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Topic: iPhone 5S

Fingerprint sensor in Apple's 'iPhone 5S' predicted to boost mobile commerce, enterprise adoption

09/04/2013, 08:09 am

Wells Fargo on Wednesday raised its projected price range for Apple stock, citing expectations that the company will become more flexible with its carrier partners, and that the anticipated inclusion of a fingerprint sensor in the "iPhone 5S" will drive up adoption rates among consumer and corporate markets.


Apple to hold separate iPhone event in China on Sept. 11

09/04/2013, 04:09 am

Apple has announced that it will be holding a special media event for Chinese journalists on Sept. 11, just ten hours after the company is expected to announce a next-generation iPhone lineup at its headquarters in Cupertino, Calif.


Apple promises to 'brighten everyone's day' at Sept. 10 iPhone announcement

09/03/2013, 12:09 pm

Apple on Tuesday sent out invitations for a media event next Tuesday, Sept. 10, at which the company is expected to show off its next-generation iPhone models that will come in a new range of colors.


Latest parts leak may show Apple's 'iPhone 5S' fingerprint scanner

09/03/2013, 11:09 am

Newly revealed parts claimed to be for Apple's next-generation premium iPhone may show a fingerprint sensor component that is expected to be embedded beneath the home button.


Apple blocking support personnel vacations from Sept. 15-28 for launch of new iPhones & iOS 7

08/30/2013, 01:08 pm

AppleCare employees have been restricted from taking time off for a two-week period, from Sept. 15 through 28 a span during which Apple is expected to launch its new iPhone lineup, as well as the revamped iOS 7 mobile operating system.


AT&T reportedly blacking out employee holidays ahead of Sept. iPhone 5S/5C launch

08/29/2013, 04:08 pm

More evidence suggesting a possible September launch for Apple's upcoming iPhone surfaced on Thursday, with AT&T reportedly blacking out employee vacation dates for the second half of the month.


T-Mobile reportedly issues employee blackout dates for Sept. 20 iPhone launch

08/28/2013, 06:08 pm

T-Mobile is supposedly planning employee blackout dates between Sept. 20 and 22, the same time period in which Apple's new iPhone models are rumored to hit store shelves.


New video shows purported gold 'iPhone 5S' shell in brutal scratch test

08/28/2013, 02:08 am

A video posted to the Web on Tuesday demonstrates the durability of Apple's alleged champagne colored "iPhone 5S" shell, which shrugs off light coin scrapes, but unsurprisingly reveals nicks and scratches after being assaulted with a pocket knife.


New video compares supposed iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C shells against iPhone 5

08/26/2013, 05:08 pm

In a video that hit the Web on Monday, a purported gold colored "iPhone 5S" and a blue "iPhone 5C" were stacked against the current iPhone 5, offering a detailed look at how the three compare from a variety of different angles.


Apple's 'iPhone 5S' to use 31% faster 'A7' chip, feature motion tracking - report

08/25/2013, 06:08 pm

In a tweet on Sunday, a Fox News reporter said Apple's upcoming next-generation iPhone will sport a significantly faster "A7" processor, while a separate chip will be dedicated to motion tracking.


Rumor: Apple's 'iPhone 5S,' '5C' to see Chinese release Nov. 28

08/23/2013, 10:08 am

The next iteration of Apple's iPhone will see release in China roughly two months after it's expected to debut in the U.S. due to government regulation, according to the latest rumors.


Photos claim to show purported gold 'iPhone 5S' next to iPhone 5

08/22/2013, 03:08 am

A set of photographs from a Japanese website surfaced on Thursday, supposedly showing a widely rumored gold colored "iPhone 5S" shell in various comparison shots with two current generation iPhone 5 handsets.


Plastic shell purportedly for Apple's 'iPhone 5C' shines in durability test

08/21/2013, 01:08 pm

A plastic rear shell, alleged to be a production part destined for Apple's rumored low-cost "iPhone 5C," has appeared in a new video report out of Taiwan, where it was measured and even put through a scratch resistance test.


Apple's 'iPhone 5S' and 'iPhone 5C' to launch in Japan on Sept. 20

08/20/2013, 11:08 pm

Japanese publication Nikkei reported Wednesday that Apple is set to release both a next-generation "iPhone 5S," as well as a less-expensive "iPhone 5C," in the country on Sept. 20 through cellular carriers SoftBank and KDDI.


Shift in Chinese color preference occurring as Apple readies new gold option for 'iPhone 5S'

08/20/2013, 01:08 pm

While whispers of a gold color offering swirl around September's rumored "iPhone 5S" launch, Apple may be positioning itself to ride the next wave of Chinese consumer taste in preferred colors.


Apple reaffirmed to debut two new iPhone models in early Sept.

08/19/2013, 03:08 pm

While it doesn't offer any new information, a report from The Wall Street Journal published Monday reaffirms what most observers already expect: Apple is planning to launch two iPhone models in early September, including an entirely new low-cost option.


Apple's new gold option for 'iPhone 5S' described as an 'elegant' shade of champagne

08/19/2013, 01:08 pm

The shade of gold expected to be used in a new color option for Apple's next iPhone has been described as having an "elegant" look, not a bright and flashy yellow.


Apple on track to build 5.2M 'iPhone 5S,' 8.4M 'iPhone 5C' units this quarter

08/19/2013, 08:08 am

Apple's anticipated plastic "iPhone 5C" is reportedly on track to outship the high-end "iPhone 5S" this quarter, as the latter faces apparent production issues associated with a new fingerprint sensor.


'iPhone 5C' expected to replace iPhone 5, while Apple's iPhone 4S will live on

08/19/2013, 08:08 am

This fall, Apple's newly revamped iPhone lineup is expected to include the high-end "iPhone 5S," a plastic "iPhone 5C," and a low-end option with the legacy iPhone 4S, according to a well-connected insider.


Supposed gold color variant of next iPhone shown off in pictures

08/16/2013, 02:08 pm

Images have emerged of the rear casing for an apparent next-generation "iPhone 5S," adding fuel to rumors that Apple will offer its bestselling handset in not only black and white models, but also in gold.