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Topic: iPad 2

Apple's iPad 2 now on sale at select Toys R Us stores

04/17/2011, 02:04 pm

Apple's U.S. retail expansion of the iPad 2 continues, with the second-generation touchscreen tablet now on sale at select Toys R Us locations.


Adobe caves, adds support for Apple's HTTP Live Streaming standard

04/15/2011, 10:04 pm

In a move that could help defuse ongoing tension between the two companies, Adobe has revealed plans to support streaming video on the iPad 2 by adding support for Apple's HTTP Live Streaming standard to its Flash Media Server product.


Best Buy gearing up for nationwide iPad 2 promotion on April 17

04/15/2011, 08:04 pm

A leaked internal memo from Best Buy indicates that the big-box retailer plans to make a marketing push for the iPad 2 on Sunday, April 17, and will resume taking reserve orders for at least a week after the promotion.


Apple partner Cirrus Logic reports production problem with mystery audio device

04/15/2011, 01:04 pm

Cirrus Logic has experienced manufacturing problems with an audio device that entered high-volume production in March, prompting speculation that the device is an Apple product.


Lower-than-expected Xoom sales prompt Apple iPad competitors to delay tablets

04/15/2011, 12:04 pm

A slow start for the Motorola Xoom tablet has reportedly convinced manufacturers to delay the release of Android 3.0 Honeycomb-based tablets as they hope to compete with Apple's iPad.


Suppliers believe Apple could ship 45 million iPads in 2011

04/14/2011, 08:04 am

Sales of the iPad in 2011 could exceed some of the highest expectations, as overseas component makers have indicated that Apple could sell 45 million of its touchscreen tablet this year.


Foxconn plans to assemble Apple's iPad in Brazil by end of November

04/12/2011, 01:04 pm

Apple's manufacturing partner Foxconn is reportedly considering a $12 billion investment in new facilities in Brazil, and also apparently plans to begin building iPad units in South America by this November.


Apple expected to report sales of 7M iPads, 17M iPhones for Q2 2011

04/12/2011, 08:04 am

Apple is once again predicted to exceed expectations in its upcoming quarterly earnings call, with one analyst forecasting sales of 7 million iPads and 17 million iPhones in the second quarter of fiscal 2011.


Apple component makers downplay rumors of Retina iPad 3 arriving in 2011

04/12/2011, 12:04 am

Component makers for Apple's iPad claim that the company has released its roadmap for higher-resolution touchscreen tablets, but the project is still at the "initial planning stage" and an upgraded iPad is unlikely to come later this year, according to a new report.


Apple rumored to fix FaceTime, Verizon iPad issues with iOS 4.3.2

04/11/2011, 03:04 pm

Apple is rumored to issue its next mobile operating system update, iOS 4.3.2, for the iPhone and iPad in the next week, addressing problems with FaceTime and connectivity issues related to the Verizon iPad 2.


iPad 2 helps Apple suppliers post 141% year over year growth in March

04/11/2011, 12:04 pm

Offering more indication of the growth of the iPad 2 over its predecessor, Apple's overseas suppliers posted a 141 percent year over year increase in sales in March.


Apple investigating Verizon iPad 2 connection issues

04/08/2011, 07:04 pm

Apple said in a statement on Friday that it is looking into connectivity issues with the Verizon network that owners of the iPad 2 3G are experiencing.


'Unstable performance' of Android 3.0 seen as benefit to Apple's iPad

04/08/2011, 03:04 pm

Tablet makers who craft their own mobile operating system -- particularly Apple and its iOS -- stand to gain from the "unstable performance" of Google's tablet-centric Android 3.0, codenamed Honeycomb.


Best Buy says Apple iPad 2 units are being held for an 'upcoming promotion'

04/08/2011, 02:04 pm

Best Buy has disputed rumors that the retailer is in a dispute with Apple over iPad sales, and instead claims that it is holding iPad 2 units from sale for an "upcoming promotion."


Apple keeping iPhone 5 cards 'extra close to the vest' in supply chain

04/08/2011, 10:04 am

As rumors of a later-than-usual iPhone launch for 2011 persist, a new report reveals that the notoriously secretive Apple is being even more careful than usual when dealing with overseas suppliers.


Rumor: Best Buy's iPad 2 sales strategy gets it 'blacklisted' by Apple

04/08/2011, 08:04 am

Numerous rumors have claimed that Best Buy is in hot water with Apple over its alleged policy to stop iPad 2 sales once it meets its quota for the day, leaving the retailer "blacklisted" from further iPad sales.


Apple controlling 60% of available touch panel capacity, analyst says

04/07/2011, 08:04 pm

Apple has exerted strong control over the touch panel supply chain to prevent shipping delays of the iPad 2, booking as much as 60 percent of the total available capacity, says one analyst.


Toys R Us may be next in US to sell Apple's iPad 2 starting in May

04/07/2011, 01:04 pm

New evidence points toward the iPad 2 becoming available at U.S. retailer Toys R Us in May, as Apple continues to expand the brick-and-mortar presence of its popular touchscreen tablet.


Apple offering upfront cash payments to secure components, block out competitors

04/07/2011, 10:04 am

Apple has reportedly become more aggressive in securing components from overseas suppliers, making moves such as upfront cash payments to both ensure supply and block out competitors.


Motorola's iPad-rival "Xoom" tablet sales slashed to 100,000 units

04/06/2011, 01:04 pm

Google's flagship Android 3.0 Honeycomb competitor to Apple's iPad appears to have failed at launch, with Motorola Xoom sales estimated by Deutsche Bank to have reached just 100,000 units, a figure far lower than initial projections of failure from Morgan Stanley and RBC.