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Apple $400: A look at Apple's fundamentals, Part II

08/16/2010, 07:08 pm

In Part I of this series, AppleInsider contributor and independent analyst Andy M. Zaky discussed the general risks of using valuation as a basis for placing short or intermediate price targets on Apple (AAPL), and how having a long-term viewpoint is the only appropriate way to rely on fundamentals for investment decisions.


Apple's strong Q4 2010 guidance could be conservative

08/16/2010, 05:08 pm

Apple guided revenue for the September quarter 6 percent above consensus estimates, the highest differential over the Street in 17 years. However, that figure may still be conservative given current sales of Macs, new data shows.


Apple $400: A look at Apple’s fundamentals, Part I

08/12/2010, 04:08 pm

AppleInsider contributor and independent analyst Andy M. Zaky offers a sigh of caution regarding fundamental analysis and matters surrounding Apple's valuation.


A detailed look at Apple's September quarter

08/11/2010, 04:08 pm

As the market continues to fully digest Apple’s recently reported fiscal Q3 earnings, I would like to take a look at what’s in store for the September quarter.


iPad, Mac, iPhone growth potential seen to propel Apple stock to $375

08/09/2010, 02:08 pm

A prominent Wall Street analyst has upped his price target for Apple stock from $280 to $375, citing stronger than expected iPad, iPhone and Mac sales, and the fact that the company remains "a small fish in three very large ponds."


Earnings Preview: Apple to surpass Microsoft in revenue this quarter

07/22/2010, 07:07 am

After 30-years of living in the shadows of Microsoft, Steve Jobs and Co. will surpass its archenemies in Revenue this year. And as Apple’s staggering growth rate continues, its unlikely that Microsoft will be able to resume its dominance over the iPhone maker any time soon.


Apple appoints new Senior VP of Operations to address product quality

07/21/2010, 08:07 pm

Apple has appointed a new Senior Vice President of Operations dedicated to ensuring that Apple products meet "the highest standards of quality, "AppleInsider has learned.


Roundup: Apple impresses Wall Street with another 'stellar' quarter

07/21/2010, 08:07 am

Apple again exceeded expectations on Tuesday, when it reported its quarterly earnings, with record Mac sales and signs that the company can sustain its continued growth.


Notes of interest from Apple's Q3 2010 conference call

07/20/2010, 05:07 pm

Apple reported yet another impressive quarter Tuesday, with record sales of 3.47 million Macs helping to propel the company to $3.25 billion in profits, a 77 percent increase from a year prior. Following the news, Apple executives conducted a financial conference call with analysts and the press, and notes of interest follow.


Apple profits soar 77% on record sales of 3.47 million Macs

07/20/2010, 04:07 pm

Apple said Tuesday that third-quarter profits rose more than 77 percent to $3.25 billion, or $3.51 per diluted share, on sales of $15.7 billion for the three-month period ended June 26, 2010.


Strong quarter expected, but Apple's 'antennagate' could hurt iPhone sales

07/20/2010, 12:07 pm

Wall Street expects Apple to report another impressive quarter this afternoon, but future iPhone sales could be lower because of publicized antenna issues with the iPhone 4.


Apple third fiscal quarter 2010 earnings preview

07/20/2010, 09:07 am

As shares of Apple (AAPL) continue to fall under pressure due to negative market reaction to “Antennagate” and disappointing results from IBM, investors will now look for third quarter earnings to pull the company out of the doldrums.


Apple shares expected to rise steadily on record 9.5 million iPhones

07/08/2010, 01:07 pm

Shares of electronics maker Apple are set climb higher over the next 90 days, given financial research that shows the company to be in position to report significant upside to all three of its major product platforms for the June quarter.


Apple to enter a new golden age in 2010 with 70% earnings growth

07/07/2010, 09:07 pm

In the four years I’ve followed Apple (AAPL) grow from a mere mid-sized tech stock to becoming the second largest corporation in the United States in terms of market capitalization, I never imagined that it or any other company of its size would be able to consistently grow its earnings by well over 50% a year.


Special Report: The end of Apple's iPod era part II

07/06/2010, 09:07 am

The other side of the debate -- I recently published an article arguing that the iPod’s importance to Apple’s overall quarterly revenue has diminished to the point of being almost irrelevant to Apple’s growth. Yet, this article seemed to hit the nerves of iPod aficionados who ardently contend that the iPhone is an iPod, and to say otherwise, would constitute the highest level of blasphemy to the Apple investment community.


Special Report: The end of Apple's iPod era

07/02/2010, 09:07 am

After years of serving as Apple's main source of revenue, the iPod's influence on the company's financial health has diminished to the point of being effectively irrelevant as a revenue driver, marking an end to the 'iPod era.'


JP Morgan: iPhone, iPad to push Apple stock to $390 by Dec. 2011

07/01/2010, 10:07 am

"Buckle up," was the advice issued Thursday to Apple investors by J.P. Morgan, as the firm expects Apple's stock to soar to new heights in the next year and a half based on rapid growth of both the iPhone and iPad.


Wall Street expects iPhone 4 to impress, boost sales for Apple

06/08/2010, 08:06 am

Following the introduction of iPhone 4, Wall Street analysts said Apple will see even greater sales of its handset in the next year driven by consumer demand for the impressive new hardware.


Apple market cap tops Microsoft, is now world's largest tech company

05/26/2010, 04:05 pm

Apple's market capitalization hit $222 billion on Wednesday, leaving it ahead of rival Microsoft as the largest technology company in the world when the closing bell rang on Wall Street.


Continued iPhone growth could push Apple stock to $400

05/24/2010, 08:05 am

Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty said Monday she believes iPhone market share growth, including in the enterprise market, along with strong initial demand for the iPad will push Apple stock to $310, but her "bull case" scenario shows it going even higher, to $400.