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Topic: iPhone 5

Video shows taller front panel allegedly for Apple's next iPhone

05/31/2012, 03:05 pm

A new video purports to show the front panel of Apple's next-generation iPhone, with space for a screen length appreciably greater than previous-generation models.


Apple to gain ownership of domain

05/17/2012, 09:05 am

The World Intellectual Property Organization has sided with Apple in a dispute over the domain name, and ownership is expected to be transferred to Apple.


Analyst expects MacBook refresh by June, next-gen iPhone by October

05/14/2012, 05:05 pm

Analyst Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray expects Apple to firm up Mac sales during the June quarter with a refresh to its MacBook, iMac and possibly MacBook Air lines, but believes that the biggest product rollout in the coming six months will be the October launch of a new iPhone.


Next-gen iPhone design in limbo, October launch date remains likely

05/11/2012, 06:05 pm

According to a new report, Apple engineers have yet to finalize the design of the next-generation iPhone which could account for the disparity of rumors currently circulating about larger screen sizes and a Liquidmetal caseback.


Apple files claim to obtain domain

05/06/2012, 05:05 pm

Apple has filed a claim with the World Intellectual Property Organization in an attempt to gain ownership of the domain, which is currently owned by another party.


Purported next-gen iPhone SIM tray appears similar to current design

05/02/2012, 02:05 pm

A new SIM card tray claimed to be a component from Apple's next-generation iPhone has appeared for sale online, sporting subtle differences when compared with the tray found in the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4.


Apple's sixth-gen iPhone expected to debut in September or October of 2012

02/20/2012, 12:02 pm

Apple's sixth-generation iPhone will debut about a year after the launch of the iPhone 4S, maintaining a fall introduction, according to a new report.


Sony's next-gen camera sensor could allow Apple to make thinner iPhones

01/23/2012, 03:01 pm

Sony, which builds the camera modules used by Apple in the iPhone 4S, has announced a smaller next-generation CMOS image sensor that could allow for even thinner iPhone models in the future.


4G iPhone expected to help LTE smartphones reach 5% share in 2012

01/16/2012, 08:01 am

Smartphones compatible with new high-speed 4G long-term evolution networks are projected to account for between 4 and 5 percent of global handset shipments in 2012, thanks in part to an expected LTE-capable iPhone from Apple.


Strong sales of iPhone 4S a precursor to 'monster' launch of redesigned 'iPhone 5'

01/11/2012, 03:01 pm

With iPhone sales over the holiday quarter expected to exceed 30 million, despite the fact that the iPhone 4S features the same form factor as its predecessor, one analyst believes the launch of a completely redesigned next-generation iPhone later this year will be a "monster."


CES: GPU candidates for Apple's next iPad, iPhone are 20 times more powerful

01/10/2012, 04:01 pm

Imagination Technologies announced on Tuesday that its next-generation PowerVR Series6 GPU core family, which could find their way into Apple's future iPhones and iPads, will offer 20 times more performance than the current generation.


Redesigned iPhone 5, expanded iPad lineup anticipated from Apple in 2012

12/21/2011, 08:12 am

Apple's growth next year and beyond is expected to be driven by a redesigned iPhone, as well as a potential expansion of the iPad lineup into both lower and higher price points, according to a new analysis.


Apple said to be discussing 2012 launches of LTE 4G iPad, iPhone with carriers [u]

11/30/2011, 01:11 pm

Apple is gearing up to release new iPad and iPhone models in 2012 that will connect to long-term evolution 4G high-speed data networks, according to a new report [updated].


Apple's 2012 iPhone was last project where Steve Jobs was "intimately involved"

10/17/2011, 11:10 am

A complete redesign of Apple's iconic iPhone rumored for an introduction next summer was the last project that Steve Jobs poured his heart and soul into from start to near completion, according to pair of reports.


Case makers gambled and lost on teardrop iPhone 5 design

10/14/2011, 05:10 pm

In a high-stakes gamble to push their products into stores at the same time as Apple's new iPhone, some smartphone case manufacturers based designs on leaked schematics for a so-called iPhone 5, ultimately losing a bet that cost them tens of thousands.


Analyst: Apple saving 'iPhone 5' name for 4G LTE version in 2012

10/05/2011, 03:10 am

Apple's newly-announced iPhone 4S is an incremental stopgap while the company prepares a phone branded as the "iPhone 5" with 4G Long-Term Evolution data speeds for next spring, one analyst claims.


Live coverage of Apple's "Let's talk iPhone" event

10/04/2011, 09:10 am

Click here for live, up-to-the minute coverage of Apple's "Let's talk iPhone" event, beginning at 10:00 am PT / 1:00 pm ET today.


Report reaffirms Apple's new iPhone won't feature 4G LTE or WiMAX

10/04/2011, 09:10 am

Reaffirming months of rumors just hours before Apple's iPhone event, The Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday that the next iPhone won't support long-term evolution or WiMAX high-speed 4G data networks.


Surveillance footage of lost iPhone 5 prototype automatically erased

10/03/2011, 08:10 pm

Existing surveillance footage that could have offered answers to questions about an iPhone 5 prototype that went missing this summer has been automatically erased before being viewed by police investigators.


Sprint buys 30.5M iPhones from Apple for $20B in 'bet-the-company' move

10/03/2011, 04:10 pm

Sprint has "bet the company" on Apple's iPhone, according to The Wall Street Journal, and has agreed upfront to purchase 30.5 million iPhones over the next four years, a commitment of nearly $20 billion.