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Topic: Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs originally envisioned Apple Stores as targeting creative professionals

03/08/2012, 03:03 am

Former Apple retail head Ron Johnson convinced the late Steve Jobs to abandon a plan to focus the company's retail business on creative professionals and instead cater to all types of customers.


Disney's new 'John Carter' film dedicated to Steve Jobs

02/28/2012, 09:02 pm

Walt Disney Pictures' soon-to-be-released film "John Carter," directed by Pixar's Andrew Stanton, is dedicated to Apple co-founder Steve Jobs because Stanton didn't want too much time to pass without giving him "permanent acknowledgment."


Fans commemorate 57th birthday of late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs

02/24/2012, 11:02 am

Friday would have been the 57th birthday of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, who passed away last October after a long battle with cancer.


British network allegedly warns Apple again not to use 'iTV' name [u]

02/13/2012, 10:02 am

As rumors of an Apple television set continue to swirl, Britain's ITV network has reportedly warned Apple that its name is off-limits [updated].


Steve Jobs wins posthumous Grammy, accepted by Apple iTunes chief Eddy Cue

02/12/2012, 05:02 pm

Late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was awarded a Grammy Trustees Award on Saturday, and Apple senior vice president of Internet Software and Services, Eddy Cue, accepted the award on his behalf.


Apple co-founder Steve Jobs did serve on White House council in '90s

02/10/2012, 08:02 pm

The U.S. Commerce Department has confirmed that Apple co-founder Steve Jobs did in fact serve on former President George H.W. Bush's Export Council during the 1990s.


FBI file on Steve Jobs reveals he was considered for White House position

02/09/2012, 12:02 pm

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation has released its 191-page file on Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, revealing he was considered for an appointment to the White House in 1991, and that there was a bomb threat against him in 1985.


Former Apple product manager recounts how Jobs motivated first iPhone team

02/03/2012, 12:02 pm

When late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs assembled his first iPhone development team, he wasn't focused on conceiving a device that would run all sorts of apps and media but instead laid out a simple mission to his team: to create the first phone people would love so much, they'd never leave the house without it.


Tim Cook exposes the lie that Steve Jobs ignored philanthropy

02/02/2012, 01:02 pm

Speaking to employees, Apple's chief executive outlined how the company has participated in corporate philanthropy for years, a subject the company didn't aggressively boast about in public under Steve Jobs.


New Sony CEO looking to shift to Apple-like integration of hardware, software [u]

02/02/2012, 01:02 am

Kazuo Hirai, Sony's newly-announced President and CEO, has ambitious plans for the consumer electronics giant that entail strategies that are often strongly associated with Apple: centralized top-down decision-making on products and a focus on software and service combined with hardware.


Steve Jobs inspired Best Buy to switch from celebrities to inventors for Super Bowl ad

02/01/2012, 02:02 am

The numerous tributes to late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs after he died last October prompted big-box retailer Best Buy to change its Super Bowl advertising strategy from using celebrities to spotlighting inventors instead, according to a new report.


Steve Jobs asked Google to stop poaching Apple workers

01/27/2012, 06:01 pm

As part of a civil suit involving the employment practices of seven major tech firms, a court filing was unveiled on Friday that includes an email which late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs personally sent to former Google chief Eric Schmidt requesting an end to worker poaching.


Before he died, Steve Jobs kept a letter from Bill Gates by his bed

01/27/2012, 03:01 pm

In a new interview, Microsoft founder Bill Gates reveals he wrote a letter to Steve Jobs before he passed away, and the letter apparently meant so much to Jobs that he kept it at his bedside.


Bill Gates discusses Steve Jobs, Apple's iBooks & the future of education

01/25/2012, 11:01 am

In a new interview, Microsoft founder Bill Gates discusses conversations he would have with the late Steve Jobs, and also shares his thoughts on the future of education in the wake of Apple's iPad textbook announcement.


President Obama points to Steve Jobs' ingenuity in State of the Union address

01/24/2012, 10:01 pm

U.S. President Barack Obama mentioned late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs as an example of America's best and brightest during the State of the Union address on Tuesday, which was attended by Jobs' widow Laurene Powell Jobs.


Steve Jobs's widow attending tonight's US State of the Union address

01/24/2012, 03:01 pm

Laurene Powell Jobs, widow of the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, will be in attendance as an official guest at tonight's State of the Union address by U.S. President Barack Obama.


Book details Apple's 'packaging room,' Steve Jobs's interest in advanced cameras

01/24/2012, 08:01 am

Apple has a secret room devoted solely to designing product packaging and what users experience when opening a new product, a new book reveals. It also gives details on Steve Jobs's interest in a startup camera company before he died late last year.


Commercial airliner named in honor of Steve Jobs

01/23/2012, 10:01 pm

A Virgin America Airbus A320 now has the quote, "Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish" emblazoned on its fuselage directly beneath the cockpit in tribute to late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.


Apple's overseas manufacturing operations offer flexibility, not just savings - report

01/22/2012, 03:01 am

An in-depth report on Apple's manufacturing operations details the gains in flexibility, diligence and skilled labor availability that the company gains from producing its devices overseas, while offering rare commentary from its current and former executives.


Apple's digital textbooks with iBooks 2 were 'vision' of Steve Jobs

01/20/2012, 01:01 pm

Apple's newly unveiled textbook initiative for the iPad with iBooks 2 was a project spearheaded by the late Steve Jobs before his death.