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Topic: apps

Apple updates Aperture and iPhoto with bug fixes, adds printer driver support to OS X

04/16/2013, 04:04 pm

Apple on Tuesday released a number of updates for its desktop operating system, including bug fixes for the Aperture image editing program and a handful of maintenance updates which add printer drivers to OS X.


With reservations still pending, Mailbox app gets updated with smarter snoozes and UI tweaks

04/15/2013, 07:04 pm

Popular Gmail iOS client Mailbox reached version 1.2 on Monday, bringing enhanced features like smarter snooze settings and swipe gestures to those lucky enough to have had their account activated.


YouTube for iOS updated with live streaming, new 'My Subscriptions' feed

04/15/2013, 05:04 pm

Google on Monday updated its YouTube app for iOS, adding a number of new features like support for live streaming, a new personalized subscription feed and the ability to queue videos for TV playback.


French minister takes Apple to task over yanking AppGratis from App Store

04/11/2013, 05:04 pm

In an interview on Thursday, France's digital industry minister Fleur Pellerin had some tough words for Apple over the company's takedown of app discovery service AppGratis, saying the move was "brutal" and put the startup in danger.


WhatsApp exec debunks rumors of Google takeover

04/09/2013, 12:04 am

In a statement issued late Monday, popular messaging app WhatsApp denied claims that Google was in advanced talks to purchase the firm, the second time such a rumor has been debunked in recent memory.


HBO Go app update brings AirPlay multitasking, interactive features for 'Game of Thrones'

04/08/2013, 07:04 pm

With the release of HBO Go version 2.1 on Monday, subscribers of the premium cable service now have the ability to stream content to TVs over AirPlay as a background task, leaving their iPad, iPhone or iPod touch free to run other apps.


Apple adds age rating tags to iOS App Store descriptions

04/04/2013, 12:04 am

In a slight tweak to the App Store, Apple recently began highlighting apps' recommended age ratings by adding a small informational box located directly below a title's developer credits, possibly in response to growing concern from parents over in-app content.


Rdio's new Vdio service adds social networking layer to video-on-demand

04/03/2013, 05:04 pm

Rdio, the popular subscription-based music streaming app, has finally launched the long-awaited Vdio service, granting existing Rdio Unlimited subscribers access to movie and TV content with strong tie-ins to social networks.


Amazon adds file syncing to Cloud Drive, drops rates below Dropbox

04/01/2013, 04:04 pm

The struggle between cloud storage providers took another turn on Monday, with Amazon announcing a new version of its Cloud Drive app that brings the ability to sync files across mobile, web, and desktop clients.


iMessage 'denial-of-service' attack crashes devs' iOS Messages apps

03/29/2013, 07:03 pm

A recent spate of prank texts sent to a group of iOS developers has revealed a limitation in how Apple handles data sent through its iMessage service, which in some cases can crash the app if the incoming message is too long or contains overly complex characters.


Apple brings customizable geofencing to Find My Friends in update

03/28/2013, 06:03 pm

In a minor update to its iOS device-finding Find My Friends app, Apple has added a slightly tweaked user interface for searching and setting notifications based on proximate location, bringing the title up to version 2.1.


Quicksilver Mac app launcher sees release after 10 years in beta

03/25/2013, 07:03 pm

After almost ten years in beta, Quicksilver for OS X has hit version 1.0, bringing users a powerful application launcher and task manager that functions with keyboard shortcuts and mouse gestures known as "triggers."


Apple adds in-app purchase warning to 'freemium' App Store titles

03/22/2013, 04:03 pm

Attempting to lessen the incidence of unauthorized excessive in-app purchases, Apple quietly added a feature to App Store listings that points out when a free app features paid in-app content.


Mailbox e-mail client fills 1M reservations, adds 'shake to undo' in update

03/21/2013, 09:03 pm

Dropbox-owned Mailbox announced on Thursday that it has filled one million reservations as part of a rolling release to iPhone users, and is marking the event by issuing version 1.1 of the app which adds "shake to undo" to its feature set.


NetNewsWire update to bring RSS feed syncing to iPhone, iPad and Mac

03/21/2013, 12:03 am

One week after Google revealed plans to shut down Google Reader, the developers behind popular RSS reader NetNewsWire announced that work on revamped iOS and OS X versions of the software is well underway, with the forthcoming rollouts said to add support for feed syncing.


GarageBand for iOS gets Audiobus support in latest update

03/20/2013, 04:03 pm

Apple on Wednesday released version 1.4 of GarageBand for iOS, bringing a few enhancements to the mobile music production app, the most notable of which being support for third party app Audiobus.


Messaging app 'WhatsApp' for iOS to become subscription based by year's end

03/19/2013, 12:03 am

Popular cross-platform messaging app WhatsApp is planning to eschew its current one-time purchase fee for iOS users, and move to a subscription model akin to how the title is distributed on other platforms like Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone.


Facebook updates flagship iOS app with cover photos, group messaging improvements

03/18/2013, 05:03 pm

Facebook on Monday rolled out version 5.6 of its iOS app, bringing a few new features like the ability to change cover photos in-app and enhancements to group messaging.


Apple adds iOS Maps Flyover support, 3D buildings, turn-by-turn navigation in multiple cities

03/12/2013, 08:03 pm

Apple has been quietly updating its much maligned iOS Maps app over the past weeks, adding Flyover support for 15 new cities, while updating 3D building rendering, turn-by-turn navigation, points of interest and other tweaks for many others.


Google Now for iOS allegedly demoed in 'leaked' promotional video

03/12/2013, 06:03 pm

A video showing off an alleged Google Now app built for iOS was supposedly leaked to YouTube on Tuesday, with the promotional-style clip touting the service's major features including real time data acquisition and predictive actions.