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Motorola SLVR L7 with iTunes and Bluetooth headset?

Photos of an ultra-thin Motorola handset have surfaced on the Internet, revealing that the device will include iTunes but no headphone jack.

The folks at Engadget on Tuesday—who somehow managed to obtain an unreleased Motorola SLVR L7 handset — posted photos of the phone on their website along with a very brief overview.

While the SLVR is even slimmer than the Motorola RAZR\'s 13.9 mm profile, there\'s reportedly not that much more to drool over.

\"Nothing too unexpected — it has just about the same user interface as the ROKR E1 (though the menus are slightly less sluggish) and it has Bluetooth, a VGA digital camera, and a TransFlash memory card slot for storing up to 100 iTunes tracks,\" reads the post on Engadget.

However, the gadget site added: \"There is one real surprise: the phone doesn’t have a headphone jack. Seems a bit odd for a phone with iTunes, but we’re hearing that Motorola will offer Bluetooth stereo headphones.\"

Motorola\'s first iTunes phone, the ROKR E1, has received a less-than-stellar response from customers and the media. And according to a recent analyst report, \"as many as six times more customers are returning the ROKR phones than is normal for new handsets.\"

Nevertheless, Motorola has vowed to broaden its iTunes phone offerings, with one company exec recently saying that consumers could expect one new iTunes phone-related announcement every three months.

A previous report also suggests that Motorola\'s upcoming RAZR2 will also include iTunes.


(Engadget photo | More photos at Engadget)