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Topic: Investor

Hedge fund manager David Einhorn sues Apple over $137B cash hoard

02/07/2013, 11:02 am

David Einhorn, the high-profile hedge fund manager behind Greenlight Capital, has sued Apple over what he believes is a "cash problem" for the company.


Apple's 'disappointing' quarter still outperforms the most profitable US companies

02/07/2013, 09:02 am

Even after a quarter widely panned on Wall Street as "flat" or "disappointing," Apple holds the top spot among the most profitable U.S. companies by a significant margin.


Apple's margins predicted to change & improve with the seasons

02/04/2013, 12:02 pm

Apple's lower gross margins and, subsequently, its lower stock price could be largely attributable to cyclical drivers such as capital expenditures and component pricing, paving the way for a significant improvement with the launch of a so-called "iPhone 5S," a new analysis argues.


Investors should give Apple's Q1 2013 call 'another look,' Barclays says

01/29/2013, 03:01 pm

Though sentiment following Apple's earnings call for the first quarter of fiscal 2013 was overwhelmingly negative, one analyst believes the call deserves a second look to highlight the positives, including the company's strong cash flow.


Apple's current stock price doesn't reflect iOS 'stickiness,' analyst says

01/28/2013, 04:01 pm

While Apple's recent stock woes have been driven by investor concerns over the company's slowing growth, one analyst believes the current stock price does not reflect the "stickiness" that will cause existing customers to stay with Apple.


Apple stock panic labeled "a premeditated flash dump"

01/27/2013, 07:01 pm

While pundits have taken it upon themselves to explain that investors were "disappointed" with Apple after it delivered its results last week, evidence points to "a premeditated flash dump" enable by high frequency trading algorithms.


Apple drops Earnings Per Share guidance because outstanding shares are in flux

01/26/2013, 07:01 pm

Apple didn't provide any Earnings Per Share guidance for the coming quarter. The reason: the company has plans to buy back billions of dollars worth of its own shares. And currently, "they don't know how many shares they will buy back."


Apple to focus on software growth as Samsung warns of shrinking hardware profits

01/26/2013, 04:01 am

As Samsung warns investors of the risk of shrinking hardware profits in the future, analysts note that Apple's future potential lies with exponential software growth, something the company has a distant lead in creating and an apparent exclusive in understanding.


Apple shifting its guidance to stop being blamed for "missing" analyst expectations

01/25/2013, 08:01 pm

This week, Apple announced plans to change the way it outlines guidance, an effort apparently intended to thwart excessively enthusiastic analyst expectations that have resulted in a series of "misses" ultimately blamed upon the company itself.


Apple's market cap dips below Exxon as stock selloff continues

01/25/2013, 12:01 pm

Shares of Apple dropped more than 2 percent on Friday, continuing the company's selloff after this week's earnings report, and dropping its market capitalization below oil giant Exxon Mobil Corporation.


Apple to spend $10 billion on innovation, expansion in 2013

01/24/2013, 04:01 pm

This year, Apple will spend $10 billion investing in its future. That's a huge increase over last year, and it obliterates the popular notion that the company is drifting off into a highly competitive market with no real plans for innovating in the future.


Apple price targets reduced as company's growth slows to 'normal' levels

01/24/2013, 09:01 am

Apple is still growing, but not at the tremendous pace investors have become accustomed to over the last decade, which has prompted analysts to lower their price targets for the company's stock.


Nearly one third of Apple's market value is backed by pure cash

01/24/2013, 02:01 am

An after-hours sell off of Apple shares resulted in the company's effective market capitalization falling to $436 billion, just over three times the size of its growing cash reserves, now worth $137 billion.


Apple stock drops over 10% in after-hours trading during Q1 earnings call

01/23/2013, 07:01 pm

Despite posting a profit of more than $13 billion on record first quarter revenue of $54.5 billion, shares of Apple bled more than 10% of their value in after-hour trading on Wednesday as investors -- spooked by a hard miss on Mac sales and lack of earnings growth -- ran for cover.


China drives iPhone sales to 48M in Q1,10M more year-over-year

01/23/2013, 05:01 pm

For the first fiscal quarter of 2013 Apple sold 47.8 million iPhones, nearly 11 million more than the 37 million over the same period in 2012.


Apple blames 17% drop in Mac sales on iMac supply constraints

01/23/2013, 05:01 pm

Apple on Wednesday released its earnings for the first quarter of the 2013 fiscal year, revealing a precipitous drop in both revenue and shipments for Macs, a sector that once made up the core of the company's business.


Notes of interest from Apple's Q1 2013 conference call

01/23/2013, 05:01 pm

Apple on Wednesday reported record sales of its iPhone and iPad lineups, along with record revenue, but sagging Mac sales and unmet Wall Street expectations dinged the company. Following its earnings report, the company held a conference call with investors and members of the media, and notes of interest follow.


Apple earnings come in flat at $13.1B on sales of 47.8M iPhones, 22.9M iPads and 4.1M Macs

01/23/2013, 04:01 pm

Apple announced Wednesday a profit of $13.1 billion, or $13.81 per diluted share, on record quarterly revenue of $54.5 billion for the three-month period ended December 29th, 2012.


Earnings call is Apple's opportunity to 'change the tone of the conversation'

01/22/2013, 03:01 pm

Apple is in a position to work some of its "magic" during this week's quarterly earnings conference call, which could erase the negative sentiment that his surrounded the company's stock for months.


Apple Q1 2013 earnings preview: The pressure is on

01/21/2013, 09:01 am

Apple this Wednesday is expected to report record iPhone and iPad sales from the 2012 holiday season. But as investors are uncertain about the company's future, all eyes will be on CEO Tim Cook to ease those concerns.