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Topic: Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs biography arrives early on iBooks, Amazon's Kindle [u]

10/23/2011, 10:10 pm

The much-anticipated authorized biography on Apple co-founder Steve Jobs has arrived a few hours early for customers who purchased the book through Amazon's Kindle ebook platform or the iBookstore [updated].


Apple makes 'Celebrating Steve' event video publicly available

10/23/2011, 09:10 pm

A special event filmed live at Apple's corporate campus in Cupertino, Calif., was published by the company on its website on Sunday, allowing the world to see how Apple said goodbye to its late co-founder, Steve Jobs.


'60 Minutes' features previously unheard interviews with Steve Jobs

10/23/2011, 08:10 pm

Ahead of Monday's release of the authorized biography of Steve Jobs, CBS news magazine 60 Minutes offered a closer look at the book and the life of the Apple co-founder.


Steve Jobs trusted Tim Cook to "know exactly what to do"

10/21/2011, 10:10 pm

Excerpts from Steve Jobs' upcoming biography have been leaked online, giving new insight into the relationship between the Apple co-founder his eventual successor.


Steve Jobs was ‘annoyed and depressed’ over initial reaction to iPad launch

10/21/2011, 06:10 pm

Walter Isaacson's authorized biography of Steve Jobs has leaked additional details about how Apple's co-founder felt about the populist, disdainful attacks on the products his teams worked to produce, noting in particular the launch of last year's iPad.


Steve Jobs told biographer he 'cracked' the secret to a simple HDTV

10/21/2011, 03:10 pm

The forthcoming biography of Steve Jobs reveals that he worked to build an integrated, easy-to-use Apple television set, and that he felt he had "cracked" the concept for such a device.


Steve Jobs had his DNA sequenced for $100K to fight cancer

10/21/2011, 12:10 pm

Desperate to win his battle against cancer, Steve Jobs paid $100,000 to have all of the genes of his cancer tumor and his normal DNA sequenced.


Steve Jobs left designer Jony Ive more power than anyone at Apple

10/21/2011, 08:10 am

Apple's widely praised design chief Jonathan Ive has no true boss who can tell him what to do at the company, a distinction put in place by Steve Jobs himself.


Apple director says Steve Jobs told team not to ask "What would Steve do?"

10/20/2011, 11:10 pm

Apple board member Al Gore said in an interview on Friday that the late Steve Jobs had specifically told CEO Tim Cook and others to avoid asking themselves what he would have done while attempting to carry on his legacy.


Steve Jobs vowed to 'destroy' Google Android, called it a 'stolen product'

10/20/2011, 08:10 pm

Steve Jobs said he would spend his "last dying breath" fighting Google's Android mobile operating system because he viewed it as a "stolen product," according to an upcoming biography on the Apple co-founder.


Biographer tells how Steve Jobs regretted delaying cancer treatment

10/20/2011, 03:10 pm

Walter Isaacson, the author of the forthcoming biography of Steve Jobs, will appear in an interview with 60 Minutes on Sunday, and in a brief preview he discusses how Jobs regretted his decision to delay cancer treatment in 2004.


Apple pays tribute to Steve Jobs as thousands watch [u]

10/19/2011, 02:10 pm

Thousands of employees gathered at Apple's corporate campus in California for a tribute to the late Steve Jobs, while even more retail employees watched a live stream of the event as their stores closed [updated photos].


Steve Jobs worked on Apple's 'next product' the day before he died

10/19/2011, 10:10 am

Providing more evidence that Steve Jobs stayed involved at Apple until the very end, the CEO of Japanese carrier Softbank revealed that Jobs was making phone calls about Apple's unnamed "next product" the day before he passed away.


Apple launches Steve Jobs tribute site with personal messages

10/19/2011, 08:10 am

Compiling some of the many e-mails the company has received since the passing of Steve Jobs, Apple launched a new feature on its website on Wednesday called "Remembering Steve."


Apple retail stores to shutter Wednesday for Steve Jobs celebration

10/18/2011, 06:10 pm

Apple on Wednesday will pause retail store operations in the U.S. for three hours to pay tribute to Steve Jobs and allow employees to watch a live broadcast of a celebration to take place at the company's headquarters during the same time.


Dropbox rejected nine-figure buyout offer from Apple in 2009

10/18/2011, 01:10 pm

Cloud-based file storage service Dropbox turned down a multi-million-dollar offer from Apple and a personal pitch from Steve Jobs in 2009, a new profile of the company has revealed.


Friends, family & colleagues of Steve Jobs spoke at 'moving' memorial

10/17/2011, 04:10 pm

A memorial held on Sunday for late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was described as "incredibly moving," with speeches made by his friends and family, and performances from world-renowned artists.


Celebrities, CEOs & a former president attended Steve Jobs memorial

10/17/2011, 07:10 am

A private memorial for Steve Jobs, held Sunday at Stanford Memorial Church, was attended by a long list of notable people, including politicians, actors, musicians and peers of the late Apple co-founder.


California governor declares Sunday "Steve Jobs Day," memorial planned

10/14/2011, 08:10 pm

California Gov. Jerry Brown announced Friday that Sunday, Oct. 16 will be "Steve Jobs Day" statewide, and will coincide with a private memorial planned for the Apple co-founder at Stanford University.


iOS chief Scott Forstall profiled as a 'maddeningly political' mini-Steve Jobs

10/13/2011, 08:10 pm

Apple senior vice president of iOS software Scott Forstall is hailed in a new interview as a polarizing genius, and potentially what the company needs to continue its remarkable growth story in a post-Jobs era.