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Topic: iPod touch

Nintendo unveils next-gen game console with iPad-like controller

06/08/2011, 01:06 am

Nintendo on Tuesday revealed its Wii U next-generation game console, which features a 6-inch touchscreen controller that has drawn comparisons to Apple's iPad.


Inside Apple's iOS 5: Notification Center, banner alerts

06/07/2011, 11:06 pm

Apple has revamped notifications in iOS 5, adding a pull-down Notification Center, banner alerts at the top of the screen and more detailed lock screen notifications.


iOS 5 contains hints of world 3G third-gen iPad

06/07/2011, 08:06 pm

The developer build of Apple's iOS 5 hints at just two next-generation iPad devices, possibly suggesting that Apple plans to release a world 3G version of the iPad 3.


Apple releases iBooks 1.3 with new read-aloud feature for children's books

06/07/2011, 04:06 pm

Apple on Tuesday released iBooks 1.3, an update for its iOS-based e-reading software, adding a new read-aloud feature that uses a real narrator to read some children's books.


Inside Apple's iOS 5: Reminders app offers location-aware to-do lists

06/07/2011, 04:06 pm

One new application in iOS 5 is Reminders, a location-based organization tool that aims to offer improved to-do lists that are compatible with iCal, Outlook and iCloud.


Rumor: Voice features weren't ready for WWDC, will still be in iOS 5

06/07/2011, 03:06 pm

Advanced voice control features were rumored to be a major feature of iOS 5, but weren't demonstrated this week. A new rumor claims that's because the functionality wasn't ready, but is still planned for release this fall.


Inside Apple's iOS 5: Safari Reader, private browsing, tabs on iPad

06/07/2011, 01:06 pm

When it's released by Apple this fall, iOS 5 will bring an improved Web browsing experience to iPhone and iPad users, offering new features in Safari like private browsing, Reader, and tabs on the iPad.


Sony's next-gen PlayStation Vita priced to compete with Apple's iPod touch

06/07/2011, 03:06 am

During a keynote at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, Sony confirmed its next-generation gaming device, formally named the PlayStation Vita, will cost $250 when it arrives in the U.S. later this year.


Inside Apple's iOS 5: PC Free setup, keyboard shortcuts

06/07/2011, 12:06 am

Apple's iOS 5 allows for PC Free setup over iCloud and new custom keyboard shortcuts. AppleInsider offers a first look at the developer build of iOS 5.


Wireless carriers reportedly surprised by Apple's iMessage feature

06/06/2011, 10:06 pm

Apple's wireless carrier partners were surprised to learn of Apple's new iOS 5 messaging feature during Monday's WWDC keynote, according to a new report.


First taste of Apple's iCloud available with iTunes 10.3, iOS App Store [ux2]

06/06/2011, 03:06 pm

Just moments after Apple announced its new iCloud service, the company's iOS App Store and iTunes Store were dynamically updated with a new "Purchased" tab for re-downloading software and content, and iTunes 10.3 was released for Mac and PC.


Apple unveils 'PC-free' iOS 5 with wireless updates, Notification Center, coming this fall

06/06/2011, 01:06 pm

The wraps were taken off the next iPhone and iPad operating system update on Monday, as Apple unveiled iOS 5, packing 200 new user features, an all-new Notification Center, the new iMessage application, and a PC-free design that finally cuts the cable.


Rumor: Think of Apple's iCloud as 'the new iTunes'

06/05/2011, 09:06 pm

Apple's forthcoming cloud-based service could replace iTunes' syncing functionality, according to an unverified report.


iTunes leak suggests Automatic Download option coming to iOS 5

06/04/2011, 12:06 am

Hints at an upcoming Automatic Download feature for iOS apps have emerged in iTunes, according to a new report.


Apple execs "overtly optimistic" about iOS, see tablets outpacing PCs soon

06/02/2011, 05:06 pm

After meeting with Apple executives, Goldman Sachs analyst Bill Shope reported that the company appeared "overtly optimistic on the long-term prospects for the iOS platform."


Apple releases universal WWDC app for iOS ahead of Monday's keynote

06/02/2011, 02:06 pm

Apple on Thursday released its official application for the annual Worldwide Developers Conference, a free tool that allows attendees to view schedules, make reservations and read the latest news.


Apple clamping down on free iPad, iPhone promotions

06/02/2011, 12:06 am

Apple has been more strictly enforcing its guidelines for promotions, which forbid the use of the iPad, iPhone or an iPhone gift card, according to a new report.


iCloud preannouncement leads Wall Street to expect big things from Apple at WWDC

06/01/2011, 08:06 am

After Apple tipped its hand on Tuesday and revealed it will unveil its new iCloud service next week, Wall Street analysts believe the company has set the stage for a strong software-focused Worldwide Developers Conference keynote.


Apple rumored to add system-wide Twitter integration to iOS 5

05/31/2011, 11:05 pm

As rumors swirl of an upcoming image service from Twitter, a new report alleges that Apple will participate as a major launch partner with system-wide support in iOS 5.


Lodsys files suit against iOS developers over in-app purchases

05/31/2011, 08:05 pm

Lodsys filed a patent infringement lawsuit on Tuesday against several iOS developers, making good on its threat to pursue legal action over the use of technology related to in-app purchasing.