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Briefly: Apple Remote Desktop 2.2, Dashboard, Mac RAM boost

Apple to roll out Apple Remote Desktop 2.2

In exactly two weeks Apple is will begin shipping a new version of Apple Remote Desktop that will provide compatibility for Mac OS X v10.4 \"Tiger\" and improved reliability for Apple Remote Desktop users on Mac OS X 10.2.8 \"Jaguar\" and Mac OS X v10.3 \"Panther\".

The new version, labeled Apple Remote Desktop 2.2, will pack over a dozen new features including remote software installation, screen sharing, standards based reporting, task lists, and an improved setup assistant.

The release will also offer offline reporting, remote shell scripts, directory based authentication, remote boot disk selection, interactive text communication and a user access mode.

Effective immediately, Apple has discontinued all versions of Apple Remote Desktop 2.0 and Apple Remote Desktop Up-to-date.

Apple Remote Desktop 2.2 will be available in both 10 client and unlimited license packs.

.Mac members to receive free Dashboard widgets

According to sources, next month Apple will reward members of its .Mac internet service with an exclusive set of widgets for the company\'s new Dashboard application, which will ship as part of Mac OS X 10.4 \"Tiger.\"

The freebees will include widgets not shipping as part of the standard Tiger installation.

Standard Mac RAM boost likely

AppleInsider last month predicted that Apple would boost the standard Mac RAM to 512MB in most of its CPU offerings to coincide with the release of Tiger.

A recent article on Mac insider news site, ThinkSecret appears to corroborate this report. The Web site cites \"highly reliable sources\" in providing slightly more detail specs for Apple\'s upcoming iMac and Power Mac G5 revisions.

Inline with previous reports, the site says iMacs will see a bump to 1.8GHz and 2.0GHz, with each model packing 512MB of standard RAM. Meanwhile, predictions for new Power Mac models also include 512MB of standard RAM and processors ranging from 2.0GHz to 2.7GHz.