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Editorial: CNBC is still serving up some really bad hot takes on Apple

Tuesday August 27, 2019

On Monday, CNBC compiled the confused thoughts of a Wedbush Securities analyst who doesn't seem to have any grasp on reality whatsoever when it comes to the future -- or even present -- of Apple.

'Toy Story' poster signed by Steve Jobs to hit auction

Monday August 26, 2019

Apple fans will get a chance to get their hands on a piece of history this week when a poster for Pixar's "Toy Story," signed by late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, goes up for auction.

Nintendo's 'Mario Kart Tour' hits iOS on Sept. 25, preorders open now

Monday August 26, 2019

After a missed launch date in March, the hotly anticipated mobile debut of Nintendo's Mario Kart franchise, "Mario Kart Tour," is slated to arrive on iOS and Android devices in late September.

Apple to donate to Amazon rainforest preservation and restoration efforts

Monday August 26, 2019

Apple plans to contribute funds to ongoing efforts in the Amazon, which continues to make headlines as a series of devastating wildfires and uncontrolled blazes wreak havoc in the world's largest tropical rainforest.

Apple CEO Tim Cook donates $5M to charity

Monday August 26, 2019

Apple chief Tim Cook last week donated 23,700 shares of owned company stock to an unidentified charity, an amount worth over $5 million on the day of the transaction.

Apple's Core i9 MacBook Pro drops to $2,399 ($400 off)

Monday August 26, 2019

Loaded with upgrades, Apple's premium 8-core 15-inch MacBook Pro (2019) is $400 off at B&H Photo exclusively for AppleInsider readers. In addition to being the lowest online price available, this Core i9 MacBook Pro deal qualifies for additional perks like no interest financing or a sales tax refund for many shoppers.

How to stop iCloud calendar spam and junk mail

Monday August 26, 2019

If you're suddenly being bothered by iCloud calendar spam invitations, here are the steps you need to take to get rid of it all in Apple Mail on Mac and iOS.

Apple reportedly kills project to turn iPhone into 'walkie talkie'

Monday August 26, 2019

A project to enable iPhones to communicate with each other wirelessly over distance for essential communication without the use of cellular or other network infrastructure has allegedly been put on hold, with the leader of the venture's exit from the company likely to be a main reason for the end of the potentially life-saving scheme.

Apple rolls out 'Dickinson' trailer, coming soon to Apple TV+

Monday August 26, 2019

Apple has debuted the first trailer for 'Dickinson,' examining the rise of author Emily Dickinson, and as a voice for the modern age.

EU citizen settlement app may not land on iOS before Oct. 31 Brexit

Monday August 26, 2019

European Union nationals wanting to remain in the United Kingdom after the Brexit process has concluded are still unable to apply for residency via an iPhone, with the government still not saying when the app will be available to use on roughly half of the country's smartphones.

'Apple Card is Here' video shows up on Apple's YouTube channel

Monday August 26, 2019

Apple has released a new video promoting the release of their new credit card, the Apple Card, to their YouTube channel.

Apple releases iOS 12.4.1, tvOS 12.4.1 updates with jailbreak block, macOS 10.14.6 supplemental update

Monday August 26, 2019

Apple has released a patch to iOS 12.4, with a fix to close the jailbreak exploit that the company inadvertently reopened alongside a macOS Mojave update that solves a shutdown problem on some MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models.

Review: GoCube is a fast & fun way to learn to solve the Rubik's Cube

Monday August 26, 2019

Looking to learn how to solve a Rubik's cube? Check out the GoCube, a Bluetooth enabled cube that allows you to learn alongside an app.

Apple Health Records expand to electronic medical records giant Allscripts

Monday August 26, 2019

Digital health records company Allscripts has announced that Apple Health Records are now available for three of its flagship products, granting access to not just the health professionals, but for their patients as well.

President Trump's claim that China is open to trade talks is under dispute

Monday August 26, 2019

President Donald Trump claims the Chinese government has called asking to make a deal to end the ongoing trade war, but a Chinese government spokesman and a major state-owned Chinese newspaper editor in chief both say no such calls have been made.

Apple, TSMC, Google & more sued by GlobalFoundries over chip connectivity patents

Monday August 26, 2019

GlobalFoundries has filed multiple suits in US and German courts, alleging that Apple and chip supplier TSMC are infringing 16 patents -- and iPhone imports into the US could be impacted in the future as a result.

Apple's newest iPad Pros are on sale from $599 at Amazon

Monday August 26, 2019

Extended: Apple's latest iPad Pros are on special at Amazon, with Amazon Renewed models now up to $420 off and prices as low as $599 while supplies last.

Editorial: After taking the premium tier, HomePod will expand in markets Amazon and Google can't

Monday August 26, 2019

For years, this new Apple product was derided as too expensive to compete against cheaper alternatives. Yet by targeting the premium high end first, it was able to establish itself and then attract an even broader audience of users at broader price points in the future. No this isn't about iPod, or iPhone, or iPad or Apple Watch. It's a look at HomePod, Apple's home audio device featuring HomeKit and Siri functionality, often confused with merely being a Wi-Fi microphone.

Lower iPhone production cost may help Apple absorb 10% tariff

Monday August 26, 2019

Apple may be able to help offset the impact of December's tariffs on the iPhone due to alterations in its production cost, JP Morgan believes, with the bill of materials per iPhone said to be lower for the upcoming 2019 models than for previous versions.

'B Corp' leaders challenge Apple, others to become force for good

Sunday August 25, 2019

Apple should put the planet before profits, a group of more than 30 business leaders from major companies have urged, via a full-page advertisement in the New York Times demanding members of the Business Roundtable lobby group become more ethical in their practices.