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Madonna, Little Richard to star in Motorola ROKR campaign

Motorola has recruited ten music industry stars for a television ad to promote its forthcoming ROKR iTunes phones, according to an online report.

The much-anticipated mobile handsets will allow users to transfer and listen to music from Apple’s iTunes music store through an embedded version of the iTunes jukebox software on compatible Motorola’s phones.

Filming for the television commercial was completed today at Shepperton Studios, just outside London. It features pop stars from every relevant generation and genre, according to Madonna fan site Madonnalicious.

The cast includes industry veterans Madonna, Little Richard, and Bootsy Collins, as well as pop punk rockers Sum 41, R&B diva Mya, king of crunk Lil\' Jon, pop sensation The Pussycat Dolls, The White Stripes duo, and Billie Joe from Green Day. Through impersonators, the ad also features the likeness of the late Beethoven, Jimi Hendrix and Biggie Smalls.

In its report, the Madonnalicious website provided a brief synopsis of the commercial, which opens in a Middle Eastern village and begins with a subtitled phone conversation between a young man and his girlfriend. Madonna walks up to the phone booth where the teenager is talking and kisses the young man, then asks, \"Who\'s that girl?\" His girlfriend is then heard screaming through the receive, followed by an instrumental version of Madonna\'s new single, \'Hung Up.\'

At this point, other characters are introduced and squeezed into the phone booth. First \"Beethoven\" and \"Hendrix\" join Madonna and the teenager in the booth. They are soon followed by other stars who arrive and \"pack into the booth with various difficulties,\" the report explains.

Just when it\'s evident that no one else can fit inside the phone booth, \"Biggie Smalls\" appears. The commercial reportedly cuts to Madonna\'s face, now pressed against the glass, as she yells \"Biggie....Noooo!\"