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Topic: Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs admits Apple tried to buy AdMob, warns of porn on Android

04/08/2010, 03:04 pm

During a question-and-answer session following Thursday's iPhone OS 4.0 preview, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs admitted that Apple tried to buy AdMob before Google "snatched" them, and also cited a pornography store for the Android operating system as a reason why unsigned apps are not allowed on the iPhone.


Steve Jobs appears at Palo Alto Apple store for iPad launch

04/05/2010, 03:04 pm

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs made an appearance Saturday for the iPad launch, talking with customers and even giving a hands-on demo of the device at his company's Palo Alto, Calif., store


Apple's Steve Jobs graces Time magazine cover for iPad launch

04/01/2010, 10:04 am

The latest issue of Time magazine features an interview with Steve Jobs by British actor Stephen Fry, in which the Apple co-founder discusses the iPad, his career and his life.


Apple's Steve Jobs named world's most valuable CEO

03/28/2010, 02:03 pm

A new list of the 30 "most respected" chief executives across the world has named Apple co-founder Steve Jobs the most valuable of all, noting that "America could use 1,000 more like him."


Apple's Steve Jobs, Google's Eric Schmidt reconcile over coffee

03/26/2010, 04:03 pm

Portrayed by reports in recent months to be brutal rivals who dislike each other, CEOs Eric Schmidt and Steve Jobs were spotted drinking coffee Friday in Palo Alto, Calif.


Late Apple director was 'disgusted' Jobs didn't reveal health issues

03/25/2010, 08:03 am

Recently deceased Apple Board of Directors member Jerry York told The Wall Street Journal last year that he wished he had resigned after Apple co-founder Steve Jobs didn't publicly disclose his health issues.


Steve Jobs e-mail suggests AT&T will not sell Apple iPad initially

03/23/2010, 01:03 pm

A recent e-mail from Apple co-founder Steve Jobs stated the forthcoming iPad will initially be sold only in Apple retail and online stores, as well as Best Buy. In addition, other e-mails regarding Mac refreshes, the iPhone OS e-mail client and storage were reportedly sent by the billionaire.


Steve Jobs teams with Calif. governor to push organ donor registry

03/19/2010, 07:03 pm

Apple chief executive Steve Jobs broke his silence Friday on the subject of his recent liver transplant as part of a tag-team effort with California governer Arnold Schwarzenegger to push for reform in the state's organ donor process.


'Fake Steve Jobs,' 'Seinfeld' scribe team for Silicon Valley comedy

03/16/2010, 02:03 pm

Writer and satirical "Fake Steve Jobs" blogger Dan Lyons will team with Emmy Award-winning writer and producer Larry Charles to develop a new half-hour sitcom set in Silicon Valley with an Apple-inspired name: "iCon."


Apple's Steve Jobs gets OK to raze dilapidated mansion

03/15/2010, 12:03 pm

Steve Jobs' decade-long efforts to tear down an aging 17,250-square-foot mansion in Woodside, California, may be nearing an end, with a judge granting the Apple co-founder approval to demolish the home.


NYT: Steve Jobs feels Google betrayed Apple by mimicking iPhone

03/13/2010, 06:03 pm

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs feels that Google "violated the alliance" it had with Apple when the search giant began producing cellphones that resemble the iPhone, according to a The New York Times piece that details the bitter rivalry between the two technology giants.


Apple COO Tim Cook awarded $22 million bonus

03/12/2010, 05:03 pm

Apple said Friday that Chief Operating Office Tim Cook was awarded nearly 22 million in stock- and cash-based compensation for his performance running the company during Steve Jobs' absence last year.


iPad ad shows book prices from $8 to $15, Steve Jobs at Oscars

03/08/2010, 09:03 am

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was in attendance at the Oscars Sunday night, and during the telecast the first iPad ad revealed, upon closer look, prices for some titles in the new iBookstore.


Steve Jobs says Apple must 'think big' with $40 billion in cash

02/25/2010, 02:02 pm

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs told investors at Thursday's shareholder meeting that his company's massive war chest of $40 billion gives it security and flexibility, but while a stock buy-back won't drive up AAPL shares, making big and bold moves will.


Steve Jobs calls Flash a 'CPU hog' in meeting with WSJ - rumor

02/18/2010, 03:02 pm

In a recent meeting with officials from The Wall Street Journal to pitch the Apple iPad, Steve Jobs allegedly and unsurprisingly had harsh words for Adobe Flash, calling it "old technology."


Steve Jobs wins 'personality of the year' at Mobile World Congress

02/17/2010, 07:02 am

Though Apple and its co-founder were not present at this week's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, Steve Jobs took top honors at the event, being named "Mobile Industry Personality of the Year."


Steve Jobs agrees to collaborate on authorized biography - report

02/16/2010, 07:02 am

For the first time ever, Steve Jobs will participate with an author who is writing a biography of the tech titan, according to The New York Times.


Hulu to make videos available on iPad without Flash - rumor

02/10/2010, 07:02 pm

Hulu is rumored to be working on an iPad-friendly version of its site which could be ready by the iPad's March launch date.


Eccentric but effective Steve Jobs pitches iPad to NYT execs

02/04/2010, 08:02 pm

Apple booked a quiet dinner reception for fifty executives at the New York Times, but the VIP guest ended up being Steve Jobs.


Steve Jobs disparages Google, Adobe at company meeting - reports

02/01/2010, 09:02 am

Numerous reports have alleged that Apple co-founder Steve Jobs discredited Google's "don't be evil" mantra as bogus and predicted the demise of Adobe Flash at an internal company meeting.