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Topic: Steve Jobs

Notes of interest from Apple's Q4 2010 conference call

10/18/2010, 05:10 pm

Apple on Monday reported another record quarter, achieving $4.46 billion in profit thanks in part to a whopping 14.1 million iPhones sold. Following the news, Apple executives conducted a financial conference call with analysts and the press, and notes of interest follow.


Steve Jobs invites Facebook's Zuckerberg to talk Ping over dinner

10/16/2010, 01:10 am

After having balked at social networking site Facebook's "onerous" terms for Apple's Ping social music service, Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs may now be ready to work with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, with a new report claiming that the two recently met for dinner to discuss Ping.


Sculley: It was a "big mistake" I was ever hired as Apple's CEO

10/14/2010, 12:10 pm

Former Apple CEO John Sculley, famous for helping force Steve Jobs from the company he co-founded in 1985, admitted in an interview that his hiring as CEO was a "big mistake" and that Jobs should have been given the job instead.


Bloomberg to profile Steve Jobs in one-hour TV special this Thursday

10/12/2010, 12:10 pm

Apple chief executive Steve Jobs will be the subject of a TV special that will air on Bloomberg television this week, tracing the Silicon Valley superstar from his days as a college dropout through his leadership role in the most remarkable turnaround in corporate history.


Apple's Steve Jobs commemorates signing of Calif. organ donor bill

10/07/2010, 03:10 pm

California Gov. Arnold Scwharzenegger signed into law this week a new organ donor registry, and one of its biggest proponents -- Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs -- was on hand for the event.


Forbes lists Steve Jobs as 42nd richest American

09/23/2010, 01:09 am

Apple chief executive Steve Jobs, with a net worth $6.1 billion, came in 42nd place on Forbes' annual list of the 400 wealthiest Americans.


Apple debunks bogus story of Steve Jobs' throwing star troubles [u]

09/14/2010, 12:09 pm

Apple on Tuesday officially debunked a story from a Japanese tabloid that claimed Steve Jobs was stopped in an airport after he attempted to bring Ninja throwing stars onto a plane.


Former HP exec Mark Hurd hired as Oracle co-president

09/06/2010, 11:09 pm

Mark Hurd, whose departure from HP had been compared to Steve Jobs' exit from Apple in 1985, is headed to Oracle where he will serve as co-president and join the board of directors.


Google disputes Apple's indirect claims about Android activations

09/02/2010, 02:09 pm

Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs suggested Wednesday that reported Android activations from Google are falsely inflated because they include upgrades -- an insinuation that the search giant quickly disputed.


Steve Jobs isn't convinced new Apple TV will be a mainstream hit

08/25/2010, 11:08 am

Chief Executive Steve Jobs reportedly does not expect the forthcoming Apple TV refresh to be an instant overnight sensation like the iPad, because most consumers aren't ready to cancel their cable TV or stream content from iTunes.


Apple shutting down Quattro banner ads to focus on iAd

08/19/2010, 04:08 pm

Apple has announced that its Quattro Wireless subsidiary will no longer accept new campaigns for conventional mobile banner ads and that all resources will be devoted to interactive iAds instead.


Appeal to block demolition of Steve Jobs' mansion dropped

08/19/2010, 10:08 am

Preservationists who for years have fought Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs and prevented him from demolishing an aging California mansion have finally thrown in the towel.


Ouster of HP CEO compared to when 'idiots' at Apple fired Steve Jobs

08/10/2010, 08:08 am

Oracle Chief Executive Larry Ellison this week compared the ouster of HP CEO Mark Hurd to when Steve Jobs was run out of the company he founded -- Apple -- in the 1980s by "idiots" on the board of directors.


Papermaster's Apple exit a result of falling out with Steve Jobs

08/09/2010, 08:08 am

Mark Papermaster's departure from Apple is said to be a result of "cultural incompatibility" and losing the trust of Chief Executive Steve Jobs, and not solely a result of the iPhone 4 "antennagate."


iOS 4.1 beta supports for mobile-free FaceTime via email

08/06/2010, 04:08 pm

New support in the developer beta 3 release of iOS 4.1 allows users to make FaceTime video calls without needing a phone number or mobile service, strengthening the case for FaceTime support on iPod touch, iPad and Macs.


Take a number: Steve Jobs turned away from busy San Fran pizzeria

08/05/2010, 10:08 am

Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs, one of the richest people on the planet, couldn't get a table at a popular Italian restaurant in San Francisco, Calif. last week, as the billionaire didn't have a reservation.


Stanford School of Medicine equipping students with Apple's iPad

07/30/2010, 05:07 pm

The School of Medicine at Stanford University has adopted Apple's iPad, providing the device to all incoming first year medical students and Master of Medicine students.


Apple shows continued interest in an ad-supported operating system

07/22/2010, 08:07 am

Apple could be creating an operating system supported by advertisements, allowing users to obtain the software at a reduced price, or for free, in exchange for being required to view ads.


Apple appoints new Senior VP of Operations to address product quality

07/21/2010, 08:07 pm

Apple has appointed a new Senior Vice President of Operations dedicated to ensuring that Apple products meet "the highest standards of quality, "AppleInsider has learned.


Apple executives dodge data center, FaceTime questions in earnings call

07/20/2010, 08:07 pm

As usual, Apple's executives kept close to a carefully prepared script on the company's stellar financial results, being careful not to reveal too much about the company's future plans, including its data center cloud services and broader open support for FaceTime video calling.