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Topic: iPad mini

'iPad mini' cases made by Cygnett allegedly for sale in Australia

10/03/2012, 08:10 pm

An Australian tech blog on Wednesday reportedly purchased two separate "iPad mini" cases made by accessories manufacturer Cygnett after allegedly finding the products at an undisclosed retail outlet.


Apple now building 'iPad mini,' WSJ says

10/03/2012, 07:10 am

Apple has begun production of a smaller iPad with a 7.85-inch LCD display ahead of a forthcoming launch, The Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday.


Purported 'iPad mini' parts show front & back panels, LCD, nano-SIM tray

10/02/2012, 12:10 pm

A collection of photos claim to show a number of parts from Apple's anticipated smaller iPad, including the front and back panels with a space for a nano-SIM tray, as well as the LCD display.


AU Optronics reportedly building 'iPad mini' screens ahead of November launch

10/02/2012, 10:10 am

Apple is said to have tapped AU Optronics to build displays for its 7.85-inch iPad, reportedly set to hit the market in November.


Rumor: 'iPad mini' production now underway in Brazil

10/01/2012, 03:10 pm

With an official unveiling expected this month, Apple is said to be currently building "iPad mini" units at a Foxconn factory in Brazil.


'iPad mini' mockup compared to Nexus 7, Kindle Fire HD

10/01/2012, 02:10 pm

A mockup of a 7.85-inch iPad has been photographed next to a Google Nexus 7 and 7-inch Kindle Fire HD, giving a better idea of what Apple's new, smaller tablet is expected to look like.


Apple rumored to send out 'iPad mini' event invitations on Oct. 10

10/01/2012, 12:10 pm

A new report suggests Apple will send out invitations on Oct. 10 for a media event at which the company will unveil a new, smaller iPad.


Rumor: Video of alleged 'iPad mini' Wi-Fi-only mockup hits the web

09/28/2012, 08:09 pm

A somewhat blurry video of what is supposedly a model of Apple's as-yet-unannounced 7.85-inch iPad was posted to YouTube on Friday, showing slight differences from previous mockups possibly pointing to a Wi-Fi-only version of the rumored device.


Google reportedly planning to launch $99 Nexus 7 by end of 2012

09/27/2012, 10:09 am

The race to offer the lowest-priced tablet on the market is rumored to reach a new level later this year, with Google reportedly planning to release a $99 Nexus 7 tablet.


Dummy 'iPad mini' compared to Apple's full-size model

09/19/2012, 09:09 am

A dummy version of a smaller iPad, based on Apple's anticipated design, has been photographed next to a traditional 9.7-inch iPad to offer an idea of the potential size difference.


Rumor: Suspect 'iPad mini' mockup allegedly shows front plate design

09/18/2012, 05:09 am

A new mockup of the Apple's so-called "iPad mini" showed up on a Chinese website early Tuesday, with the non-working unit appearing to have a fabricated front glass attached to the device's rumored backplate.


Rumor: Pegatron to build 50-60% of 'iPad mini' orders, breaks Foxconn's iPad monopoly

09/17/2012, 07:09 pm

A report on Monday claims Chinese firm Pegatron has managed to secure 50 to 60 percent of orders to assemble the as-yet-unannounced "iPad mini," effectively ending Foxconn's reign as Apple's sole iPad manufacturer.


Average price of iOS device cables to rise 84% with new 9-pin design

09/12/2012, 08:09 am

The new 9-pin dock connector expected to debut with Apple's next iPhone will also cary a higher cost that is projected to push its average selling price up 84.3 percent year over year.


Smaller iPhone dock cable shown with mystery engraving

09/11/2012, 03:09 pm

New photos offer yet another look at a purported rear casing for the "iPad mini," as well as a smaller iOS device dock cable, the latter of which has an unidentified engraving.


Lock & home screen ads aid Amazon's aggressive pricing of Kindle Fire HD

09/07/2012, 11:09 am

Amazon's new Kindle Fire HD undercuts the competition by presenting advertisements to users on both the device's lock screen and home screen, helping to subsidize its low price.


Amazon Kindle Fire HD called 'ambitious,' but unlikely to dethrone Apple's iPad

09/07/2012, 08:09 am

Amazon's new Kindle Fire HD lineup offers a variety of options at aggressive price points, but Apple's iPad particularly with the anticipated October launch of a so-called "iPad mini" is expected to remain the market leader.


Amazon debuts $299 8.9" Kindle Fire HD, $119 e-ink Kindle Paperwhite

09/06/2012, 02:09 pm

Amazon on Thursday announced its new Kindle lineup, led by a 16-gigabyte 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD priced at $299, along with a $199 7-inch model, an updated $159 Kindle Fire with a faster processor, and a new e-ink frontlit Kindle Paperwhite starting at $119.


High-quality images claim to show 'iPad mini' housing in detail

09/06/2012, 04:09 am

New photos claiming to show the machined aluminum back casing bound for a rumored 7.85-inch iPad hit the web on Wednesday, adding to the mountain of purported leaks relating to Apple's fall iDevice lineup.


'iPad mini' will be challengingly thin thanks to 'GF2' technology

08/31/2012, 01:08 pm

Apple's new, smaller iPad will reportedly be so thin and light that production of the device has posed a particular challenge to the company.


'iPhone 5,' 'iPad mini' among 8 new Apple products coming before end of 2012

08/31/2012, 12:08 pm

Apple is gearing up for a monster holiday season with a total of 8 new products reportedly set to go on sale, including a new iPhone, a smaller iPad, new iPods and updated Macs.