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Topic: iTunes

Apple TV, iTunes downloads slowed by Google DNS [u]

12/20/2010, 05:12 pm

Users experiencing slow movie rental downloads via Apple TV or iTunes should make sure they're not using a centralized domain name service such as Google DNS, which can dramatically slow down media access to Content Delivery Networks.


NPD: Apple's iTunes Music Store climbs to 66% of digital music market

12/17/2010, 12:12 am

According to new data from NPD, the iTunes Music Store gained three percent year over year, giving Apple 66 percent of the digital music market, while Amazon's strategy of daily bargains, where it sells albums for a loss, resulted in just a 2 percent gain to 13 percent.


Apple's iTunes 10.1.1 update causing crashes instead of fixing them

12/15/2010, 09:12 pm

Some users are reporting that updating to iTunes 10.1.1, which is supposed to resolve issues that could cause it to crash, causes iTunes to crash, leaving them unable to open the application.


Apple releases iTunes 10.1.1 to address crashing, bugs

12/15/2010, 02:12 pm

Apple on Wednesday released a minor update for its iTunes software, as version 10.1.1 addresses various bugs and issues that could cause it to crash.


Japanese publishers censure Apple over App Store copyright violations

12/14/2010, 12:12 am

A consortium of Japanese publishers rebuked Apple on Tuesday for approving App Store apps that violate the copyrights of several famous Japanese authors.


Google rewarms Android Market, still half baked next to iPhone App Store

12/11/2010, 03:12 pm

Despite the delivery of a variety of new and improved smartphone models, the Android experience is still straggling behind Apple's iPhone, particularly in the area of its App Store.


Gamers claim unauthorized in app purchases from iOS game

12/10/2010, 06:12 pm

Users who have downloaded a free Chinese-language iOS massive multiplayer online role playing game in the iTunes App Store are complaining that the app charged them unauthorized in app purchases. Apple is investigating.


Apple reveals best-selling, trending iTunes content, apps of 2010

12/10/2010, 06:12 am

Apple on Thursday released "Best of 2010" and "Top Sellers" lists for iTunes content in 2010 and highlighted the range of functionality of App Store offerings through "Hot Trends in 2010" lists for iPhone and iPad apps.


Apple rolling out 90-second iTunes song previews

12/09/2010, 12:12 am

Apple has begun extending song previews in the iTunes Store to 90 seconds on select songs in the U.S. store.


Apple improves iOS push security, iTunes promo codes now work overseas

12/08/2010, 04:12 pm

Apple on Wednesday made a few key changes for iOS developers, upgrading the security of push notifications and allowing international distribution of promotional codes. Also, some HD movies have appeared for the first time in the U.K. iTunes Store.


Apple pushes Ping with exclusive Michael Jackson song

12/02/2010, 10:12 am

In a new promotional effort to generate interest for its iTunes Ping music social networking service, Apple has landed an exclusive track from the late pop star Michael Jackson.


Apple TV users reporting long rental wait times, HDMI issues

12/01/2010, 11:12 pm

Early adopters of Apple's second-generation Apple TV are reporting issues with streaming HD rentals and problems completing "HDMI handshakes" between the new Apple TV and their HD TVs.


Softbank to offer fully subsidized iPad in Japan with 25-month contract

11/30/2010, 02:11 am

Japanese carrier Softbank will begin offering the 16GB iPad 3G for free when customers sign up for a 25 month, $56 a month contract, a new report claims.


iTunes sales of Beatles albums top 450,000 in first week

11/23/2010, 05:11 pm

A week after adding the Beatles to iTunes, Apple has sold 450,000 albums and 2 million songs.


Apple obtained exclusive rights to Beatles over Google, Amazon

11/17/2010, 08:11 am

Apple reportedly beat out rivals Google and Amazon in securing the exclusive digital rights to the back catalog of The Beatles on iTunes through 2011.


The Beatles catalog finally available from Apple's iTunes Store

11/16/2010, 09:11 am

Legendary music group The Beatles finally arrived on iTunes Tuesday, with tracks from all of the band's albums available for purchase individually or as complete iTunes LPs [updated].


WSJ: Apple to announce arrival of Beatles catalog on iTunes

11/15/2010, 06:11 pm

Apple on Tuesday will announce that the iTunes Store will begin carrying music by the legendary rock group The Beatles, The Wall Street Journal has reported.


Evidence suggests Apple could launch iTunes Live Streaming

11/15/2010, 06:11 pm

A text label for "iTunes Live Streaming URL" discovered in iTunes 10.1 suggests Apple's announcement tomorrow will indeed launch the iTunes Live brand it trademarked earlier this year.


Apple doesn't have licensing deals in place to stream music - report

11/15/2010, 04:11 pm

Apple does not have the explicit rights to offer an iTunes music subscription service, or to allow customers the ability to stream their libraries to connected devices, music industry sources have indicated.


Piper: Expect iTunes cloud, not music subscriptions, from Apple

11/15/2010, 01:11 pm

Apple will likely announce a cloud-based iTunes streaming service on Tuesday, but will not offer an all-you-can-eat music subscription plan, investment firm Piper Jaffray has predicted.