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Carl Icahn invests another $500M in Apple after shares slide

01/28/2014, 12:01 pm

With the share price of Apple dropping more than $40 in Tuesday morning trading following a disappointing earnings report, billionaire investor Carl Icahn announced he has bought another $500 million stake in the company.


Wall Street concerned by lower-than-expected iPhone sales in Apple's holiday quarter

01/28/2014, 09:01 am

Though Apple sold a record number of iPhones to finish 2013, exceeding 50 million in three months for the first time ever, total sales came in below investors' expectations. As a result, Wall Street analysts have expressed concern about future growth potential for the company's flagship product.


Notes of interest from Apple's Q1 2014 conference call

01/27/2014, 05:01 pm

Apple posted its best quarter ever on Monday, driven by its highest-ever iPhone and iPad sales, as well as one of the best Mac quarters ever. Following the company's earnings release, Apple executives took part in a conference call to discuss the quarter, and notes of interest follow.


Apple reports $13.1B in Q1 2014 profit on record sales of 51M iPhones, 26M iPads

01/27/2014, 04:01 pm

Apple on Monday announced its earnings for the company's first fiscal quarter of 2014, netting $13.1 billion in profit on $57.6 billion in revenue, driven by sales of 51 million iPhones and 26 million iPads -- the most ever sold in a single quarter.


Earnings preview: Wall Street expecting record iPhone, iPad sales from Apple's Q1 2014

01/27/2014, 11:01 am

This afternoon Apple will report earnings from the company's first fiscal quarter of 2014, and investors expect that the company will reveal record sales of its blockbuster iPhone and iPad product lines, with collective sales of both devices expected to top 80 million.


Carl Icahn invests another $500M in Apple, promotes increased buyback in letter to shareholders

01/23/2014, 03:01 pm

Activist investor Carl Icahn revealed on Thursday that he just invested another $500 million in Apple, bringing his stake in the company to $3.6 billion. Coinciding with the announcement, he issued a new 7-page letter to investors encouraging them to vote in favor of his share buyback proposal.


Carl Icahn calls Apple a 'no brainer' investment as his stake grows to over $3B

01/22/2014, 11:01 am

Billionaire activist investor Carl Icahn took to his official Twitter account on Wednesday to reveal that he has purchased $500 million more shares of Apple stock in the last two weeks, and called his continued investment in the company a "no brainer."


Apple projected to have sold 25M iPads in record holiday quarter

01/22/2014, 10:01 am

Last fall's introduction of the iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display may have helped sales of Apple's tablets achieve double-digit year-over-year gains, according to pre-earnings expectations from Wall Street.


Apple may have sold upwards of 60 million iPhones over holiday quarter

01/20/2014, 10:01 am

With Apple set to report first quarter financial results next week, many Cupertino-watching analysts are predicting the company to have sold a record number of iPhones during the 3-month period that ended late December.


Wall Street excited about China Mobile's iPhone launch, but Apple's margins will be scrutinized

01/15/2014, 03:01 pm

With the iPhone just days away from arriving on China Mobile, analysts' relief at the long-rumored deal's consummation is paired with curiosity about what concessions Apple may have made to strike an accord with the world's largest wireless carrier.


Blockbuster iPhone 5s & iPad Air propelled Apple to 80M+ holiday iDevice sales - report

01/14/2014, 12:01 pm

Total iOS device sales may have reached 80 million units in the just-concluded December quarter, driven by particularly strong demand for the new iPhone 5s and iPad Air, sales surveys conducted by Canaccord Genuity suggest.


China Mobile guidance expected to be investors' focus in Apple's next earnings report

01/14/2014, 08:01 am

When Apple reports its holiday 2013 earnings in a few weeks, investors are likely to be focused on the future, analyst Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray believes, as the upcoming launch of the iPhone on China Mobile takes center stage.


PC shipments continue to shrink as consumers embrace tablets like Apple's iPad

01/10/2014, 08:01 am

While research firms Gartner and IDC have very different projections on how Apple's Mac lineup performed in the holiday quarter, both sides can agree on one thing: PC shipments continued to shrink over the holidays, as consumers once again opted for tablets over traditional computers.


Building a cheap iPhone would be an 'insane idea' for Apple, Needham says

01/08/2014, 08:01 am

It would be "impossible" for Apple to successfully build a cheap iPhone without doing lasting damage to the company's highly profitable and successful smartphone brand, analyst Charlie Wolf of Needham & Company believes.


Wall Street's 'love affair' with iPhone unit sales, and not Apple's ecosystem, seen as misguided

01/07/2014, 03:01 pm

Investors place too great an emphasis on Apple's total iPhone unit sales every quarter, without giving enough consideration to the company's transition to greater monetization of its unique ecosystem of services, one analyst believes.


Apple's fiscal Q1 earnings call scheduled for Jan. 27

01/06/2014, 05:01 pm

Apple on Monday announced that it will reveal results for its first fiscal quarter of 2014 on Jan. 27, which will be followed by an earnings conference call expected to cover holiday season sales performance and more concrete numbers for the iPhone 5s and 5c, as well as the iPad Air and Retina iPad mini.


With Apple shareholder proposal pending, Carl Icahn turns his attention to Hertz

01/03/2014, 03:01 pm

Activist investor Carl Icahn, who has a history of using his money and power to influence publicly traded companies and most recently made Apple one of his targets, is now setting his sights on Hertz, buying as many as 40 million shares in the rental car company.


Analysts divided on Apple: Cantor calls it a 'top pick,' Wells Fargo downgrades citing margins

01/02/2014, 08:01 am

A pair of Wall Street analysts have come to very different conclusions on Apple stock for the start of 2014, as Brian White of Cantor Fitzgerald gave an enthusiastic recommendation for the iPhone maker, while Maynard Um of Wells Fargo downgraded AAPL shares from "outperform" to the status of "market perform."


Preliminary Apple proxy filing details Carl Icahn's $50B stock buyback plan up for shareholder vote

12/27/2013, 05:12 pm

Apple on Friday posted its preliminary proxy statement with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, which included, among other operating necessities, details of a $50 billion stock repurchase proposal submitted by Carl Icahn.


Apple's China Mobile deal expected to add 5% to revenue in 2014

12/23/2013, 02:12 pm

Shares of Apple stock surged more than 3 percent on Monday, after news broke that the company has reached a long-awaited deal to begin selling the iPhone in January through China Mobile, the world's largest wireless provider.