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Topic: iPhone 4 Antenna Problem

Apple removes competitors' phones from iPhone 4 antenna page

08/01/2010, 04:08 pm

Apple's iPhone 4 antenna page, which shows the great lengths the company goes to in order to test its handsets, no longer features videos of competing smartphones losing reception when held improperly.


Australian paper says iPhone 4 antenna is no problem

07/30/2010, 08:07 am

One of the largest publications in Australia has found no major reception problems with Apple's newly released iPhone 4, while the problematic New Zealand launch was delayed a few hours.


After 6 weeks of "real usage," Mossberg stands by his initial verdict of the iPhone 4

07/29/2010, 12:07 am

In a follow-up to his original review, Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal continued to laud Apple's iPhone 4 as "the best device in its class," while warning of issues with weak reception and dropped calls.


Apple looking into iOS 4 problems on iPhone 3G

07/28/2010, 08:07 pm

After numerous reports of problems, Apple is investigating the performance of the iPhone 3G when running iOS 4.


Best Buy rumored to give out free iPhone 4 antenna covers

07/28/2010, 01:07 pm

Electronics retailer Best Buy is rumored to offer free antenna covers for any iPhone 4 owner, with a simple strip that would cover the exterior metal band of the handset.


Apple officially launches iPhone 4 Case Program via App Store

07/23/2010, 08:07 am

As promised, Apple on Friday launched its iPhone 4 Case Program, granting free cases to customers who buy a phone through Sept. 30, and refunding those who already bought a protective "bumper" through an iPhone application.


Apple automatically refunding bumper purchases

07/23/2010, 02:07 am

Customers who purchased an iPhone 4 and an official bumper case online are reporting that Apple has begun automatically refunding the cost of the case.


N97 reception video added to Apple's antenna site as Nokia seeks new CEO

07/21/2010, 12:07 pm

Apple has added another smartphone to its list of devices that experience reception issues when held improperly, this time showing a Nokia N97 mini losing signal. Nokia, meanwhile, is looking to replace its current CEO as it has fallen behind in the smartphone market.


Strong quarter expected, but Apple's 'antennagate' could hurt iPhone sales

07/20/2010, 12:07 pm

Wall Street expects Apple to report another impressive quarter this afternoon, but future iPhone sales could be lower because of publicized antenna issues with the iPhone 4.


HTC, Samsung also take issue with Apple's antenna claims

07/19/2010, 08:07 am

Smartphone rivals HTC and Samsung have both chimed in on Apple's antenna attenuation claims made last week, with both companies suggesting their handsets do not lose signal when held improperly.


RIM, Nokia respond to Apple's "Antennagate" press conference

07/17/2010, 12:07 pm

Research in Motion and Nokia issued official statements Friday decrying Apple's use of their handsets to demonstrate signal loss in their press conference addressing the iPhone 4 antenna problem.


Apple posts videos of press conference, antenna performance, test chambers

07/16/2010, 03:07 pm

Apple has added a new section to its website, informing consumers about the external antenna featured on the iPhone 4 and how users may experience signal loss. It also revealed its internal antenna testing chambers, and posted video of Friday's press conference in its entirety.


Apple will give away free cases for every iPhone 4 through Sept. 30

07/16/2010, 01:07 pm

Every new iPhone 4 purchased through Sept. 30 will be eligible for a variety of free cases, and those who already purchased a first-party "bumper" will receive a refund, Apple announced on Friday.


Apple admits iPhone 4 drops more calls than iPhone 3GS

07/16/2010, 01:07 pm

Apple on Friday shared a summary of dropped call data it received from wireless partner AT&T, which revealed that the iPhone 4 experiences more dropped calls than the iPhone 3GS, but at a rate less than one per 100 greater.


Apple says just 0.55% of iPhone owners have reported antenna problems

07/16/2010, 01:07 pm

Just 0.55 percent of all iPhone owners have called AppleCare with an antenna issue, and the return rate for the iPhone 4 has been 1.7 percent -- much less than the 6 percent seen with last year's iPhone 3GS, Apple said Friday.


No iPhone 4 recall today, but 'voluntary' recall, full refunds possible

07/16/2010, 09:07 am

Though reports have indicated Apple will not initiate a full recall of the iPhone 4 at its press conference today, some prominent Wall Street analysts believe Apple could institute a "voluntary" recall, or refund dissatisfied owners the full purchase price.


Inside Apple's changes to the iPhone's signal strength visual bars

07/15/2010, 10:07 pm

With the release of iOS 4.0.1 on Thursday, Apple instated changes to the way its iPhone handsets visualize bars representing cellular signal strength, doing away with a previously optimistic approach that compressed the dynamic range of bars to make it appear that a user's reception was much stronger than it actually was.


iPhone 4 antenna issues due to 'weakness' in software, may be fixable - NYT

07/15/2010, 10:07 pm

Reception problems with the iPhone 4 are a result of "longstanding" problems also found in previous-generation iPhones, but the issue could potentially be fixed by a software fix, The New York Times reported Thursday evening.


Apple has no plans for iPhone 4 recall - report

07/15/2010, 06:07 pm

Although Apple has called a press conference tomorrow to discuss well-documented problems with the iPhone 4's antenna and reception, a new report claims that a recall of the handset won't be among the announcements.


iPhone 4 antenna hardware fix anticipated as some orders are delayed

07/15/2010, 02:07 pm

As some customers have had their iPhone 4 orders delayed, a new rumor suggests that Apple will offer a free "brute force" internal hardware fix to existing customers in order to improve the device's antenna.