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Topic: iTunes

Samsung's 'Easy Phone Sync' helps users switch from iOS to Galaxy

06/22/2012, 02:06 pm

Samsung on Friday began touting a new application called "Easy Phone Sync" that allows users to transfer content from Apple's iOS to a Samsung Galaxy device, and even keeps Android devices up to date with DRM-free iTunes content.


Apple launches App Store in 32 new countries

06/21/2012, 09:06 pm

Apple flipped the switch on the App Store in 32 new countries on Thursday, making good on a promise made by CEO Tim Cook during WWDC 2012 that was slightly overshadowed by the unveiling of the MacBook Pro with Retina display and a host of other product launches.


iCloud outage prevents some iMessages from being delivered [u]

06/20/2012, 02:06 pm

Apple's iCloud service experienced an outage on Wednesday that affected some services, including the delivery of iMessages.


Stanford partnering up with Piazza to add social layer to iTunes U course

06/20/2012, 12:06 am

Stanford University has teamed up with social learning startup Piazza for a first-of-its-kind iTunes U course that will be tied in with peer-to-peer social features.


Subscriptions for all of Time's magazines arrive on Newsstand in iOS

06/14/2012, 01:06 am

Having reached an agreement with Apple, Time Inc. on Thursday updated the App Store apps for its magazines to begin selling digital subscriptions through iTunes and the Newsstand feature of iOS.


Amazon launches Cloud Player app on iOS App Store

06/12/2012, 10:06 pm

A year after launching its Cloud Player music tool, Amazon has released an iOS app for it, bringing functionality that will compete with Apple's own iCloud and iTunes.


Apple to kill Ping with next major iTunes release

06/12/2012, 07:06 pm

Apple will reportedly kill off the Ping iTunes service when iOS 6 is launched this fall, euthanizing the social music network that has suffered waning participation since its introduction in 2010.


iTunes 10.6.3 update brings iOS 6 compatibility

06/11/2012, 07:06 pm

Apple on Monday released iTunes 10.6.3 to aid developers in downloading the new iOS 6 beta.


Netflix online movie streaming revenue explodes, slices Apple share in half

06/01/2012, 11:06 pm

Incredible gains in subscription-based online video-on-demand allowed Netflix to become the number one U.S. online movie service by revenue for 2011 after taking a deep cut into Apple's share of the market.


Apple reportedly tried to keep Spotify out of U.S.

05/30/2012, 05:05 pm

Spotify Director and former Facebook president Sean Parker said there was "some indication" of Apple attempting to block the music streaming service out of the U.S. fearing competition for iTunes.


Apple CEO Tim Cook promises more social integration

05/30/2012, 01:05 am

Even as he admitted that Apple may kill off its Ping social music discovery service, chief executive Tim Cook promised to add more social integration into its other products.


Apple rejecting apps with Flattr micro-payment integration

05/28/2012, 07:05 pm

Social micro-payment company Flattr was dealt a blow on Monday as it was announced that Apple will be rejecting any app that integrates the donation service as it violates App Store terms and conditions regarding third-party payments.


Piper Jaffray details 10 Apple strengths for share price run up to $1000 - report

05/25/2012, 08:05 am

Investment bank Piper Jaffray issued a note on Friday highlighting 10 key points, which range from anticipated future products to China iPhone growth, that it believes will drive shares of Apple up to $1,000 in the next couple of years.


Apple tweaks App Store with Editor's Choice picks, App of the Week promotions

05/25/2012, 02:05 am

Apple has made some minor adjustments, such as the addition of Editor's Choice picks and a free App of the Week, to the App Store in order to improve the discoverability of apps.


Apple no longer censoring word 'jailbreak' among iTunes Store content [u]

05/17/2012, 10:05 am

Apple on Thursday began censoring the world "jailbreak" among content in the iTunes Store, including the song "Jailbreak" by Irish rockers Thin Lizzy, though the issue was quickly addressed.


iPod owners notified of class-action antitrust suit against Apple's iTunes

05/09/2012, 08:05 am

Some customers who purchase an iPod between 2006 and 2009 began receiving notice this week that they are members of a pending class-action lawsuit accusing Apple of creating a monopoly with the iTunes Music Store.


Luxembourg official sticks up for Apple's iTunes operations in EU

05/07/2012, 11:05 pm

Responding to a The New York Times report on Apple's efforts to reduce its tax bill, a Luxembourg trade official has spoken up in defense of the company's operations.


Dropbox working with Apple to resolve app rejection issue

05/02/2012, 12:05 am

After a number of developers using the Dropbox SDK reported that Apple was rejecting their iOS apps from the App Store because of links to an external purchase option, the cloud storage provider has confirmed that is working with Apple to address the issue.


iTunes Match expands to Italy, Greece, Portugal, Austria, more

04/30/2012, 04:04 pm

Apple's iTunes Match subscription service expanded to a number of new countries on Monday, including Italy, Greece, Portugal, Austria and Slovenia.


Australian government questions Apple over digital content 'price gouging'

04/30/2012, 12:04 pm

The government of Australia has signed off on a parliamentary inquiry into alleged price gouging by Apple and other technology companies that sell digital content.