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Topic: Newton

Suppliers hope Apple Newton pad boosts Flash orders

03/11/2008, 10:03 am

With the price of NAND flash memory slumping below manufacturers' cost, Taiwanese suppliers are looking towards Apple's next big thing in hopes that it will help revitalize the market later this year.


Mega Apple filing details next-gen 'multi-touch input surface'

02/21/2008, 10:02 am

The latest patent filing from Apple Inc. hints at a next-generation multi-touch 'surface' that would combine typing, pointing, scrolling, and handwriting capabilities into a single ergonomic design aimed at replacing traditional input devices such as the keyboard, mouse, and drawing tablet.


Sources: Apple Newton-tablet not ripe for Macworld

01/11/2008, 01:01 pm

An initiative on the part of Apple Inc. to develop a modern day successor to its now defunct Newton handheld device is not expected to play a role in next week's Macworld Expo.


Up next for Apple: the return of the Newton

09/26/2007, 10:09 am

Apple Inc, which helped spawn the PDA market with its Newton MessagePad line in the early '90s, plans to give the concept another go with a modern day reincarnation of the old fan favorite based on the company's new mutli-touch technology, AppleInsider has learned.