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Topic: Mac OS X

Apple ends Windows 7 support in Boot Camp for new Mac Pro

03/17/2014, 04:03 pm

Professional Mac users who depend on Apple's Boot Camp to run legacy Windows applications may need to reconsider upgrading to the latest Mac Pro as Apple has dropped support for Windows 7 on the redesigned desktop.


Microsoft releases free OneNote information organizer on Apple's Mac App Store

03/17/2014, 11:03 am

Microsoft on Monday released an all-new Mac OS X edition of its popular OneNote application for free on the Mac App Store, taking the venerable digital notebook cross-platform amid stiff competition from Silicon Valley startup Evernote.


Apple issues second OS X 10.9.3 beta to developers with focus on graphics and audio

03/13/2014, 08:03 pm

Exactly one week after Apple seeded the first OS X 10.9.3 beta, which included new 4K monitor support, the company on Thursday issued a second beta asking developers to concentrate on graphics drivers and audio.


Microsoft-exclusive blockbuster game Titanfall may be Apple-bound, as developer explores Mac port

03/13/2014, 05:03 pm

Newly released shooter "Titanfall," a title upon which Microsoft is pinning big hopes for its new Xbox One gaming console, may not stay exclusive to Microsoft platforms, as the developer behind the game is considering a Mac version as well.


Microsoft to release free version of OneNote for Mac later this month - report

03/12/2014, 11:03 am

In an effort to directly take on popular cross-platform note taking application Evernote, Microsoft will finally be bringing its OneNote service to the Mac later this month in the form of a free app, according to a new report.


Microsoft to release long-awaited Office for Mac update in 2014 - report

03/11/2014, 01:03 pm

Microsoft is reportedly preparing to ship a new version of its Office for Mac productivity suite later this year in what would be the first major update to the software in nearly four years.


Apple to enable pixel-doubled 'Retina' mode for 4K monitors in OS X 10.9.3

03/07/2014, 12:03 am

It appears that Apple will be enabling additional support for 4K displays with the latest OS X 10.9.3 maintenance update, with people familiar with the beta reporting support for so-called pixel-doubling, 60Hz refresh rates with late-2013 MacBook Pros and more.


Apple issues first OS X 10.9.3 beta, asks developers to focus on graphics and audio

03/06/2014, 07:03 pm

A little over one week after its release of the OS X 10.9.2 maintenance update, Apple on Thursday seeded OS X 10.9.3 beta to developers for testing.


Apple issues OS X Server 3.1 Preview beta with added supervised devices support

03/03/2014, 08:03 pm

Apple on Monday released a new version of the upcoming OS X 3.1 Server update, with changes limited to general bug fixes and performance improvements.


Mac owners report OS X 10.9.2 update breaks AirPlay functionality

02/27/2014, 10:02 pm

Following the release of Apple's OS X 10.9.2 update, a number of users have taken to Apple's Support Communities forum, saying the latest OS version has "broken" AirPlay Mirroring and extending of desktops to external displays.


Apple releases OS X 10.9.2 with fix for SSL security flaw, plus new FaceTime Audio

02/25/2014, 01:02 pm

Apple on Tuesday released an incremental update for its Mavericks operating system, with OS X 10.9.2 addressing a critical SSL-related security flaw for Mac users, and also adding a handful of new features, most notably additions for FaceTime calls and iMessage user blocking.


Apple nearing release of OS X 10.9.2 with FaceTime Audio, call waiting, fix for SSL flaw [u]

02/24/2014, 10:02 am

Some employees at Apple have begun receiving a prerelease build of OS X Mavericks version 10.9.2, signaling that the final public release of the software is likely not far behind, and it is confirmed to include a fix for the "goto fail" SSL bug [updated].


New Adobe Camera Raw release candidate adds new 'Before/After' previews, expanded lens support

02/21/2014, 06:02 pm

Adobe on Friday pushed out release candidates for Camera Raw 8.4 and DNG Converter 8.4, with notable inclusions to the Photoshop CS6 and CC tools being a new "before and after" preview system, additional lens support and numerous bug fixes.


Apple seeds latest OS X 10.9.2 Mavericks beta to developers

02/17/2014, 04:02 pm

As part of its weekly beta update schedule, Apple on Monday seeded the seventh OS X 10.9.2 Mavericks beta to developers.


Apple seeds sixth OS X 10.9.2 Mavericks beta to developers

02/12/2014, 07:02 pm

Keeping with its weekly beta update schedule, Apple on Wednesday seeded the sixth OS X 10.9.2 Mavericks beta to developers on Wednesday with no significant changes.


Apple issues new Boot Camp Support Software, updates Compressor with bug fixes

02/11/2014, 05:02 pm

Apple on Tuesday released new Boot Camp Support Software for 64-bit versions of Windows 7 and Window 8, as well as an update for Compressor that brings a handful of bug fixes and stability improvements to the professional-level video encoding and formatting software.


Apple seeds fifth OS X 10.9.2 Mavericks beta to developers

02/06/2014, 07:02 pm

Continuing with its weekly release schedule, Apple on Thursday seeded the fifth beta of OS X Mavericks 10.9.2 to developers with no significant changes.


Steve Jobs wanted Sony's Vaio computers to run Mac OS X

02/05/2014, 08:02 am

Despite stamping out the once-popular Mac clone program upon his return to Apple in the late 1990s, Steve Jobs a few years later reportedly flew to Hawaii to pitch executives of Japanese electronics giant Sony on the idea of selling Mac-compatible VAIO computers.


Apple seeds OS X Server 3.1 Preview with bug fixes

02/04/2014, 05:02 pm

Coming on the heels of Apple's iOS 7.1 beta release, the company on Tuesday pushed out a new preview version of OS X Server 3.1 to developers with bug fixes and minor improvements over last month's version.


North Korea borrows liberally from Apple's OS X in new 'Red Star OS' update

02/04/2014, 04:02 pm

In what is reportedly the third major version of the secretive country's homegrown Linux distribution, North Korean software makers appear to have looked toward Cupertino for inspiration.