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Topic: iOS 7

iOS 7 beta: Developers, Sen. McCain applaud App Store auto-updates

06/11/2013, 10:06 am

Apple tweaked a lot of things for its forthcoming iOS 7 update, but there is one move in particular that has drawn cheers not only from the crowd of developers at WWDC, but from the halls of Congress: auto-updates for App Store software.


iOS 7 beta: iTunes Radio brings first ads to Apple's lock screen

06/11/2013, 10:06 am

The new developer beta of iOS 7 with iTunes Radio includes a first for Apple: a direct link on the lock screen to the iTunes Store to purchase content.


Apple's iOS 7 brings quick Spotlight search access to every app page

06/10/2013, 09:06 pm

As an increasing number of developers get their hands on Apple's latest iOS 7 beta, some have voiced concern over the seeming disappearance of Spotlight search, though closer inspection shows Apple has cleverly relocated for easier access.


Apple's new direction for iOS 7 leverages technology to impress

06/10/2013, 07:06 pm

"Our goal at Apple is to make great products that our customers love," Apple's chief executive Tim Cook stated at the end of the WWDC keynote. Happening upon what customers love is a bit more complicated than it sounds, however.


Apple seeds first iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks betas to developers

06/10/2013, 06:06 pm

Just hours after being announced, beta versions of Apple's iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks is now available to developers, giving coders their first at look the new operating systems ahead of a public launch expected for fall.


Apple's iOS 7 to give iPhone users easy access to WiFi controls, common actions

06/10/2013, 05:06 pm

It took more than five years, but Apple said Monday that iOS 7 will finally provide iPhone owners with access to toggle WiFi on and off, adjust screen brightness, and execute other common tasks without having to tediously drill-down into their device's settings panel.


Apple bumps into some third party apps to extend iOS 7

06/10/2013, 04:06 pm

Apple's new iOS 7 appears to step on the toes of a variety of third party developers by incorporating their apps' functionality directly into the platform.


Siri gains new voice & gender options, system controls, enhanced car support in iOS 7

06/10/2013, 02:06 pm

Apple's personal assistant Siri will get a major overhaul in iOS 7, including a new voice, new appearance, and numerous new features.


Apple reveals overhauled iOS 7 with vibrant, more colorful design

06/10/2013, 02:06 pm

Touting it as the biggest change to iOS since the launch of the first iPhone, Apple on Monday took the wraps off a drastically redesigned iOS 7 that marks a new direction for the company's mobile operating system.


Ahead of iOS 7 reveal, Apple's iOS 6 is on 93% of iPhones

06/06/2013, 03:06 pm

While next week will likely see the introduction of the newest version of iOS, a new study finds that the current version of Apple's mobile operating system is installed on more than 90 percent of all North American iPhones.


Apple's developer portal begins displaying square app icons days before iOS 7 unveiling

06/04/2013, 04:06 pm

Developers viewing their applications on Apple's official site on Tuesday were surprised to find that their icons are now being displayed with square edges, rather than the usual rounded corners.


'iOS 7 lock screen' images attempt but fail to convince

06/04/2013, 02:06 pm

A series of pictures claiming to show the iPhone lock screen for Apple's anticipated iOS 7 were sent out on Tuesday, though their authenticity is highly suspect.


Purported iOS 7 screens may show flat effects of Jony Ive's influence

06/03/2013, 03:06 pm

Skeuomorphism appears to be on the way out in the newest version of Apple's iOS platform, as a new screenshot claims to show iOS 7 with aspects of the much anticipated "flat" design aesthetic brought in by Sir Jony Ive.


New Macs, modernized iOS expected to appear at Apple's WWDC

05/29/2013, 10:05 am

Though there won't be a new iPhone or iPad unveiling at Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference, the company is expected to unveil new Mac hardware, along with a more modern looking version of iOS, according to one well-connected insider.


Apple's Ive played 'key' role in developing upcoming iOS 7

05/28/2013, 10:05 pm

During his interview at the D11 conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook noted that the company's Senior Vice President of Industrial Design Jonathan Ive was key in creating the next generation operating system set to be unveiled at WWDC in June.


Editorial: Apple's iOS 7 needs exclusive, distinctive features, not just a flat UI

05/25/2013, 04:05 pm

There's intense interest blooming around reports that Apple plans to revamp the look of iOS 7 with a flatter appearance. But there's more reason to believe that Apple is - or should be - focusing on features, not a radical new appearance.


Traffic from Apple's unannounced iOS 7 spikes ahead of WWDC

05/08/2013, 02:05 pm

Website visits from devices running the unannounced iOS 7 have seen a significant increase in recent weeks, as Apple gears up for the mobile operating system's official unveiling at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference in June.


Despite Apple's internal delays, iOS 7 'will ship on time' - report

05/01/2013, 03:05 pm

Though Apple is allegedly reassigning personnel to expedite development of iOS 7, the next-generation mobile operating system for iPhone and iPad will still meet the company's internal deadlines, according to a new report.


'Dramatic changes' to Apple's iOS 7 said to include Calendar, Mail app overhauls

05/01/2013, 08:05 am

Under the control of lead designer Jony Ive, iOS 7 will reportedly see a significant overhaul that is expected to bring about new looks for the native Calendar and Mail applications for iPhone and iPad.


Apple promises to show off new versions of both iOS and OS X at WWDC 2013

04/24/2013, 09:04 am

The latest versions of both OS X and iOS will be available to developers at this year's Worldwide Developers Conference, suggesting the event might showcase the next major version of Apple's Mac operating system in addition to iOS 7.