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Topic: Windows 7

Acer unveils Windows, Android tablets to compete with Apple's iPad

11/24/2010, 09:11 am

The second-largest computer manufacturer in the world, Acer, is hedging its bets in the fight for tablet supremacy, with plans to take on the iPad with a 7-inch Android tablet, and two 10.1-inch devices -- one running Microsoft Windows.


New Windows 7 ad criticizes Apple's lack of Blu-ray support on Mac

11/12/2010, 11:11 am

Microsoft has once again taken on Apple and the Mac platform in a new advertisement which touts the ability of a Windows 7 laptop to play Blu-ray discs, while a MacBook cannot.


HP releasing $799 Slate 500 to take on iPad in tablet market

10/22/2010, 02:10 am

Six months after the launch of Apple's iPad, HP is ready to launch its Slate 500 tablet device, which will cost $799 and is aimed at business customers.


Microsoft may use Windows Phone 7 event to show off tablets

10/05/2010, 09:10 am

A new rumor suggests that Microsoft, concerned by the success of Apple's iPad, will use next week's Windows Phone 7 unveiling to show off new touchscreen tablets it will have available this holiday season.


Microsoft site attempts to discourage PC users from switching to Mac

08/09/2010, 05:08 pm

Microsoft has launched a new website that tells users PCs have Blu-ray, more software choices, and a greater array of hardware options when compared with Apple's Mac platform.


HP's webOS 2.0 to take on iPhone 4, iPad later this year

07/23/2010, 03:07 pm

After making comments to the contrary this summer, Hewlett-Packard is now positioning its acquired Palm webOS as a competitor to Android and iPhone 4, as well as Apple's iPad, relegating its Windows 7 Slate PC offerings to a business tablet niche.


Microsoft recruits iPad owners for study on its Redmond campus

07/13/2010, 03:07 pm

Microsoft recently offered owners of Apple's iPad a "gratuity item" in exchange for participating in a survey later this month at the software giant's Redmond, Wash., headquarters.


Inside Apple's iOS 4: new feature parity with Snow Leopard

06/18/2010, 12:06 am

Apple's iOS 4 features the biggest foundational leap for developers since the company first opened up iPhone OS 2.0 to development, now catching up to the core features of Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.


Steam survey finds more than 8% of gamers use Apple's Mac OS X

06/05/2010, 01:06 pm

More users of Valve's Steam gaming service ran a version of Apple's Mac OS X in its first month of availability than the 64-bit versions of Windows XP and Windows Vista combined, according to a new hardware survey.


Parallels faster than VMware in virtualization head-to-head

02/09/2010, 10:02 pm

In a comprehensive set of benchmark tests, virtualization competitors Parallels Desktop 5.0 and VMware Fusion 3.0 were examined head-to-head, finding Parallels to be an average of 30% faster than VMware.


Apple updates Boot Camp with Windows 7 support

01/19/2010, 05:01 pm

Apple on Tuesday updated its Boot Camp software and issued new drivers and utilities to allow users to run Microsoft's latest operating system, Windows 7. The Mac maker also issued its first security update of 2010, addressing 12 vulnerabilities.


Apple domestic desktop sales strong, iPhone sales slow in China

11/26/2009, 12:11 pm

Apple has captured nearly half of all desktop revenue in the United States as iPhone sales in China have lagged.


Microsoft denies Apple had influence on Windows 7 design

11/12/2009, 07:11 am

After a Microsoft official was quoted as saying that the "look and feel" of Windows 7 was inspired by Mac OS X, Apple's rival to the north has officially retracted the statement.


Microsoft official admits Windows 7 design inspired by Mac OS X

11/11/2009, 02:11 pm

When it looked to redesign its dominant operating system after the struggles of Windows Vista, Microsoft reportedly turned to Apple's Mac OS X for the "look and feel" of Windows 7.


iPhone-Windows 7 sync bug with Intel chipset fixed for some

11/09/2009, 02:11 pm

A bug with Intel's P55 chipset prevents Windows 7 from syncing their iPhone, and motherboard manufacturer Gigabyte has issued a BIOS update to resolve the issue for some.


Windows 7 tops Vista software sales, lags behind in hardware

11/06/2009, 08:11 am

Microsoft's heavily hyped Windows 7 debut was a success for the Redmond, Wash., company in terms of boxed software, which saw a 234 percent increase over Vista, though PC hardware sales slowed.


Microsoft drops Family Guy special over content issues

10/27/2009, 06:10 pm

Microsoft has pulled the plug on its Windows 7 sponsorship of Seth MacFarlane's forthcoming "Family Guy" special after deciding the edgy comedy didn't "fit with the Windows brand."


Exclusive photos, video from Microsoft Store grand opening

10/22/2009, 02:10 pm

Microsoft debuted its first retail store in Scottsdale, Ariz., Thursday to coincide with the launch of Windows 7, and AppleInsider has exclusive photos, video and details from the grand opening event.


Burger King sells Windows 7 Whoppers as Microsoft begins Guru training

10/22/2009, 10:10 am

In concert with Thursday's release of Windows 7, Burger King in Japan has begun selling a Whopper with seven patties of meat; and a Microsoft Store "Guru" has been spotted in person.


Apple's Safari gets prime placement in Windows browser ballot

10/16/2009, 11:10 am

Microsoft's Windows browser ballot in Europe presents its options in alphabetical order, putting Apple's Safari as the first choice for users to install.