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Apple job listings provide product hints

A series of recent job listings by Apple Computer provide a glimpse into the company\'s future product plans and strategies.

3D-based iApp?

Apple may be working on a new consumer oriented application that sports 3D graphics capabilities. According to a job posting, the company is seeking \"awesome software engineers to build the next generation of Mac applications.\" Apple says applicants are applying for a seat in the company\'s Applications Group, which is responsible for such industry-leading software as iTunes, iPhoto, and Keynote. Requirements include prior Graphics/3D development experience and \"a passion for user interface and pride in attention to detail.\"

Apple to expand iCal integration

Apple\'s Mac OS X Internet Technologies department is looking for an experienced engineer to join its iCal team. \"iCal is a calendar and scheduling tool for Mac OS X that is one of the most used applications in OS X, and we have great plans for it\'s future,\" reads a company job posting. \"The iCal product offers a chance to work on user interface components, client-server integration, and calendar sharing. Additionally, iCal integrates with Spotlight, Sync, and offers Apple Script. We are looking for someone eager to take iCal to the next level and increase it\'s integration with other applications in Mac OS X.\"

More animation coming to Aqua

Future versions of Apple\'s Mac OS X Aqua interface will likely gain additional dynamic interface and animation effects, as evidenced by this job posting from the company\'s Mac OS X User Interface Group. Some of the ensuing job responsibilities will include: \"conceiving, developing and prototyping new interactions for various components of Mac OS X, working with engineering and marketing to finalize designs, documenting solutions, and monitoring their implementation.\"

Improved iPod support in Xcode

The iPod and Special Projects Group is looking for a Sr. Hardware Engineer for iPod Accessories who has experience with system integration, digital logic, SDRAM, Flash, ASIC, processor selection, ATAPI, various communication protocols, display types and analog integration. Meanwhile, the Xcode team is looking for a motivated and talented engineer to improve the support for iPod development within the Xcode tool-chain.

Expanded integration of Mail and Address Book

The next major release of Mac OS X, dubbed Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, will expand integration of and Address Book to other parts of the Mac OS operating systme. Apple\'s Mac OS X Internet Technologies department is currently looking for new quality assurance engineers and someone to manage them. \"Do you want to work on an application that is used by millions of people? We are working on the next release of Mail,\" the company wrote in a job listing. \"Mail and Address Book are two of the most heavily used applications on OS X, and we have plans to expand their functionality and provide tighter integration with the rest of the system.\"

Unique antenna systems for Intel Macs

With its switch to Intel processors, Apple will be forced to redesign the enclosures for its entire Macintosh product line. The company is looking for a Sr. Antenna/RF Engineer to be responsible for defining and designing \">unique antenna systems for integration in every Apple product.\" He/she will work in a technology group focusing on wireless communications products and will be responsible for all antenna designs in Apple products.

Some other noteworthy Apple job postings seek engineers to help work on Digital Rights Management Software, new wireless input devices, improved Ajax support in Mac OS X Server, optimization of video codecs on the Intel platform, and a new version of VoiceOver.