsets replace those from Intel in next-gen Macs?

07/30/2008, 08:07 pm

One high-tech journalist is making a compelling argument for why chipsets from graphics chip designer NVIDIA stand the most likely chance to replace those from Intel in Apple's next-generation Macintosh computers.


Apple's next-gen Macs to have something special under the hood

07/28/2008, 03:07 pm

A new generation of personal computers on the way from Apple Inc. may sport some of the most significant architectural changes since the Mac maker made the jump from PowerPC processors to those manufactured by Intel Corp., AppleInsider has learned.


Virginia Tech's Mac Pro supercomputer to crack 29 teraflops

07/24/2008, 07:07 pm

A switch to newer Intel-based Apple Mac Pro workstations for an upcoming rekindling of Virginia Tech's supercomputer efforts will more than double the performance to as much as 29 teraflops and will once again put a Mac cluster in the limelight -- this time, placing it among the top 100 supercomputers in the world.


Intel may cater to Apple with system-on-a-chip, dual-core Atom

07/24/2008, 06:07 pm

Intel's options for Apple and other customers interested in ultra-portable devices are about to expand thanks to the official launch of an all-in-one processor and a dual-core version of its Atom processor.


Intel says first quad-core mobile chips on the horizon

07/15/2008, 09:07 am

Apple chip supplier Intel said this week it's nearing the release of the industry's first mobile chips with four processing cores and is separately putting the finishing touches on a new generation of processors for ultra-thin notebooks like Apple's new MacBook Air.


Third-party tool allows Mac Pro overclocking

06/28/2008, 03:06 pm

In a rare example of the PC's performance tuning culture translating to the Mac, a new utility has surfaced that lets Mac Pro owners overclock their systems beyond Apple's official specifications.


Apple proposes OpenCL as high-speed computing standard

06/17/2008, 07:06 pm

Apple has signed on to an industry-wide alliance that will see many companies, including some of the Mac maker's processor and video card suppliers, work together to develop an open format for accelerating specialized computing.


Confirmed Intel delay will push back MacBook overhauls

05/28/2008, 01:05 pm

Intel Corp. has confirmed that it will delay volume shipments of its upcoming "Montevina" Centrino 2 mobile platform by as much as two months, which will push a release of Apple's redesigned MacBook notebooks to late summer at the earliest.


3G iPhone shell photos; possible Centrino 2 delay

05/27/2008, 05:05 pm

Photos have surfaced of an accessory maker's purported reference model for the 3G iPhone. Also, Intel may have stalled the launch of its Centrino 2 mobile platform, potentially affecting the release of future MacBooks.


Samsung intros 256GB SSD that may reach MacBook Air

05/26/2008, 12:05 am

Samsung has introduced a 256GB solid-state drive that promises to kickstart the industry with twice the storage and twice the speed of earlier disks while also costing less to manufacture than past models -- and having a chance of landing in future Apple notebooks.


Apple seeks expert in WiMAX; impromptu 5th Ave. lineup; more

05/22/2008, 06:05 pm

Apple is on the hunt for an engineer familiar with WiMAX, Ultra-wideband, and other next-generation wireless technologies. Meanwhile, confusion reigned on Thursday as a lineup appeared at the Fifth Avenue store without warning, Oppenheimer Funds has opened its coverage of Apple, and a thief of 330 iPhones has agreed to surrender to local police.


WSJ on touch BlackBerry; Intel 4-core; T-Mobile at 100K iPhones

05/15/2008, 06:05 pm

A report by the Wall Street Journal further kindles rumors of a touchscreen BlackBerry going toe-to-toe with the iPhone this year. Meanwhile, T-Mobile Germany reports selling more than 100,000 iPhones since launch, Singapore Airlines offers passengers iPhone- and iPod-friendly in-seat entertainment, and Intel's first quad-core notebook chip may fit systems like the MacBook Pro.


Intel: Apple tablet comment simply untrue

05/15/2008, 12:05 pm

Intel Corp. today is scurrying to clean up a mess made by Germany's ZDNet on Wednesday when it reported that an Intel exec had confirmed the ongoing development of a iPhone-like tablet at Apple, a report which the chipmaker now claims is patently false.


iPhone Optus rumor; Apple TV allows movie sales; Mac web share

05/01/2008, 06:05 pm

Apple may use Australia as a testbed and sell the iPhone as a non-exclusive in the country, says one report. Meanwhile, Apple has enabled direct movie purchases from the Apple TV, Mac and iPhone web share has dropped in April as the iPhone becomes Flickr's top cameraphone. Also, Apple is moving some of its support efforts from California to Texas, and new iMacs have been tested against earlier models.