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Topic: iOS 7

Focused on apps, Apple's iOS 7 provides a sneak peak at new sharing icons

08/01/2013, 06:08 am

Apple's upcoming iOS 7 introduces a bright, clean new visual appearance that strips away much of the shadowing and gloss that Apple introduced into the computing mainstream with iPhone six years ago, particularly evident in its new social sharing app icons.


Apple's iOS 7 to patch 'power adapter' security flaw demonstrated at Black Hat convention

07/31/2013, 10:07 pm

Apple said it will roll out a fix to a relatively obscure security flaw that allows hackers to access sensitive information on an iPhone or iPad via a "modified charger," with the patch already instituted in the latest iOS 7 beta.


Apple's iOS 7 3D Maps leave Google Earth, Nokia Maps 3D looking old fashioned

07/31/2013, 02:07 am

Maps in iOS 7 will gain a full screen mode that emphasizes how Apple's 3D Flyover imagery is much easier to navigate, more detailed and significantly more up-to-date than even the desktop 3D offerings of leading map vendors Google and Nokia, let alone their mobile app offerings.


iOS 7 Control Center-like Android app draws complaints from Apple, but returns to Google Play

07/30/2013, 01:07 pm

Google recently pulled an app from its Play store due to its reproduction of copyrighted elements of Apple's Control Center, but the app has since returned, again giving Android users a taste of the look and feel of the feature from iOS 7.


iOS 7 beta 4 clarifies phone buttons with icons, takes FaceTime full screen

07/30/2013, 06:07 am

Apple has tweaked the phone button layout in iOS 7 beta 4, replacing the original, full-width "borderless buttons" with more obviously defined targets for answering, dialing extensions or ending calls. The new icons reduce the use of text on button labels, and allow FaceTime to go full screen.


Apple TV to get automatic "touch to configure" setup via Bluetooth 4.0, iOS 7

07/29/2013, 09:07 pm

Apple appears to be using a novel device setup method to ease initial configuration of Apple TV under iOS 7, using an NFC-like touch without NFC hardware.


iPhone home button fingerprint scanner described in latest iOS 7 beta

07/29/2013, 02:07 pm

Apple's latest iOS 7 beta includes a reference to a "Biometric Kit," offering the strongest evidence yet that the company's next iPhone will include a built-in fingerprint scanner underneath the home button.


Apple releases fourth beta of iOS 7 to developers with tweaked lock screen

07/29/2013, 01:07 pm

Apple on Monday supplied its developers with the fourth pre-release beta of iOS 7 for testing, as it prepares to launch the software to the public this fall.


Editorial: Why iOS in the Car is a very big deal for Apple

07/27/2013, 12:07 pm

Apple's new automotive initiative with iOS in the Car a prime focus for the company. Here's a look at the strategy behind it, and the company's options for bringing the new feature to market next year.


Why Apple is revving iOS in the Car for an aggressive 2014 launch

07/26/2013, 08:07 am

Apple's chief executive Tim Cook described the company's 2014 launch of iOS in the Car as "very, very important" and a "key focus for us." Here's a look at what the industry thinks, the competition Apple faces in automotive, and why it's pushing so hard for an immediate launch next year.


Why Tim Cook described Apple's iOS in the Car strategy as 'very important'

07/25/2013, 03:07 am

In the very last minute of its earnings call question and answer session with analysts, Apple's chief executive Tim Cook addressed "iOS in the Car," the company's strategy for automotive, calling it "very, very important" and a "key focus for us." Here's why.


Apple iOS 6 Maps vs. Google Maps 2.0 for iOS: labels & local search

07/22/2013, 11:07 am

As Apple prepares its latest enhancements to Maps with iOS 7, Google has released its own major update for Google Maps on iOS. Here's how the two compare in location data and local search, our fourth segment looking at mobile maps.


Apple's iOS 7 Activation Lock feature to be tested by US government officials

07/18/2013, 04:07 pm

Security experts on Thursday will conduct a government-sponsored test of the latest anti-theft security features built into Apple's iPhone 5 and Samsung's Galaxy S4, including the forthcoming Activation Lock feature from iOS 7.


Smash & grab iPhone thief caught after leaving his Samsung Galaxy behind

07/12/2013, 01:07 pm

A man who broke into a Springfield, VA wireless store smashed a display case and grabbed "several iPhones," but was apprehended after police discovered he had left behind his Samsung Galaxy.


iOS 7 Maps go full screen, navigation gets night mode, new Siri options

07/12/2013, 12:07 pm

Google would like Apple's iOS Maps to go away, but the latest builds of iOS 7 show that Cupertino is working to deliver significant new improvements to its mapping app while also adding deep integration of Maps throughout iOS and with Macs running OS X Mavericks.


iOS 7 hints at 120fps support in future iPhone for super-slow-mo video

07/09/2013, 02:07 pm

Code hidden within the latest beta of iOS 7 suggests that Apple is planning to add a camera capable of recording 120-frames-per-second video to a future iPhone model.


iOS 7 beta: Safari ditches '.com' button, dots return in Calendar

07/08/2013, 03:07 pm

The third beta of iOS 7 features a number of subtle but significant tweaks to the pre-release operating system, including the return of event day dots in Calendar, and the removal of the ".com" button from the virtual keyboard in Safari.


Apple releases third beta of iOS 7 with fixes for Messages, iCloud & AirPlay

07/08/2013, 01:07 pm

Apple on Monday released the third beta build of iOS 7 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to its development community for testing, addressing pre-release bugs related to a range of issues, including Messages, iCloud and AirPlay.


Editorial: Can Apple survive 2013?

06/29/2013, 05:06 pm

Given the recent implosions of BlackBerry, Palm, Nokia, Microsoft, can we safely assume that Apple is next and will likely fail before the year is out, simply because, well… Android?


Apple Data Detectors add cool Maps integration in OS X Mavericks

06/28/2013, 05:06 pm

While providing an overview of the new Maps app for Macs in OS X Mavericks and showing Calendar integration with location services to calculate and schedule travel time for meetings, Apple didn't specifically highlight new Apple Data Detector features.