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Topic: Steve Jobs

Netgear CEO rails on Apple's Steve Jobs, praises Android

01/31/2011, 07:01 am

Netgear chairman and CEO Patrick Lo went on a rant Monday against Apple and its CEO Steve Jobs, criticizing Jobs' "ego" and Apple's "closed" business model.


Netflix says Apple TVs streaming more of its movies than iPads

01/26/2011, 05:01 pm

Within Netflix earnings release, the company noted that Apple TV's support for its Watch Instantly video streaming has already passed up iPad users in viewing hours.


After pullback, even 'value' investors should eye Apple stock - report

01/24/2011, 11:01 am

Concerns about the health of Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs have caused the company's stock to take a hit, even as it reported record earnings last week. The news has left Apple's stock vastly undervalued, according to one Wall Street analyst, who has a price target of $550.


Apple's Tim Cook profiled as "most powerful gay man in Silicon Valley"

01/20/2011, 11:01 pm

Apple's chief executive Steve Jobs has left operations chief Tim Cook in command during extended periods of medical leave three times now, indicating confidence in a man who has been described as Jobs' heir apparent for years.


Ex-SEC chief says Apple has disclosed enough about health of Steve Jobs

01/20/2011, 01:01 pm

The former chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has said he believes that Apple has publicly disclosed enough information about the health of its chief executive, Steve Jobs.


Steve Jobs expected to stay on Disney board during leave from Apple

01/18/2011, 04:01 pm

Despite health issues that will keep him from his day-to-day operations at Apple, Steve Jobs will reportedly remain on the board of directors at the Walt Disney Co.


Steve Jobs traveled to Switzerland for cancer treatment in 2009 - report

01/18/2011, 02:01 pm

When he took his last medical leave of absence from Apple in 2009, company co-founder Steve Jobs went to Switzerland seeking treatment for cancer, according to a new report.


Apple outlook raised to 7 million iPads, 4.3 million Macs for Q1 2011

01/18/2011, 12:01 am

Apple is expected to beat even some above-consensus revenue numbers when it announces earnings Tuesday night, having sold new peak numbers of iPhones, iPads and Macs in the winter quarter.


Apple seen selling 100 million iPhones, 40 million iPads in 2011

01/17/2011, 09:01 pm

Any drop in Apple's share price tomorrow "presents a buying opportunity ahead of earnings," according to the latest analyst to weigh in on the impact Steve Jobs' leave of absence may have on investors, noting an improved outlook for iOS and more favorable component costs than previously expected.


Analysts: 'Stay the course with Apple,' $450 price target set

01/17/2011, 07:01 pm

While traders on the Frankfurt DAX sent Apple shares sliding 6 percent today, similar to the drop that occurred in the US the last time Apple announced that its chief executive Steve Jobs was taking a leave of absence, US analysts expressed more confidence in Apple's market strength.


Apple shares slide 6% in Germany as investors weigh in on Steve Jobs' leave

01/17/2011, 03:01 pm

Though U.S. markets were closed on Monday, overseas trading gave an indication of how investors might react to Steve Jobs' absence from Apple come Tuesday. In addition, analysts on Wall Street offered their take on the news.


Steve Jobs on a 'down cycle' recently, at Apple offices less frequently

01/17/2011, 01:01 pm

In the weeks leading up to Steve Jobs' announcement that he will take a medical leave of absence, he has reportedly come into the company's corporate campus less frequently and has appeared "increasingly emaciated."


From one leave to another: Steve Jobs steers Apple's most successful era ever

01/17/2011, 12:01 pm

From his return to Apple in June of 2009 until another medical leave of absence announced Monday, Steve Jobs oversaw a number of milestones and major product launches during an active, successful year-and-a-half span. AppleInsider offers a look back at the role Jobs played in the most lucrative period in Apple's storied history.


Steve Jobs to take medical leave of absence but remain Apple CEO

01/17/2011, 08:01 am

For the second time in two years, Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs will take a medical leave of absence from his company, but the company co-founder will remain CEO and be involved in major strategic decisions, he said on Monday.


Apple's Steve Jobs to join Rupert Murdoch in unveiling The Daily on Jan. 19

01/10/2011, 08:01 pm

Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs will appear onstage alongside media mogul and News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch in San Francisco on Jan. 19 to unveil the new tablet-only newspaper The Daily for iPad.


Apple's Steve Jobs could appear onstage at Jan. 11 Verizon event

01/07/2011, 07:01 pm

A new report claims that Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs will likely make an onstage appearance next Tuesday at Verizon's media event, which is rumored to contain the long-awaited announcement of a Verizon-compatible CDMA iPhone.


Bonuses help Apple's Tim Cook earn $59M in 2010, Steve Jobs keeps $1 salary

01/07/2011, 10:01 am

Apple Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook earned a huge pay increase in 2010, thanks to cash bonuses and stock-based compensation, bringing his total earnings to more than $59 million, while CEO Steve Jobs kept his traditional $1 annual salary.


Apple not amused by Steve Jobs parody on Twitter

01/07/2011, 08:01 am

A Twitter account parodying Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs with phony statements about the company's products has prompted a complaint from the iPhone maker to the popular social networking service.


Report: Apple ordering 65 million iPad screens for 2011

12/29/2010, 01:12 am

While most market estimates figure Apple will sell 45-48 million iPads next year, the company has reportedly placed orders with suppliers for 65 million 9.7 inch iPad displays.


Apple CEO Steve Jobs named Financial Times 'Person of the Year'

12/23/2010, 10:12 am

British international business paper the Financial Times revealed its "Person of the Year" this week, bestowing the honor upon Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs.