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Topic: Investor

Goldman Sachs resumes coverage of Apple, sets $430 price target

12/13/2010, 02:12 pm

Prominent investment firm Goldman Sachs resumed its coverage of Apple stock on Monday, kicking things off with a 12-month price target of $430 and a prediction that the company's gross margins have bottomed.


iPad predicted to drive 50% of Apple's financial growth in 2011

12/03/2010, 09:12 am

The iPad, a product that didn't even exist a year ago, is expected to cause nearly 50 percent of all growth for Apple in fiscal year 2011, according to one Wall Street analyst.


Apple analysts under SEC investigation for 'channel checks'

11/23/2010, 11:11 pm

The U.S. Securities Exchange Commission is investigating Wall Street analysts who cover Apple over the possibility that 'channel checks,' routine checks with suppliers and manufacturers, constitute insider trading.


China offers Apple vast new growth potential

11/01/2010, 07:11 pm

Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty described China as an "unappreciated" potential growth driver for Apple, setting a $375 "base case" target for the company's stock and a "bull case" scenario where Apple shares could reach $500 by next fall.


Apple beats Microsoft in fall quarterly revenues

10/28/2010, 07:10 pm

This summer Apple only approached Microsoft in revenues, but in the fall quarter, the iPhone maker has handily beat its partner and rival after reporting a new record of $20.34 billion in revenues compared to Microsoft's $16.20 billion for the fall quarter.


Concerns over reiterated forecasts in Apple's 10-K filing 'overdone'

10/28/2010, 10:10 am

Reaction to the gross margins forecast in Apple's annual 10-K filing this week has been unnecessary, as the numbers are no different than those presented earlier this month during the company's quarterly earnings call, Wall Street analysts have noted.


Apple again warns margins will decline due to new products

10/27/2010, 08:10 pm

In a filing with the SEC, Apple reiterated earlier statements that new products such as the iPad and MacBook Air will likely drive its gross margins down for the fiscal year 2011.


Steve Jobs: Apple will use $51B for big moves, not 'stupid' ones

10/19/2010, 04:10 pm

Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs hinted this week that his company is eyeing a few major acquisitions with its massive $51 billion in cash, with just "one or more" deals possible in the near future, rather than a spending spree.


Wall Street wowed by Apple's iPhone sales, cautious on iPad

10/19/2010, 08:10 am

Apple's record-breaking quarterly results -- particularly a surge in iPhone sales -- impressed analysts on Wall Street this week, even though gross margins and iPad sales did not meet expectations.


Notes of interest from Apple's Q4 2010 conference call

10/18/2010, 05:10 pm

Apple on Monday reported another record quarter, achieving $4.46 billion in profit thanks in part to a whopping 14.1 million iPhones sold. Following the news, Apple executives conducted a financial conference call with analysts and the press, and notes of interest follow.


Apple: Q4 2010 Earnings Preview

10/18/2010, 07:10 am

As the market grinds higher in anticipation of a second round of quantitative easing (QE2), all eyes are on Apple as the company sets to report fiscal earnings for its fourth fiscal quarter of 2010 on Monday after the bell.


RBC sees Apple announcing 13.5 million iPhone "blowout" quarter

10/15/2010, 01:10 pm

Financial experts at the Royal Bank of Canada are out with a bullish report on Apple friday, saying they expect the company to report next week a blowout quarter in which sales exceeded $20 billion and include the sale of a record 13.5 million iPhones.


iPhone 4 and iPad shortages could temper upside to Apple's earnings

10/15/2010, 08:10 am

Apple, which will disclose earnings for its fourth fiscal quarter of 2010 on Monday, is expected to report profits in-line with Wall Street's estimates but may face trouble besting those predictions with its usual degree of flair due to shortages of two of its hottest products throughout the quarter.


Apple shares crack $300 en-route to new all-time high

10/13/2010, 09:10 am

Apple stock rose roughly 1% in pre-marketed trading Wednesday to a new all-time high, surpassing the $300 milestone for the first time in the company's history.


Barclays puts $385 target on Apple, sees 150M FaceTime devices by 2012

10/12/2010, 10:10 am

British investment bank Barclays Capital on Tuesday raised its price target on shares of Apple by more than 10% to $385 per share, citing strength in all four of the company's core product segments and expectations it will build a network of 150 million FaceTime-enabled devices over the next two years.


Apple 'not too big to blow it out' in upcoming quarterly results

10/08/2010, 08:10 am

With Apple's Oct. 18 quarterly earnings report approaching, one Wall Street analyst expects the iPhone maker to issue a "blowout" report, noting the company is "not too big" to surprise investors with sales of 12 million or more iPhones.


JP Morgan: Apple's fourth quarter revenue estimate raised to $18.71B

10/07/2010, 02:10 am

Citing strong sales momentum for the iPad and iPhone, J.P. Morgan raised its revenue estimates for Apple's fourth fiscal quarter of 2010 from $18.13B to $18.71B, reiterating the company's price target of $400 by December 2011.


Apple settles backdating class-action lawsuit for $16.5M

10/06/2010, 07:10 pm

The lead plaintiff for the class-action lawsuit against Apple for alleged stock-option backdating announced that a settlement of $16.5 million has been reached.


Apple stock seen approaching $430 with strong holiday lineup

10/04/2010, 11:10 am

Apple stock could hit $430 in the next year, propelled in the near future by an anticipated strong holiday sales season, one Wall Street analyst believes.


Apple loses patent-infringement trial over Cover Flow, Time Machine

10/01/2010, 09:10 pm

Apple has lost a patent case against its Cover Flow and Time Machine interfaces, despite some of the infringement charges from claimant Mirror Worlds being ruled invalid.