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Topic: iPhone 5

Third-party accessory makers held up by Apple's new Lightning connector rules

10/03/2012, 03:10 pm

Apple is said to have made "significant changes" to its "Made for iPhone" rules, which has prevented third-party accessory makers from promptly getting their new Lightning-compatible accessories to market.


Apple iPhone 5, 4S among most environmentally friendly phones, study finds

10/03/2012, 01:10 am

iFixit and HealthyStuff teamed up to analyze the level of toxic chemicals found in 36 mobile phones, and found modern handsets to contain fewer harmful chemicals than their predecessors with Apple's iPhone 4S and new iPhone 5 among the least toxic.


Nokia commercial slams iPhone 5's lack of color

10/02/2012, 06:10 pm

A new commercial from Nokia is the latest to attack Apple new handset, this time focusing on the iPhone 5's lack of colorway options.


Mark Zuckerberg received free iPhone 5 from Tim Cook

10/02/2012, 05:10 pm

In an interview with Matt Lauer on NBC's The Today Show, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg reveals that Apple CEO Tim Cook sent him a free iPhone 5, a gesture usually afforded only to important business partners and public figures.


October is best month of the year to own Apple stock - report

10/02/2012, 01:10 pm

Historically, October has been the strongest month for Apple stock, and one analyst believes that trend will continue in 2012.


Yield rates for Apple's iPhone 5 in-cell touch panels improving

10/02/2012, 08:10 am

After some initial issues with creating in-cell touchscreen displays for Apple's new iPhone 5, yield rates are said to be improving, helping to ease constraints.


Apple says purple fringing is normal for iPhone 5 camera

10/01/2012, 07:10 pm

In a reply to a customer inquiry regarding the "purple flare" some iPhone 5 users have seen when taking pictures with bright light sources in frame, an AppleCare representative says the phenomenon is considered "normal behavior" for the new handset's camera.


iPhone 5 carrier update fixes bug causing cellular data use while on Wi-Fi [u]

09/30/2012, 09:09 pm

Apple on Sunday rolled out a carrier update for Verizon iPhone 5s which fixes a bug that in some cases caused the handset to use cellular data even while connected to a Wi-Fi network, eating away at precious data allowances [update: Verizon responds]


Study finds iPhone 5 costs only 41 cents per year to charge, 3 cents more than iPhone 4

09/28/2012, 06:09 pm

One of the standout features of Apple's new iPhone 5 is its long battery life which, despite cramming in a faster processor, LTE wireless capabilities and a larger screen, performs on par with its predecessors and has been found to cost only three cents more to charge per year.


Sharp says iPhone 5 displays being made for Apple in 'adequate volumes'

09/28/2012, 09:09 am

An executive with LCD maker Sharp has indicated that his company is not having problems supplying displays to Apple for the iPhone 5.


Apple's iPhone 5 draws crowds as it launches in 22 more countries

09/28/2012, 08:09 am

The iPhone 5 went on sale in 22 more countries on Friday, making it now available in a total of 31 nations around the world, in Apple's most aggressive launch schedule ever.


Apple iPhone 5 to launch on regional U.S. carriers on Friday, some offering discounts

09/27/2012, 10:09 pm

One week after the iPhone 5 released on Sept. 21, regional wireless operators in the U.S. will begin selling Apple's latest smartphone, with some carriers offering special incentives like $50 price cuts to lure customers.


Official iPhone 5 user guide references Apple-made dock

09/27/2012, 11:09 am

Though Apple has not released a first-party dock for the iPhone 5 and its new Lightning connector, the official iPhone 5 user guide refers to an official "iPhone Dock" accessory sold separately.


Purported quality control QR code left behind in new iPhone 5's camera roll [u]

09/27/2012, 01:09 am

A never before seen image of what looks to be a QR code generated after some type of test was found in the camera roll of a straight-from-the-factory iPhone 5, possibly offering a rare glimpse at one of the final steps an Apple device passes through before being shipped out to consumers.


Non-contract AT&T iPhone 5s can reportedly be unlocked via iTunes

09/26/2012, 10:09 pm

It was revealed on Wednesday that customers who paid full freight for an AT&T version of Apple's iPhone 5 can easily unlock the device with a quick iTunes reset.


New benchmark shows Apple's A6 processor may be clocked at 1.3GHz

09/26/2012, 09:09 pm

According to a newly-released build of benchmarking tool Geekbench, Apple's A6 processor found in the iPhone 5 is clocked at around 1.3GHz, not 1.02GHz as originally reported.


iPhone 5 users seeing 'purple haze' in pictures, claim camera is defective

09/26/2012, 06:09 pm

An AnandTech forum thread started on Monday regarding "purple flare" or "purple haze" anomalies in images taken by the iPhone 5 has sparked concern that the issue is related to a possible defect, however further investigation reveals the problem is common with many modern digital cameras, especially miniaturized units.


Chinese suppliers still working to clone Apple's Lightning cable and integrated chip

09/26/2012, 03:09 pm

Though some websites are selling what are claimed to be inexpensive third-party cables compatible with Apple's new Lightning port, accessory makers have not yet reverse engineered the chip found inside Apple's official cables.


Rise in Apple product theft accounts for over 14% of all major crime in NYC

09/25/2012, 05:09 pm

A crime statistics report released by the New York Police Department this week revealed there were 11,447 recorded thefts of Apple products between Jan. 1 and Sept. 23, a 40 percent increase from last year that represents 14.4 percent of all other major crimes.


Ridiculed in the West, Apple's iOS 6 Maps are instead praised in China

09/25/2012, 03:09 pm

While many around the world have slammed Apple's new mapping software in iOS 6, the company has built a special version of Maps for China that has been praised as a "huge improvement over Google Maps," though it lacks some new features due to Chinese laws.