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Topic: Investor

Apple forecast to sell 143M iPhones, 68M iPads in 2013

09/07/2011, 08:09 am

Investment firm Piper Jaffray on Wednesday released their calendar year 2013 estimates for Apple, forecasting $164 billion in revenue with earnings per share of $40.50 on sales of well over 200 million iOS devices.


Post-Steve Jobs Apple likened to departures of Walt Disney, Henry Ford

08/25/2011, 08:08 am

The resignation of Steve Jobs as Apple CEO is a significant event for the company, but similar to the departures of visionaries in years past like Henry Ford and Walt Disney, Apple is expected to go on without Jobs.


Microsoft rewrites 10K filing to depict Apple as significant competitor

08/15/2011, 07:08 pm

Microsoft revamped this year's 10K filing with the Securities Exchange Commission to remove mention of Linux, Mozilla and Opera as significant competitors and amplify the role of Apple as a competitor in both software and online services.


Apple ends day as most valuable public company on Earth

08/10/2011, 06:08 pm

After temporarily passing oil giant Exxon Mobil in market capitalization yesterday, Apple has jumped into the lead again and remained there as the market closed today.


Apple seen doubling or even tripling market share of iPhone & Mac

08/10/2011, 10:08 am

Apple's growth has been called the "ultimate platform adoption story" in a new analysis, which sees the potential for Mac and iPhone market shares to double or even triple in the next few years.


Apple briefly passes Exxon as world's largest company by market cap

08/09/2011, 03:08 pm

During a volatile day of trading on Tuesday, Apple briefly passed oil giant Exxon Mobil to become the most valuable company in the world, in terms of market capitalization.


'Stagnant' 2011 PC ecosystem viewed as opportunity for Apple to make gains

08/08/2011, 09:08 am

Both Apple's Mac and iPad lineup are poised to make significant gains in the second half of 2011, as the Windows-based PC market remains "relatively stagnant" and is predicted to see 4 percent growth, according to a new analysis.


Needham sees Apple stock hitting $540 on sales of 54M iPads in 2012

08/05/2011, 09:08 am

Investment firm Needham & Company on Friday upped its price target for Apple stock to $540, with projected sales of 54 million iPads and 108 million iPhones in 2012.


Apple's $76B in cash reserves surpasses US government operating balance

07/28/2011, 09:07 pm

New figures from the U.S. Treasury Department indicate that the government has a total operating cash balance of $73.768 billion, less than Apple's own war chest of $75.876 billion.


Doubts cast on rumor of Apple buying Barnes & Noble

07/28/2011, 02:07 pm

Responding to a new rumor that Apple is considering a purchase of bookseller Barnes & Noble, one Wall Street analyst has said he doesn't think such a deal would make much sense for the iPhone maker.


Apple has greatest cash pile among US businesses

07/27/2011, 07:07 pm

A report by debt rating service Moody's noted Apple held the most cash among non-financial companies in the US last year, even as businesses across the board have increased their cash holdings by about 11 percent.


Apple projected to surpass Exxon, become world's largest market cap company

07/21/2011, 03:07 pm

Apple's meteoric rise could see it overtake oil giant Exxon-Mobil and become the world's largest company by market value, one new analysis has projected.


Wall Street: Apple earnings 'nothing short of a blowout' after record quarter [u]

07/19/2011, 09:07 pm

Wall Street analysts were stunned by Apple's record quarterly earnings on Tuesday, noting that there seems to be no end in sight for the company's "upside parade."


Notes of interest from Apple's Q3 2011 conference call

07/19/2011, 04:07 pm

Apple on Tuesday reported a record-breaking quarter with $28.57 billion in revenue, propelled by a massive 20.34 million iPhones and 9.25 million iPads sold in the quarter. Following the news, Apple executives participated in a conference call with analysts and the press, and notes of interest follow.


Apple profits surge 125% on record sales of 20.34M iPhones, 9.25M iPads

07/19/2011, 04:07 pm

Apple said Tuesday that third-quarter profits rose nearly 125% percent to $7.31 billion, or $7.79 per diluted share, on record quarterly sales of $28.57 billion for the three-month period ended June 25, 2011.


Earnings preview: Apple expected to deliver $25B quarter on 16.5M iPhones

07/19/2011, 10:07 am

Trading at record levels ahead of its quarterly earnings report this afternoon, Apple is expected by Wall Street watchers to post its best June quarterly earnings ever, with nearly $25 billion in revenue on sales of 16.5 million iPhones.


Apple expected to post strong $24B+ quarter in face of 'heightened expectations'

07/15/2011, 01:07 pm

Even though Apple faces some lofty expectations from Wall Street heading into next week's quarterly earnings report, one analyst is "confident" in the company's ability to surprise on the upside.


Impact of Nokia settlement expected to be seen in Apple's earnings report

07/13/2011, 08:07 am

Both Nokia and Apple have remained mum on the financial terms of their patent lawsuit settlement, but a glimpse at the deal Apple was able to broker is expected to be seen in next week's quarterly earnings report.


Overseas growth driving Mac sales as US consumers hold out for new models

07/12/2011, 08:07 pm

Apple is expected to report more than 22 percent growth in Mac shipments when it announces its quarterly earnings next week, driven by growth overseas, which will compensate for dampened sales in the U.S. in June.


Apple predicted to report record 8.5M iPad sales next week

07/12/2011, 09:07 am

With Apple's next quarterly earnings report just a week away, the company is expected by one analyst to have sold a record 8.5 million iPads, along with 17.53 million iPhones.