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Topic: Steve Jobs

Blu-ray chairman disagrees with Apple chief's assessment of format

07/12/2010, 07:07 pm

The Blu-ray Disc Association chairman said this week that adoption of the high-definition disc format is on par with that of DVD, countering an argument from Apple chief executive Steve Jobs that the format is a fad whose days are numbered.


Google founder accuses Apple's Steve Jobs of 'rewriting history'

07/09/2010, 12:07 pm

Larry Page, one of the founders of Google, said this week that Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs has been "rewriting history" in making claims that the search giant was responsible for the tension between the two companies.


Fortune names Apple's Steve Jobs, Jony Ive smartest in tech

07/09/2010, 10:07 am

Fortune magazine has compiled a list of what it believes are the smartest people in the technology industry, and topping the list of CEOs is Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, while designer Jony Ive was named smartest designer.


Former employees shed light on Apple's internal corporate culture

07/07/2010, 02:07 pm

Former workers of Apple have offered a peek inside the company's secretive corporate culture, with a glimpse at employee mentality, security, and the difference between a project in which Steve Jobs is involved, and one without the chief executive's interest.


Report sheds doubt on recent rumors of imminent iTunes Cloud

07/05/2010, 06:07 pm

Widely syndicated rumors that Apple would soon be adding wireless streaming, cloud sync, and wireless device sync to iTunes have been called into question by a new report indicating that the company is still working to negotiate licensing agreements with the studios and labels.


Apple says Steve Jobs emails on iPhone 4 reception were faked

07/01/2010, 09:07 pm

A top Apple spokesperson has emphatically denied that Steve Jobs was the author of a series of comments in an email exchange regarding iPhone 4 reception.


Exclusive conversations with Steve Jobs up for sale

07/01/2010, 03:07 pm

A Virginia man who apparently posted a YouTube video demonstrating his ability to block signal on an iPhone 4 reported was contacted by Apple, resulting in an email exchange that was later shopped around to the tech media as a paid story.


iPhone 4 HSUPA support speeds 3G uploads by 10x

06/25/2010, 03:06 am

In addition to its oddly secret 512MB of RAM, iPhone 4 also packs another important feature Steve Jobs gave only brief mention of during his introductory keynote at WWDC: support for High-Speed Uplink Packet Access (HSUPA).


Apple posts WWDC session videos to iTunes U (u)

06/17/2010, 06:06 pm

Apple has made more than 100 individual sessions filmed at its Worldwide Developers Conference available to developers via iTunes U, for free.


Pulse iPad app praised by Steve Jobs, later pulled from App Store [u]

06/08/2010, 03:06 pm

Monday morning, Steve Jobs was highlighting the Pulse reader application for iPad during his WWDC 2010 keynote, but that afternoon a complaint from The New York Times prompted Apple to pull the software from the App Store [update: now available again].


Stream of Apple's WWDC iPhone 4 keynote now available

06/08/2010, 08:06 am

Apple has posted a live stream of Monday's Worldwide Developers Conference 2010 keynote, during which Chief Executive Steve Jobs introduced iPhone 4 to the world.


iPhone 4 keynote plagued by high-tech Wi-Fi meltdown

06/07/2010, 05:06 pm

An abundance of Wi-Fi hotspots inside the Moscone Center on Monday caused technical difficulties for Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs, which resulted in some frustration for the showman, renowned for his usually polished presentations.


Apple says App Store has made developers over $1 billion

06/07/2010, 01:06 pm

Speaking at Apple's annual developers conference on Monday, chief executive Steve Jobs said his company's industry-leading App Store has generated developers more than $1 billion in revenues while serving up over 5 billion app downloads since its inception two years ago.


Full interview of Apple's Steve Jobs at D8 now available

06/07/2010, 09:06 am

Before Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs takes the stage today in San Francisco, Calif., at the Worldwide Developers Conference, readers can watch his lengthy interview from last week's D8 conference in its entirety.


Flurry modifies data collection after being called out by Steve Jobs

06/02/2010, 11:06 am

After being singled out by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, mobile analytics firm Flurry has said it will comply with changes to the iPhone OS terms of service and respect the company's wishes by not collecting device data.


iPad is harbinger of 'uncomfortable' transition to post-PC, Jobs says

06/01/2010, 10:06 pm

The iPad and other tablet-style devices won't completely replace the PC, but they will make traditional computers less necessary, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs said.


Jobs: There 'might be' an advantage to a multi-carrier US iPhone

06/01/2010, 10:06 pm

Steve Jobs admitted Tuesday that there "might be" an advantage to having more than one carrier for the iPhone in the U.S., but stopped short of suggesting that such a move could happen anytime soon.


Steve Jobs talks lost prototype iPhone, Adobe Flash at All Things D

06/01/2010, 09:06 pm

Apple chief executive Steve Jobs took the stage at D8 Tuesday evening to discuss his company's opposition to Adobe Flash on the iPhone OS, as well as the prototype fourth-generation iPhone that turned up in a high profile exposť by Gizmodo.


Steve Jobs missed out on $10 billion from stock options adjustment

05/18/2010, 03:05 pm

Had Apple co-founder Steve Jobs not cancelled his stock options in exchange for $75 million in shares in 2003, he would have an extra $10.3 billion in profits today.


One year after liver transplant, Apple's Steve Jobs is hard at work

05/11/2010, 10:05 am

Though Steve Jobs returned to work at Apple in June 2009, the chief executive was not regularly seen on his company's Cupertino, Calif., campus until January of this year, according to a new report.