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Topic: Siri

iPhone 4S is Apple's most popular phone yet with 96% satisfaction rate

12/01/2011, 07:12 am

The iPhone 4S carries the highest customer satisfaction ratings of any Apple smartphone yet, with a new survey finding that 96 percent of users consider themselves satisfied with their purchase.


Apple defends Siri abortion, birth control omissions as unintentional

11/30/2011, 10:11 pm

After rights groups criticized Apple for Siri's inability to field requests regarding abortion clinics and birth control, a company spokesperson has said the omissions were "not intentional," while reminding that the service is still in beta.


Siri clones demonstrate vast technical lead Apple enjoys with iPhone 4S software

11/29/2011, 07:11 pm

Siri, the automated personal assistance feature Apple acquired and integrated into iPhone 4S, has attracted lots of comparisons with apps or system services for alternative mobile platforms, but none come close to doing what Siri can.


Microsoft says Windows Phones have had Siri-like functionality for over a year

11/23/2011, 04:11 pm

Microsoft's Craig Mundie said that the iPhone's Siri voice recognition software is not new technology as a similar system has been available on the Windows Phone for over a year, and claims Apple marketed the capability to shift focus away from the iPhone 4S's lack of new features.


Investigation into Siri reveals how the iPhone 4S service talks to Apple

11/14/2011, 06:11 pm

A mobile developer investigating Apple's Siri voice assistant has dissected the service's protocol to develop tools for playing with the service outside of the iPhone 4S.


Hong Kong sees iPhone 4S frenzy even without Siri support for Chinese

11/11/2011, 12:11 pm

The entire stock of iPhone 4S units sold out on launch day in Hong Kong in just under three hours, even though Apple's Siri voice recognition doesn't work with the Chinese language.


Amazon buys voice recognition startup Yap to counter Apple's Siri

11/09/2011, 04:11 pm

As competition between Amazon and Apple in the mobile devices market continues to grow, the online retailer has purchased a voice-to-text company called Yap.


Siri raise-to-speak feature uses modified iPhone 4S proximity sensor

11/09/2011, 03:11 pm

One previously undiscovered change in the iPhone 4S versus the iPhone 4 is a new infrared proximity sensor that enables the raise-to-speak feature used by Siri voice recognition.


Apple confirms no current plans to bring Siri to older devices

11/08/2011, 10:11 pm

Apple's engineering unit has reportedly confirmed that the company currently has "no plans" to support its Siri personal assistant feature on older devices, according to a person familiar with the matter.


iPhone 4S preorders sell out in Hong Kong after 10 minutes

11/07/2011, 10:11 am

After becoming available for preorder in Hong Kong last Friday, the iPhone 4S sold out almost immediately, once again demonstrating Apple's continued success in China.


Google Chairman tells US senators Apple's Siri could pose 'competitive threat'

11/05/2011, 10:11 pm

Eric Schmidt, Google's chairman and former chief executive, admitted to the U.S. Senate antitrust subcommittee that Apple's new Siri personal assistant technology is a "significant development" in search and could pose a threat to his company's core business.


Apple's Siri seen cutting Google out of valuable mobile ad views

11/04/2011, 03:11 pm

Apple's new Siri voice control on the iPhone 4S can answer questions, access information and deliver search results without displaying any advertising, which one analysis says will hurt search providers like Google.


iPhone 4S restart appears to resolve Siri availability for some

11/03/2011, 06:11 pm

iPhone 4S users suffering from an inability to access Siri voice assistance can try to resolve the issue by performing a device restart, something that has helped some users to fix temporary issues.


Apple says Amazon Kindle Fire will further fragment Android

11/03/2011, 12:11 pm

Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook and Chief Financial Officer Peter Oppenheimer recently indicated they are not concerned by Amazon's forthcoming $199 Kindle Fire tablet, as they believe it will only serve to fragment the Google Android platform.


Apple's Siri personal assistant a driving force in selling iPhone 4S

11/02/2011, 05:11 pm

Apple's sales records in selling the new iPhone 4S, accompanied by record launch figures announced by AT&T, Verizon and Sprint, is largely attributable to its signature Siri feature for natural voice processing, an analyst notes.


Tests find Apple's Siri uses average of 63KB in data per query

11/02/2011, 08:11 am

Though Siri on the iPhone 4S requires a data connection to operate, testing of Apple's new voice control service has found that it uses a small average of 63KB per query.


Jailbreak hack enables Siri on iPhone 4, 4th-gen iPod touch

10/30/2011, 01:10 pm

Hackers have succeeded in bringing a limited port of Apple's new Siri voice assistant feature onto "jailbroken" versions of the iPhone 4 and the fourth-generation iPod touch, though they have noted that the workaround is not ready for a public release.


Apple rumored to take on Google's 3D maps with superior technology

10/29/2011, 11:10 pm

Evidence continues to point to Apple actively developing a 3D mapping surface through a combination of acquisitions and in-house development, with recent rumors suggesting that the iPhone maker has acquired a Swedish 3D mapping company.


Siri co-founder leaves Apple following iPhone 4S launch

10/24/2011, 11:10 am

The co-founder and CEO of Siri, responsible for developing the voice recognition technology in the iPhone 4S, has departed Apple on "amicable" terms.


Apple focuses on Siri with first iPhone 4S TV ad

10/21/2011, 12:10 am

Television networks have begun airing the first commercial for the iPhone 4S, with the advertisement focusing primarily on the new device's Siri virtual personal assistant feature.