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Topic: iPod touch

Motorola sues Apple for alleged patent infringement

10/06/2010, 03:10 pm

Motorola announced on Wednesday that its subsidiary, Motorola Mobility Inc., filed a complaint with the U.S. International Trade Commission, accusing the iPhone, iPod touch and certain Macs infringe on patents.


Security review finds 68% of top iPhone apps transmit UDIDs

10/04/2010, 04:10 pm

A newly published report on iPhone security reveals that most popular third-party software available for iOS-based devices transmits an accompanying unencrypted unique device identifier, which could be used to obtain personal information.


Adidas cancels $10M iAd contract due to Apple's control - rumor

10/03/2010, 02:10 pm

Shoemaker Adidas has reportedly canceled a $10 million deal for mobile advertisements on Apple's iAd service, because the iPhone maker has allegedly exerted too much control over the process.


'Lowtide' UI found on Apple TV could come to iPad, iPhone

09/29/2010, 06:09 pm

Apple's new iOS-powered Apple TV has a user interface dubbed "Lowtide" that is compatible with other iOS devices, and which one hacker has already ported to an iPod touch.


Apple plans to push HTML5 by creating new, 'innovative' websites

09/29/2010, 10:09 am

Apple's newly formed "creative technology team" will be responsible for creating new, interactive HTML5-based content on the company's website to support owners of iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad.


Apple issues betas of iOS 4.2, iTunes 10.1 to developers

09/28/2010, 08:09 pm

Apple Tuesday evening supplied developers with the latest betas of two major upcoming software releases, with iOS 4.2 and iTunes 10.1 available for testing.


Apple updates iOS Remote app to add iPad, Retina Display support

09/28/2010, 11:09 am

Apple on Tuesday updated its iOS Remote application to version 2.0, adding support for the iPad, improved picture on the Retina Display found on the iPhone 4 and newest iPod touch, and functionality with the new Apple TV.


Google extends deal with Apple to remain default iPhone search

09/27/2010, 11:09 am

Google recently extended its contract with Apple, making the dominant search provider the default option on devices running iOS, including the iPhone.


iAd poised to take 21% of market as Google loses share to Apple

09/27/2010, 08:09 am

Apple's new iAd mobile advertising service is poised to take 21 percent of the U.S. mobile advertising market by the end of 2010, giving the company a market share tied with Google and three times larger than Microsoft.


Apple's relaxing of App Store rules has 'muted' effect on Adobe

09/22/2010, 10:09 am

Apple's decision to allow intermediary tools to port software from formats like Flash to the iPhone did not have a significant effect on sales of Adobe products, the company's CEO said this week.


iOS 4.2 packs new, improved YouTube, FaceTime features and more

09/16/2010, 12:09 pm

Apple's forthcoming iOS 4.2 update for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch includes a number of subtle improvements that have not yet been publicized, including expanded features for YouTube and FaceTime. AppleInsider offers a closer look.


Yahoo CEO predicts demise of Apple's iAd mobile ad network

09/16/2010, 10:09 am

Yahoo Chief Executve Carol Bartz said she thinks Apple's control over iAd will drive advertisers away, causing the mobile advertising network to "fall apart."


Apple's ambitious AirPlay, AirPrint plans detailed in patent applications

09/16/2010, 08:09 am

As Apple prepares to unleash its new AirPlay and AirPrint wireless standards this fall, details on the technology and what functionality it might gain in the future were detailed in a plethora of patent applications revealed this week.


First look: Apple's iOS 4.2 for iPad and iPhone

09/15/2010, 07:09 pm

Apple on Wednesday dished out the first external betas of iOS 4.2, which will debut AirPlay and AirPrint for iOS devices while also delivering a slew of long-awaited features for the iPad, including multi-tasking, folders and threaded mail. However, AppleInsider has also discovered a handful of more subtle refinements, all of which are detailed in this illustrated first look.


First look: AirPrint wireless printing with Apple's iOS 4.2

09/15/2010, 04:09 pm

Wireless printing finally comes to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch this November, and AppleInsider offers a closer look at the feature in its current state in the first iOS 4.2 beta.


Apple's iOS 4.2 SDK requires Mac OS 10.6.5 pre-release build

09/15/2010, 01:09 pm

Developers who plan to test the newly released iOS 4.2 beta must also be running the latest beta software development kit of Snow Leopard, Mac OS X 10.6.5, to ensure compatibility with AirPrint shared wireless printing.


Apple releases first beta of iOS 4.2 with support for AirPrint

09/15/2010, 12:09 pm

Apple on Wednesday released the first beta version of iOS 4.2 with AirPrint, the name for its wireless printing standard for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, to members of its iOS development community.


iPod touch 4G speed, camera, display measured against iPhone 4

09/15/2010, 10:09 am

Apple's latest iPod touch update has been given a direct comparison to the iPhone 4, with new videos that demonstrate the speed, display, and video-taking quality of each device.


Epic to release Unreal Development Kit for Apple's iOS

09/14/2010, 08:09 pm

Epic Games has announced that the software development kit for its Unreal 3 engine will soon add iOS support.


Survey reveals over 40 million iOS gamers in the US

09/13/2010, 09:09 pm

Over half of the 77 million Americans who play mobile games in the U.S. do so on an iOS device, a new survey reports.