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Rumor: iPod photo update to deliver new transitions, Tetris

A new version of system software for Apple Computer\'s iPod photo line of digital music players is rumored to add a slew of new image transitions in addition to a popular arcade game.

Rumor has it that the new version, which is expected to be called \"iPod photo Software 1.2,\" will be made available for download sometime this month.

Packaged with the release will be a series of new transition effects for inclusion in photo slideshows. Some of these transitions are rumored to include \"mosaic,\" \"cube,\" and \"fade\" effects. Users will reportedly be able to select and set transitions from a new transition menu.

Anonymous sources also say the software update will pack a color version of the popular arcade game tetris. Users will be able to use the iPod photo\'s click-wheel to move the tetris blocks horizontally while the iPod click-button performs block rotation.

It\'s unclear precisely when Apple will release the software update, but its development is said to have already wound down.

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iPod photo running Tetris

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Apple released the current version of iPod photo software —iPod photo Software 1.1 —in late-March.