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Topic: iPhone 5

China Telecom plotting $235M marketing campaign for Apple's iPhone 5

09/14/2011, 09:09 am

Carrier China Telecom is reportedly gearing up for the launch of Apple's fifth-generation iPhone by planning a rumored 1.5 billion yuan ($235 million) marketing campaign.


Verizon, AT&T introduce new prepaid plans ahead of iPhone refresh

09/14/2011, 01:09 am

Even as rumors continue to swirl that Apple is preparing a cheaper, prepaid version of the iPhone, Verizon and AT&T on Tuesday announced new prepaid plans, just weeks ahead of Apple's expected 2011 iPhone introductions.


Purported iPhone 5 part suggests Apple won't change home button

09/13/2011, 10:09 pm

An alleged fifth-generation iPhone part being sold by a Chinese website has cast doubt on rumors that the device will feature an expanded home button design.


Sprint briefs employees on Apple's iPhone 4 ahead of Oct. launch

09/13/2011, 01:09 pm

Sales associates at Sprint, the third-largest wireless carrier in the U.S., are said to have been briefed on the impending launch of Apple's iPhone 4, but not a fifth-generation model.


AppleCare preparations hint at iOS 5.0 release around Oct. 10

09/13/2011, 11:09 am

Apple has reportedly informed its AppleCare division to expect an influx of iOS-related inquiries from customers beginning Monday, Oct. 10, perhaps signaling when the company plans to release iOS 5 to existing device owners.


'Unprecedented' demand for Apple's iPhone 5 exceeds iPhone 4 hype

09/13/2011, 08:09 am

A new survey has found "unprecedented" demand for Apple's next iPhone, with 31 percent of respondents indicating they are likely to buy the anticipated handset.


Apple set to build 30M iPhone 5 units with 512MB RAM, improved antenna

09/12/2011, 09:09 am

Even with an improved antenna design, Apple's next-generation iPhone is expected to look largely the same as the current iPhone 4, and it will also feature the same amount of RAM: 512MB.


Apple to release iOS 5 GM to assemblers during week of Sept. 23

09/12/2011, 08:09 am

Apple reportedly plans to release the golden master of iOS 5, its forthcoming operating system update for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, to its overseas assemblers at some point between September 23 and September 30, on time for a mid-October launch of a fifth-generation iPhone.


Vodafone suggests Apple's iPhone 5 will come in 16GB, 32GB capacities

09/10/2011, 06:09 pm

A product listing on the website for U.K. carrier Vodafone has implied that Apple's next-generation iPhone will be offered in black and white, and available in the same two capacities it has been for years: 16 and 32 gigabytes.


Rumor: Sprint blacking out staff vacations for first half of Oct. as iPhone 5 nears

09/09/2011, 08:09 pm

Evidence continues to mount that Apple’s fifth-generation iPhone will launch in early October on Sprint, as an allegedly leaked internal memo has surfaced announcing a temporary vacation ban due to the “possibility of a major phone launch.”


iPhone 4 sales 'surprisingly robust' ahead of Apple's iPhone 5 debut

09/09/2011, 01:09 pm

More evidence of continuing strong iPhone 4 sales surfaced in a new report on Friday, in which Apple's supply chain has indicated consumer demand for the more-than-a-year-old smartphone remains despite an anticipated fifth-generation iPhone announcement.


Sprint rumored to retain unlimited data plans after iPhone 5 arrives

09/09/2011, 10:09 am

Differentiating itself from capped competitors Verizon and AT&T, Sprint is said to be planning to retain its unlimited data plans after it gets Apple's fifth-generation iPhone in the coming weeks.


Purported Apple iPhone 5 cases again suggest hardware redesign

09/08/2011, 01:09 pm

More third-party cases from the Far East claimed to have been designed to fit Apple's still-unannounced fifth-generation iPhone again show a thinner device with a flat back and curved sides.


Apple's iPhone 4 ship times slip ahead of iPhone 5 debut

09/08/2011, 07:09 am

All new iPhone 4 orders in the U.S. now take one to three business days to ship through Apple, a sign that the company is running low on inventory ahead of introducing its fifth-generation model.


Foxconn said to be producing 150k iPhone 5 units per day

09/07/2011, 11:09 pm

A new report claims Foxconn Electronics has ramped up production of Apple's fifth-generation iPhone to 150,000 units per day, with shipments expected to reach 5-6 million in September.


SFPD launches internal investigation over role in search for iPhone prototype

09/07/2011, 08:09 pm

The San Francisco Police Department has initiated an internal investigation into the role some of its officers played in assisting Apple security officials in a search for a lost prototype of Apple's unreleased fifth-generation iPhone.


Rumor: New picture taken with 8MP camera of Apple's iPhone 5

09/07/2011, 11:09 am

A picture has surfaced online that is alleged to have been taken by an Apple engineer with an 8-megapixel camera from the still-unannounced fifth-generation iPhone.


AT&T says Sprint suit to block T-Mobile deal is not about maintaining competition

09/06/2011, 06:09 pm

AT&T has fired back in the salvo between top US mobile carriers, accusing Sprint of seeking to block the deal just to protect its own interests, while defending the merger as a win-win for consumers.


iPhone 4 remains top-selling US smartphone despite growing iPhone 5 hype

09/06/2011, 11:09 am

Even as rumors of Apple's fifth-generation iPhone persist ahead of an anticipated launch, sales of the iPhone 4, first released in 2010, reportedly continue to top the competition at both AT&T and Verizon.


Apple searching for product security managers after 2nd lost iPhone prototype

09/06/2011, 03:09 am

After losing its second iPhone prototype in two years, Apple has posted a pair of job openings for Managers for New Product Security to help safeguard the company's unreleased products and related intellectual property.