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Topic: iMessage

Briefly: iMessage and FaceTime facing second outage in less than a week [ux3]

10/30/2012, 05:10 pm

For the second time in four days, Apple's iMessage and FaceTime services are down for many users in a number of areas, with North America seeming to be the hardest hit.


Apple's iMessage down for many iOS and OS X users [u]

10/25/2012, 05:10 pm

Apple's iMessage appears to be non-functional for many users across the U.S. and beyond, with both users iOS and OS X affected by the outage.


Apple iMessage reportedly suffers sporadic worldwide outages

09/17/2012, 05:09 pm

Apple's in-house instant messaging service, iMessage, is allegedly experiencing outages across the globe as users are reporting problems sending and receiving messages.


Apple urges users to stick with iMessage to avoid iPhone SMS spoofing

08/18/2012, 12:08 pm

Apple on Saturday officially responded to reports that its latest mobile operating system remains vulnerable to text message spoofing, recommending that customers use its more secure iMessage service instead.


Apple CEO Tim Cook promises more social integration

05/30/2012, 01:05 am

Even as he admitted that Apple may kill off its Ping social music discovery service, chief executive Tim Cook promised to add more social integration into its other products.


Apple: Misdirected iMessages due to bad configuration, not a software bug

02/02/2012, 02:02 pm

Reports of iOS 5 iMessages being sent to the wrong recipient are the result of a misconfigured phone, not an issue with the operating system or Apple's cloud services, the company indicated.